Food Influencer Marketing Services Done In Great Taste

We’re cooking up new ideas all the time for your next food influencer campaign.

We are a full-service food influencer marketing agency with our own proprietary SaaS platform. We use data, smarts, and crazy-good ideas to plan, execute, manage, and optimize beautiful, click-worthy influencer campaigns to get your food brand on the table.

We’re cooking up new ideas all the time for your next food marketing campaign.

We are a full-service influencer marketing agency with our own proprietary SaaS platform. We use data, smarts, and crazy-good ideas to plan, execute, manage and optimize beautiful, click-worthy influencer campaigns to get your food brand on the table.

Tell us your marketing goals, and we’ll dream up an influencer campaign that invites the most captivating storytellers to celebrate the goodness of your food brand. Beyond the pretty flat -lays and recipe posts, we will carve out a custom food marketing strategy packed with cool concepts, creative ideas, and unexpected use cases for your product.

Let’s thrill people again, okay? It’s food! Glorious food!

We build influencer campaigns for food brands that’ll guide your customers through each stage of their decision-making process. Our goal is to move them along the path to purchase, whether it’s across demographics, channels, or the web. Read on to learn how (else) our approach to influencer marketing for food brands is different.

Concepts Galore

Nothing wrong with cookie cutters, but those aren't the kinds of influencer food marketing campaigns we run. We custom-build influencer campaigns to meet the specific goals you've set for your brand. That's how we make sure your food products can make the transition from being an Instagram feed post to being a budgetary staple.

Relationship Management

The Shelf platform allows us to view the profiles of tens of thousands of foodie influencers, chefs, and bloggers across hundreds of nuanced niches in the food space. So, there's always a way to find the right content creators who will make our strategists' creative concepts look stop-scroll amazing.

Real Influence

We see the nitty-gritty details of a foodie influencer so we know whether they have real connectuions - or if it's a case of bought followers (yikes).

And when their credibility checks out, we have the data and tools to identify the categories in which influencers have the greatest and least relevance to your target audiences. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for top food influencers or microinfluencers. We ensure they have the right kind and amount of pull to draw your prospects in.

Client Campaigns

Get real-time info on your influencer marketing campaigns right from our client dashboard. Monitor the progress of your campaign and manage your team to ensure your food campaign goes smoothly.

Creative Assets

Once influencer contracts are signed, you'll have access to your food influencer campaign content right from the dashboard. It gives you the opportunity to easily download and repurpose content from food influencers working on your campaign.

With this valuable asset right at your fingertips, you can use content across all of your social media platforms. Or however the heck you want.

Quality Campaigns

We have a team full of creatives, technologists, and strategists who take influencer marketing food industry content pretty darn seriously. Before and after the campaign goes live, our copywriters, creative strategists, and account managers will review and modify your campaign concepts and their content.

Optimal Performance

We roll out influencer campaigns in stages, so your account manager and strategist can evaluate each influencer's food post (because QC matters). This allows them to make all necessary tweaks to the content or your campaign as needed. At The Shelf, we continually optimize your food campaigns to achieve the best results possible.

Purchase Path

We get that there's more to food marketing than just brand awareness. Therefore, we structure campaigns for cross-channel, full-funnel activation to take shoppers from awareness to raving fans. From hearing it through word of mouth to experiencing the goodness in their mouths!

Food and Beverage Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Tons of clients across tons of verticals. Here are a few of our campaign successes for food brands.

We Use Technology to Deliver Unicorn Food Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Our food campaigns are driven by technology. We use natural language processing and machine learning to make the best decisions around food influencer selection, campaign concepts, and audience targeting.

We Rely On Data

We assess food brands and food retailers in your market, the food industry as a whole (from fine dining to healthy foods), and your target demographic. We check out the industry trends and build unique food campaigns that will make your brand and your products stand out in a crowded market.

Keeping Tabs on Their Habits

To us, the only thing that matters are the results you get with your campaign. So, we go beyond choosing the foodies with the best pics and most engaged audience. We use data to determine which foodie influencer has the RIGHT audience to help you accomplish your campaign goals.

Integrated Food Influencer Marketing Strategies

We combine unique targeting with the ability to deliver ads via influencers’ accounts (whitelisting). This allows new customers to see messaging and visuals from your food campaign from multiple non-brand sources. Our goal is to make your target audience warm up to your delicious offerings.


We build custom targeting strategies for your influencer-generated content to drive the best results for your brand. Our average CPC on FB is $0.41. FYR: That's less than half of what the typical Facebook advertiser pays per click at $0.97.

Retargeting Funnel

We're kind of the cool kids in this whole thing. We're great at building good relationships with food influencers. This enables us to get our clients usage + advertising rights, enabling us to run whitelisting campaigns with 30% engagement rates!

Food and Beverage Campaigns

We work with some of the most amazing foodies, chefs, and recipe artists... people who understand your audience and know how to weave brilliant stories.

Schedule a quick call with one of our strategists and learn how one of our food influencer marketing campaigns can guide your customers through each stage of their decision-making process, from activation to conversion.

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