The Shelf is Hiring!

We have a variety of jobs available! We’re not hiring for all of these at every point in time, but you’ll know which ones we’re actively hiring for because the position will be listed as Open. Right now, we’re specifically hiring for the Account Supervisor role, the Account Management role, the Brand Partnerships role, the Celeb Manager role, and the Marketing Assistant role. Feel free to apply to any of them – we can always reroute you to a different person if we feel you’d be a better fit in a different department!


Brand Partnerships Manager (OPEN)

At its core, the brand partnerships role is a sales role… but oh, it’s so much more than that. It combines strategy with social media, paid marketing, influencer marketing, ideas… plus charisma and shooting-the-shit skills… it’s a lot! We are looking for smart, marketing-savvy social butterflies who really want to grow in a role and make it their own. This is a hard role, but also one that’s super rewarding!

Influencer Discovery Manager (OPEN)

The Influencer Discovery Manager is one of the brand new roles we’re adding to our team. And for this, we’re looking for someone who can be our go-to-person for that needle-in-a-haystack type of influencer that every brand and agency wants to hire, but are too lazy to find.

Account Manager (OPEN)

We are in the market for a social media maven, a maverick, and a master marketer who is a virtual wizard-artist when it comes to running influencer campaigns. You’re 100% for the team, 100% for the client, and 100% for the influencer because you’re THAT good. You are the master multi-tasker. You’re great with people, and you’re patient during the client onboarding process… so much so that clients take ACTUAL COMFORT in knowing that you’re running their campaigns.


It’s time to add another creative genius to the fold! The Strategist/Proposalist role exists for the person who thrives on brainstorming, lives for those aha! moments, and loves blowing minds and dropping mics. You are a team player who listens, hears, and accurately predicts. You enjoy working behind the scenes to solve puzzles, connect the dots, and dream up astoundingly spot-on ideas for THE MOST memorable influencer campaigns.

Celebrity Manager and Strategist (OPEN)

A Connector. That’s what Malcolm Gladwell would call you. You’re the kind of person who knows everybody, but only because you yourself are connected to so many other Connectors. This means you can get access to anybody, and you never even need to use all six of your degrees. We’re adding a Celebrity Manager and Strategist to the team, a role that’s a combination of mover-and-shaker and a creative strategist. So, come with your Rolodex (since we kinda referenced Kevin Bacon) and click to learn more about this role.  

Account Supervisor (OPEN)

We are looking for a team hustler. Someone who makes sure nothing within the scope of work for any of our client campaigns slips through the cracks. The Account Supervisor is the go-to for all campaign-related questions and issues, so you have to know the deets for each of the campaigns your teams are running, inside and out. So, hooray 🎉 for our new project-timeline-and-workback puppet master! Cheers to our charismatic client liaison! We’re so happy you’re joining the fold! 🥳

Marketing Assistant

It’s time to put your big kid pants on and tie your shoelaces: The Shelf is going global. Well, global-er. And we’re looking for a PART-TIME CONTENT MARKETING ASSISTANT to help us roll out a MASSIVE content marketing push this year. We want to basically wallpaper the globe with our content, ideas, and clever quips. Is that you? Someone who would like nothing more than to figure out how to turn one 7-page blog post into 58 other pieces of shareable multimedia content? If that’s the kind of challenge that gets you up in the morning, then read on.

Sales Ops

We’re looking for a smart and persuasive sales ops geek who preferably has some experience in marketing, and who definitely loves a good contract. You’re strategic, creative, organized, and resourceful. You don’t fear deadlines – they fear you. You bring signal to noise, AND you can handle super detail-oriented projects (like clients who got a little trigger-happy with their redlines).


We are in the market for a full stack developer who is a master at their craft. You are someone who gets excited (and not nauseated) when you can detangle the most complex problems completely and elegantly. You’re thrilled about the idea of creating and building… instead of just cleaning up existing code. You’re not intimidated when we say our database houses 140 MILLION (!!) media profiles and how that’s part of what makes us the best. And most importantly… you’re ready to dive in head first as we gear up to start V2 of our product. Want to come along for the ride? Great, let’s keep talking.