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Giving everyone something to smile about…

The Brand

Smile Generation finds trusted dentists in your area that provide comprehensive and modern destistry. They take their services a step further to provide discounted fees for dental services, with no deductible, no annual maximums, and no participation requirements.

The Approach

Smile Generation set out to generate brand awareness and hype about their services, while driving families to use their remaining benefits before the end of 2019. Rather than sending moms and their kids to the actual dentist, our approach was to keep it fun and simple by asking moms one question: What makes you smile?

Our Strategy

For this campaign, 36 mom influencers took to their social channels to share what made them smile while praising the services Smile Generation offers. They told stories of family trips and traditions, hardships and successes, and most of all, how their love for their kiddos made them smile the most. We saw raw emotion, humor, and the biggest toothy (and toothless) smiles around.

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The Big, Beautiful Highlights

This campaign was such a success! It potentially reached over 5.4 million people and over-delivered on engagements by more than 156%. We also had 248+ unique pieces of content shared on Instagram alone!

In-feed Instagram posts received an overall engagement ratio of 3.91%, which is well above the industry standard of 1.5%. 🔥

The goal of this campaign was to showcase Smile Generation’s services in an authentic way, while moms shared what made them smile. 😃 We over-delivered on promised reach by over 36.61%, on engagements by over 167%, and on promised UGC by more than 209%. Michelle Hammons also posted two value-added videos that received over 33,000 engagements!

The unique concept of the campaign was so fun to execute for the account management team. With any digital service, such as Smile Generation, capturing captivating content could be a challenge. Instead of going with a typical approach (i.e. mom in front of the computer making an appointment), we instead asked moms what made them smile. The requirement: show off your grin, ear to ear, while highlighting what makes you smile and tying it to the dental financial services provided by Smile Generation. The result: absolutely adorable, family-friendly content that remains evergreen for the client to share and reshare for years to come. 🤗

Working with many deliverables and a smaller budget posed a challenge to the account management team. How could we fit several blog posts, Instagram posts, and even Stories with our less than 30 influencers required? We had to get creative with pairing blogs to Instagram-moms, but we achieved our goal. The strategy: hire smaller Instagram accounts that had active blogs. ✅ The result: really fun-to-read blog posts with cuteness overload photography to match!

Influencer Highlights

Ilda Hobert of @ildahobert

Ilda used her annual family photoshoot as the backdrop for her content on Instagram and on her blog. She integrated heartfelt words along with adorable photos of her family that segued into her explaining what makes her family smile, and just how important their smiles are.

Amber Mamian of @global_munchkins

Amber told her “smile story” by featuring the grins of her big, modern family in her content. With a handful of kids, she needs convenience in everything she signs up for, so she emphasized how Smile Generation is making it easier than ever for us to get the dental care her family needs. “They are understanding of our on-the-go lifestyle and make scheduling appointments a breeze.”

Heather Hamilton of @heatherrmichele_ 

Heather’s mama angle is all about wellness and confidence, so the importance of a good smile for her entire family is huge. She built her content around her family’s holiday activities, like playing in the snow and decorating the tree. Then, she stressed how the ease of dental care is possible with Smile Generation to make the holidays bright.

Jessen Schulman of @jessen.schulman

Jessen took the whole family to the countryside for a photoshoot that used beautiful fall colors as the backdrop for her family’s smiles. She shared every photo on her blog post and emphasized what made her smiley in her stories even more: her family.

Porsha Carr of @missporsha

A little mother-daughter time in the skating rink will surely bring on the smiles! Porsha had a blast shooting with her kids for her content. She really convinced us all that she’s never without a smile on her face – which is why dental care is so important. However, it sure can get expensive – so she made a point to tell her audience “don’t worry about dipping into that vacation fund, because Smile Generation won’t break the bank.”

Ashley Brickner of @ashleywbrickner

Cuteness: it never fails. Ashley’s feed is straight out of a fairytale, so we were excited to see how she would dress up her little ones for Smile Generation. She pinned her three girls as her reason to smile, and wrote a well-informed blog post on every detail one might need to sign up for the service.

Fantastic Campaigns

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