Some Killer Case Studies

Over the course of a decade-ish in the influencer marketing industry, we have built and managed campaigns across an INSANE (and impressive) range of verticals. Whatever kind of influencer campaign you’re looking to run – and even if you have no idea what kind of campaign you want – we can come up with creative concepts, bring in the right influencers, and build a campaign that hits all the important KPIs.

Our client list includes some of the biggest names in any industry – Beauty πŸ’„, Fashion πŸ‘—, Construction 🚧, Real Estate 🏠, Toiletries 🚿, Apps πŸ“±, Precious Gems πŸ’Ž, Ecomm πŸ–₯, Telecom ☎︎, Housewares 🍽, Food πŸ₯‘, Nonprofits ❀️, Outdoors 🌳, Weddings πŸ‘°πŸ½, Fertility πŸ‘ΆπŸΎ, Parenting πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§, Haircare πŸ’‡πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ, Automotive πŸš™, Environment 🌍, Health πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ… you name it.


  • Influencer marketing played a key role in Lenox’s big rebranding push (we did the luxury picnic thing with Lenox before Google Trends said it was even a thing).
  • We designed a campaign that over-delivered on engagement by 378%.
  • The content was stunning. We weren’t surprised when we generated a 62.9% engagement rate on their whitelisted content.

St Pierre Bakery

  • We enlisted influencers who we knew could create drool-worthy pics and must-watch video content. They also dreamt up some pretty great recipes featuring St Pierre Bakery products.
  • The holiday campaign generated more than 50,000 video views.
  • Great content makes everything easier, right? Case in point: one of our whitelisting campaigns for them achieved a $0.21 CPM.

The Honest Company

  • You’re looking at the pic above, right? πŸ€— Well, that face is one of the reasons this campaign raked in the engagements, at a rate of 6 times above what we promised. (That faaace!!)
  • In-feed Instagram posts alone generated an average engagement rate of 4.32%.
  • Annnnd the content from one of the moms working on this campaign was reposted to Jessica Alba’s Instagram Story – how cool is that?!


  • We got 1,493,630 ORGANIC video views! (Is there a taking-a-bow emoji we can use here?)
  • The video content performed extremely well on whitelisting with 23 million impressions and 2 million engagements – that’s in addition to nearly 500,000 organic views!
  • One of the TikTok videos even went viral, and generated 649,000 views on its own.

Nite Ize

  • We produced 372 pieces of reusable content. Nite Ize loved it all so much, they turned one image into a mural in their headquarters.
  • Due to the product requirements, we had to target influencers with very specific photography skills. As a result, the content literally lit up Instagram.
  • We over-delivered on our whitelisting impression guarantees by 230%.


  • This was an extremely complex campaign that yielded a Bachelor-style live show (which our account managers fully produced). 😎 We created a virtual green room and everything!
  • We generated a click-through rate of 2.71% on whitelisted content, which is 3 times the industry average.
  • Instagram Stories produced 747,728 impressions with a total of 103,967 engagements.

Famous Footwear (Pandemic Shopping)

  • We’ve worked with Famous Footwear for years now, and for this campaign, we highlighted in-store shopping during a pandemic so that people could see how safely they could get their new favorite shoes.
  • The engagement rate for in-feed posts was a strong 2.77%, which is well above the industry average.
  • We had 662 link clicks and 766 sticker taps resulting from just 13 influencers’ story sets.


  • The Moosejaw campaign was largely about boosting the brand’s visibility, which was a BLAST! Why? Because aside from being one of our favorite brands, Moosejaw was open to all sorts of fun ideas for creating scroll-stopping, shareable content.
  • Influencers posted an especially high amount of value-adds on Pinterest (where 8 in 10 Pinners go when they’re starting a new thing), giving the brand an additional 28,287 engagements.
  • One Instagram video alone garnered 15,148 views with a micro-influencer!

Popular Business Directory (Black-Owned Businesses)

  • The company’s clicks-focused campaign aimed to get people to use their new attribution tool to find Black-owned businesses in their area. The campaign produced 402 clicks organically and over 2,700 paid clicks. πŸŽ‰
  • We encouraged influencers to tag Black-owned businesses and saw over 1,000 sticker taps. Not bad for 6 influencers!
  • Plus, we over-delivered on story frames by almost 100% – we promised 45 and delivered 84. (πŸ“― Here’s us tooting our own French horn.)


  • Influencers opened up about their insecurities around body image and got real about how they overcame self-doubt to become the strong women they are today.
  • They created 183 pieces of one-of-a-kind imagery, that generated more than 50,000 instances of engagement, reaching more than 2.6 million people.
  • Our Spring campaign really resonated with audience members, grabbing 4.42% engagement on Instagram alone with over 31,000 video views!

Sweet Defeat

  • Sweet Defeat’s campaign ran across 6 different platforms with an overall engagement rate of 3.81%.
  • Our Instagram Story content drummed up plenty of engagement, too. Between the 9 influencers who did stories, we had over 230,000 views across story frames, 810 link clicks, 1,666 sticker taps to Sweet Defeats’s Instagram page, and an overall engagement rate of 4.37%!
  • One influencer’s TikTok received 24,500 views.


  • With the KIDZ BOP campaign, we delivered more than twice the engagement promised and nearly 3 times the content promised. 🎢
  • We included an extra Facebook video that WENT VIRAL, garnering over 370,000 views.
  • Video views as a whole were huge for this campaign – along with our stellar Facebook video, we also had over 34,000 Instagram Video views and 5,000 views on YouTube from one influencer alone!

American Standard

  • Trying to figure out if it’s another American Standard? No. It’s the real deal – and yeah, we rolled out a home fixture campaign. 😁
  • Home fixture installation campaigns require multiple elements to coordinate between the influencer, the client, and construction. We were proud to be able to accomplish a multi-tiered effort and deliver on all KPIs.
  • We were able to get 67% more in promised reach, 21% more in promised engagements, and 71% more in promised content.
  • We grabbed almost 100,000 views on YouTube alone!


  • Just gonna lead with this: Earthjustice told us they saw more traffic than ever to their Never Rest landing page – which they attribute to the influencers from our campaign.
  • Earthjustice spotlighted several of our female influencers on their Instagram page during National Women’s Day in March, and many influencers were signed on again for their second campaign due to their fantastic performance.
  • The subject matter of these campaigns was complex, but when you have great storytellers, they find a way to tie back the brand’s message to topics that they are authentically passionate about. And that’s what compels people to act.

Essense of Australia

  • This campaign was downright gorgeous. Seriously, check out the pics.
  • We achieved a CPM of $1.05 and delivered more than 175% of their promised impressions.
  • We over-delivered on content by 189% for images and 142% for video clips during their Summer 2021 launch!
  • The campaign’s engagement blew us away! 3.41% for in-feed posts and 8.41% for the story sets.

Feit Electric

  • We drove more than 47,000 people to the Feit Electric website, and our cost-per-landing-page view was only ~$1.60.
  • We achieved a 2.49% CTR on our paid social ads (brand and whitelisting) compared to the 0.70% average in the Home Improvement industry.Β  πŸ¦„ (Us busy unicorning right now.)
  • Of the 1,731 site visitors, 432 clicked on the β€œWhere to Buy” button, which is a 25% conversion rate (!!!). Who says influencer marketing is just a brand awareness play?
  • Our campaign drove users to not only interact with the Feit Electric website, but also to take some pretty definitive actions.


  • Our holiday campaign for Greenvelope over-delivered on link clicks by over 24% with 6,546 clicks directly to Greenvelope’s free card design suite.
  • We were able to achieve an additional 892,000 impressions, 4,750 clicks, and 84,000 engagements from whitelisting in the wedding campaign, while the holiday campaign blew that out of the water with an additional 1.5 million impressions, 5,164 clicks, and 632,326 people reached.
  • We also had 38 unique pieces of content which is 171% more than the promised amount.

The Smile Generation

  • There’s no amount of influencers you can show a grown-up that will make them want to go to the dentist. So, we pivoted the messaging and visuals to focus on outcomes worth protecting.
  • The Smile Generation campaign reached over 5.4 million people with 248+ unique pieces of content shared on Instagram alone!
  • In-feed Instagram posts received an overall engagement ratio of 3.91%. The industry standard is 1.5%.
  • We over-delivered on promised reach by over 36%, engagements by over 167%, and content by more than 209%.


  • We had over 123 pieces of content for the RefrigiWear campaign, and over-delivered on reach by 164%!
  • In a value-add for this campaign, 4 influencers created Instagram Stories that blew metrics out of the water: Instagram Stories grabbed a 9.76% views ratio that generated over 500 clicks and almost 500 sticker taps.
  • Our top YouTube video received over 184,260 views, plus we achieved over 372,000 views across all the YouTube videos.


  • This was an amazingly global campaign that enlisted influencers from all over the world to create content.
  • We saw some great interactions on Stories amongst our 8 influencers, with 4,286 sticker taps and 4,038 profile visits.
  • We achieved more than 4.5 million in social reach and 114,420 engagements in this campaign with 118 posts from influencers.
  • We achieved 748,707 organic impressions, plus over 14,000 video views, and a 2.53% engagement rate on in-feed Instagram posts.


  • Our Spring campaign (one of many) is a great case study for campaigns with smaller budgets, because, despite budgetary constraints, we were able to enlist 42 influencers who went on to create 26 blog posts, 79 Instagram posts, 18 (value-added) Facebook posts, and 199 Pins!
  • For their shave campaign, we worked with larger macro-influencers who created stunning video content that was then reused within their ads.
  • We got a huge amount of views and engagement on all of their campaigns – and even more impressive, the content was super diverse.

Susan G. Komen

  • We’ve run four campaigns for Susan G. Komen, to keep both the organization’s mission and breast cancer survivors top-of-mind.
  • Each campaign we ran had a strong engagement rate, with half of them averaging more than 4%, and an average of 3.28% across all four.
  • We achieved 943% above our promised engagements.
  • We received more than triple the content promised due to the fact that influencers really wanted to share their personal stories and experiences. πŸŽ—

Famous Footwear (Global)

  • And the beat goes on… we’re currently achieving a CPC of $0.14 for Famous Footwear!
  • We’ve been Famous Footwear’s influencer marketing partner for over four years now, continually building off of previous campaigns, extending our campaign hashtag life, and picking up new learnings along the way.
  • This case study highlights 6 campaigns that we really enjoyed amongst the dozens that we’ve run for them.

Influencing The Curve

  • The Shelf team created the #InfluencingTheCurve campaign to build an army of brands and influencers committed to spreading the truth. Their high-impact content was so beautifully designed, other people couldn’t help but share it.
  • We spoke with hundreds of people from all sorts of backgrounds, and people genuinely wanted to participate. They talked about COVID-19 safety and human rights, all pro bono.
  • The hashtag has been used almost 500 times now (4 times as much by people who weren’t directly involved in the campaign) and continues to be used regularly.
Fantastic Campaigns

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