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#data-driven Influencer Marketing

We offer a full stack of technology-powered products and services, bringing to life campaigns that are targeted, effective, and memorable.
This is Amy Roiland
of @aFashionNerd.
She’s the bomb dot com.

Your customers are complex individuals...
and they are defined by unique characteristics
that separate them from the people who are not your customers.
Here are your customers with varying likelihoods of buying from you.
Out here is everyone else... (These are the people you should not be wasting your marketing budget on.)
We are firm believers in the power of data.
Which is why we start by diving into your customer data and building a complex profile of who we need to target with your influencer campaigns. Your customer DNA is one and the same with the influencers you should work with.
We use your data to match you with the influencers who will deliver the best results.
Working with the wrong people is useless... it’s the equivalent of using FB ads to reach college kids with the targeting parameters set to "grandma".