We know a thing or two about mobile app marketing.

We are a full-service influencer marketing agency with our own proprietary SaaS platform. We use data, strategy, and crazy-good ideas to plan, execute, manage, and optimize astoundingly creative, ROI-driven mobile app marketing campaigns.

We know a thing or two about marketing apps.

We are a full-service influencer marketing agency with our own proprietary SaaS platform. We use data, strategy, and crazy-good ideas to plan, execute, manage, and optimize astoundingly creative, ROI-driven app marketing campaigns.

We’re not necessarily an app marketing agency, but generating app downloads is kind of our jam. So, whether your goal is to get people downloading your app, to increase activity on your app, or to get users shopping on your app, we can custom-build influencer campaigns that integrate seamlessly with your overall digital marketing strategy. Because influence is all about getting your audience to take the actions you want them to take, right? Read on to learn how else we’re different.

Creative Strategy

We're not going to screenshot your app and make that the post - heaven forbid! (Pearls clutched.) Our strategists will come up with very cool ideas for influencer content based on your goals, your audience, and the platform where your campaign is running.

Our Network

The Shelf platform opens the door for us to reach out to hundreds of thousands of creators in hundreds of different niches who can make our creative concepts look AMAZEballs. And this is why we can run more targeted campaigns.

Influencer Fraud

We can get all the deets on influencers right from our dashboard. No need to worry about fake influencers making your app look bad. We can spot fakes and pinpoint exactly how long they've been gaming the system.

Client Dashboard

Keep tabs on your campaign as it rolls out. Our robust dashboard comes with all the tools you need to get insights on your campaign in real-time.

Influencer Content

See all of your campaign content in one place without having to click from Insta to blogs to Pinterest. When you're ready to review it or download it, one click is all it takes!


We're big on quality, creativity, and originality. Our team of art directors, copywriters, and strategists is eager to assess content, provide influencers with feedback, and make sure your content delivers the highest ROI for your app's marketing campaign.

Optimized for ROI

Your account manager and strategist will evaluate influencer content as it goes live to maintain quality and see which posts perform the best. We continually optimize campaigns to get the best results.

Cross- Channel

Influencer marketing can help your app accomplish a pretty wide range of goals. We build cross-channel, full-funnel influencer campaigns to help you meet your audience wherever they may be. More awareness. More downloads. More active users.

Vertical : Mobile Apps

While we have clients in most verticals, we’re especially proud of these app campaigns.

App Campaigns Built Around Technology

Our influencer campaigns – pretty though they may be – are driven by technology. We use natural language processing and machine learning to identify the influencers, concepts, and targeting that will be the most impactful for your brand.

Campaigns Backed by Data

We find out everything we can about your competitors, your market, and your target audience. Then we use our fancy robots and algos to identify trends, all so we can build unique, responsive, and memorable influencer campaigns that turn into conversions.

Audience Behavior

When it's all said and done, your mobile app marketing campaign will only hit the important KPIs when it finds its way into the feeds of your buyers. Technology and data drive our influencer selection process so we find the right influencers, with the right audiences, at the right time.

Campaign Optimization

We create what we call the “echo chamber effect” where the messaging (visuals, media, captions, and language) from your app marketing campaign shows up again and again, from different influencers’ accounts, at different points all along the buyer journey – through whitelisting and retargeting efforts.


We build custom targeting strategies for your influencer-generated content to drive the best results for your brand. Our average CPC on Facebook is $0.41. That's less than half of what the typical Facebook advertiser pays per click at $0.97.

Retargeting Funnel

We can leverage our strong influencer relationships to get usage and advertising rights, enabling us to run campaigns with 30% engagement rates!

App Campaigns

We work with some of the most captivating storytellers, gurus, and life hackers on social media.

Schedule a quick call with one of our strategists and learn how one of our app marketing campaigns can guide your customers through each stage of their decision-making process, from activation to conversion.

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