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The Brand

KISS is a worldwide leader in professional beauty products, with 8 sub-brands in over 100 countries. They don’t miss a beat when it comes to “putting your face on” – with products in nail care, cosmetics, hair care, and lashes.

Their latest product is one of innovation: Falscara. Traditional false lashes are glued on top of your lash line, while Falscara attaches to the underside of your lashes for a more natural and comfortable look. With hundreds of five-star reviews and beauty influencers already raving on their Instagrams, we were so excited to launch this campaign for KISS.

*We also did an all-video campaign for KISS’ GLUEliner, an eyeliner that acts as a glue for their false lashes. We ran these videos on Instagram and TikTok to try out different platforms for the brand, as highlighted below.

The Approach

The goal of this campaign was to focus on how easy Falscara is to apply, as well as how they enhance your lash line for a more elevated, yet still natural look. Influencers were tasked with creating tutorial-styled content that documented the simple application process, along with before and after photos.

We set out on a major hunt for 46 micro to mid-tier influencers ranging in age from 18-30 and based in the United States. They also had to have an affinity for beauty and makeup. Most importantly, they needed to bring something special to the table through high-quality content creation.

Our Strategy

This campaign highlighted KISS Falscara by working with 46 beauty influencers, who shared videos and static content to showcase how easy Falscara is to apply from start to finish in just 3 simple steps. We tasked each influencer with creating standout videos to show the application process, as well as static image carousels to show the dramatic before and after pics. KISS assigned influencers very specific instructions on how their content was to be produced – so it had to be by the book. While the theme of the content was pretty consistent across all the influencer-generated content, these master creators brought their own personalities and style to each of their posts.

Post Types




In-Feed Posts









Total Engagements
Engagement Rate for Instagram
Total Impressions

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

The Falscara campaign over-delivered on paid and organic impressions by over 40% and secured many value-add assets, including 17 Facebook posts and a TikTok with over 638,000 views alone. It also grabbed 493,630 ORGANIC video views! It was clear that audiences were engaged by the tutorial-style content. 💁‍♀️ Especially with anything that requires multiple steps, video is a great format. Video content also performed well for us on whitelisting, with 23 million impressions and 2 million engagements.

🎉29.99% engagement rate with a 0.25% click-through rate on an impressions campaign. 🎉 There isn’t really any data on CTRs for impressions-based campaigns, but from our internal data (which had 65 million impressions from impression-based campaigns last year), the average CTR is 0.09% – and my guess is the average impressions campaign is lower than our in-house average.

The GLUEliner campaign saw just under 1 million organic video views across all channels, with 528,797 on Instagram and 462,334 on TikTok. The GLUEliner campaign also received 10 million impressions and 3 million engagements. Both Falscara and GLUEliner received higher than normal engagements, considering how much content was video. This means that tutorial-style content really resonates with beauty influencers’ audiences. Case in point: Marjan’s Tiktok video on Falscara essentially went viral with 649,000 views. 🔥

Video is king when it comes to whitelisting! With great video content came incredibly high engagement rates on GLUEliner at 29.99%. Despite one of the most expensive holiday seasons in digital history, we were able to see strong results with both interest-based and influencer engagement lookalike audiences – expanding awareness to new customers. 👀

Influencer Highlights

Raven Daria of @magicalifestyle

Raven’s aesthetic is all about being a princess, so her Sleeping Beauty-styled shoot really wowed us with a golden color scheme and floral accents. She showcased her false lashes from an overhead angle which really highlighted how amazing they look, but it also gave KISS some content that was a little different from the rest.

Marjan of @youngcouture_

Marjan’s photos were professional-grade and showed a crystal clear image of what Falscara can do to your look. She’s a major influencer with 878,339 followers, so when she produced a video, it snagged an engagement rate of nearly 14%. She doubled down by posting the same video to her TikTok – giving KISS some amazing added value (73,000 likes) to the campaign.

Cas Jerome of @casjerome

Cas can do makeup for a wild Halloween party or for a casual night out, but she is hardly ever without a long lash! We loved her clear steps on applying Falscara, and the close-ups she featured of the lashes with an all-natural, freckled look.

Ashley Rosales of @ashleyrosales

This big-time beauty (742,642 followers) had a lot of fun with her video! It was super colorful and showed her fun personality, but most importantly, it very clearly showed how to apply the lashes. We love seeing influencers put their creative spin on their content, which is exactly the point of influencer marketing! You never know what they’re going to dream up, but when you partner with top influencers like Ashley, you know the content is going to be 🔥.

Nahrin of @oncloudnahrin

Nahrin calls herself a “beauty educator”, so we definitely wanted her in on this one! She NAILED it with her step-by-step instructions that really zoomed in on how this product works, and how well it works, too!

Stephanie Cruz of @stephcruzx3

This cool mom showed off her Falscara in a side-by-side, effectively displaying how great the product works and how natural they look.

Glue + Liner = KISS GLUEliner

What is GLUEliner, exactly? Our entire goal of this campaign was to answer that question, and influencers couldn’t have explained it better through engaging video content that wowed the eye. An extra perk for KISS: We got full & forever rights to every piece of content in this campaign, which was especially fantastic considering how wonderful this set of resources was for the brand to reuse.

GLUED to TikTok

In addition to featuring the GLUEliner on Instagram, we had influencers showcase the product on TikTok which always takes on a style of its own. These fast tutorials showed how quick and easy the product is to use to make your look more dramatic, but effectively holds your lashes on tight too!


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♬ original sound - Monica

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♬ Forest - Pink Hoodie

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♬ How Bizarre - OMC
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