We build parenting influencers campaigns to go ga-ga over.

We are a full-service influencer marketing agency with our own SaaS platform. We use data, trends, strategy, and crazy-good ideas to plan, execute, manage, and optimize enticingly good parenting influencer marketing campaigns.

But it’s not just about the numbers.

We believe in building authentic connections with your target audience, such as parents, grandparents, and dutiful aunts and uncles. Any family member whose budgets are stacked with kid-related line items.

Our top parenting influencers can help deliver your brand message directly to those who matter to you.

Targeted influencer marketing for parenting brands

We are a full-service influencer marketing agency with our own proprietary SaaS platform. We use data, trends, strategy, and crazy-good ideas to plan, execute, manage, and optimize enticingly good influencer campaigns to get your brand in front of the parents, grandparents, and dutiful aunts and uncles whose budgets are stacked with kid-related line items.

Tell us your marketing goals. Are we talking about being the go-to brand for children’s basic essentials? Do you want to target millennial parents plurging on vacations? Is it time for back-to-school shopping or holiday bonanzas?

Reaching parents with the right message requires effective tools and strategies. They already have a long list of reasons to shop for their kids–it’s now up to you to capture their attention.

At The Shelf, we specialize in crafting compelling brand identities that put products or services on top of parents’ shopping lists.

Our influencer campaigns are designed to guide everyone. From careful first-time parents to single parents. We even target the rip-roaring-fun aunts and big brothers. We’ll walk them through each step of the buying process and get them to click the check-out button.

Planning & Strategy

No cookie-cutter campaigns or run-of-the-mill ideas! Our social media parenting creators don’t resort to marketing shenanigans. Together with our expert strategists, they’ll work closely with you to understand your brand and develop custom plans for your audience.


Our influencer marketing platform gives us access to a global network of parenting and lifestyle bloggers. Prime examples are Ivy Elkington, ​Louise Pentland, and more. This allows us to build more targeted campaigns that can reach your ideal audience with maximum impact.

Authentic Influence

You don't have to worry about getting duped by influencer fraud. Our parenting brand influencer marketing tool is designed to help you identify and avoid fraud. We use data-driven insights to monitor influencer activity, detect suspicious behavior, and protect your brand from disingenuous influencers.


Stay ahead of the game with our real-time dashboards. Using Facebook and Instagram analytics, you can monitor your campaign's success and optimize your results.

Sponsored Content

Get access to the best sponsored content from our handpicked content creators.Download what you want right from your dashboard, and reuse the content in your other marketing campaigns. The bonus part: we handle all the contracts—yay!

Superb Content

Quality control. Our team assesses influencer content, providing feedback to ensure that their product reviews accurately reflect real-life experiences. This commitment to quality control ensures your campaign delivers the highest ROI, showcasing your brand in the best light.

Optimized for KPIs

Marketing to parents requires continuous optimization to deliver results. That’s why our service is consistently optimized for KPIs, with well-tested campaigns rolled out in stages. This ongoing optimization is the secret to delivering better and better results.


We build cross-channel, full-funnel influencer campaigns to help you meet parents wherever they may be. Reach your audience wherever they may be, whether you’re announcing new offerings or providing valuable parenting tips.

More awareness. More chatter. More shoppers.

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Real results: How our parenting influencer marketing drove sales and boosted brand visibility for these brands

Parenting Campaigns That Revolve Around Technology

We see influencer marketing as the happy marriage between data, technology, and creative ideas. We use natural language processing and machine learning to make sure that your campaign is as effective as possible. They determine which parenting influencers, creative concepts, and targeting criteria will make the most impact and drive desired results.

Data-Driven Marketing

We dig deep to uncover valuable insights about your competitors, market, and customers. This helps us identify trends and craft bespoke influencer campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Audience Affinity and Behavior

What matters most to us are the results you get. Influencer selection is a big part of that. So, we go beyond just choosing random parenting influencers... we don’t pick our mommy influencers out of a hat. We carefully match you with those who have the perfect audience for your offerings.

Optimized Marketing Strategy

We combine our unique targeting capabilities with our ability to whitelist influencer content to create an “echo chamber effect”. This delivers your content to social media users as ads directly through influencer accounts. This nifty little technique widens your net by allowing you to target social media users beyond the influencer’s following.


We build custom targeting strategies for your influencer-generated content to drive the best results for your brand. Our average FB CPC $0.41 This means you'll get more bang for your buck than a typical FB advertiser who pays $0.97 per click.

Retargeting Funnel

Our extensive network of parent influencers across the web helps us secure exclusive usage and advertising rights for your campaigns. We lrun campaigns with up to 30% engagement rates, resulting in measurable long-term growth.

Parenting Campaigns

Let our parenting influencers connect you with parents who need you

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