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Save Time, Save Trees, Save Money.

The Brand

In the midst of wedding-planning chaos, Greenvelope’s goal is to save you time and money, and to make a positive impact on the environment. Greenvelope’s personalized digital invitations can be the perfect solution for time-pressed, environmentally-conscious couples. They streamline the invitation process with features like RSVP tracking, gift registry, calendar links, Google Maps, and designs that make your heart swoon.

Greenvelope is committed to creating elegant cards that emulate the experience of opening a printed greeting. But they don’t stop there – holiday cards, baby announcements, event invites of any kind… their list goes on and on.

In addition to the site perks, their environmental hope is to eliminate paper usage in the wedding industry. But Greenvelope takes it a step further by donating a percentage of each sale to the forest maintenance non-profit Mountains to Sound.

Our two Greenvelope campaigns in 2020 highlighted a brand that was more interested in getting clicks than growing followers. So, in addition to boosting brand lift and generating tons of really great content, Greenvelope’s KPIs included getting free trial registrations and website visits.

The Approach

We brought in 8 wedding experts or brides-to-be to create content around why they #LOVEGreenvelope. They shared gorgeous digital invites with their audience, and spoke about how easy it was to use, how streamlined it made their wedding planning process, and why it was a green alternative to paper invites. Along their respective planning journeys, influencers also posted to Instagram, IG Stories, and their blogs to share how Greenvelope actually had a hand in simplifying their wedding planning – a process so stressful and ugly at times that the reality TV people have actually built shows around it. We asked the influencers to highlight some of those benefits:

Invitation designs are stunning, so it won’t be easy to pick just one.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Greenvelope. It’s super user-friendly and streamlines your entire invitation process.

Going digital makes this world just a little bit greener.

Our Strategy

It’s not too hard to find married or single influencers, but to find people who are planning a wedding and willing to change their wedding plans just for this campaign… well, that was a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack situation. But we found our couples!

The Shelf team found 8 outstanding fiancés to share their stories and gently nudge their other betrothed followers toward considering Greenvelope for their wedding plans. Influencers were able to interest their followers in Greenvelope’s free trial, drive traffic to the Greenvelope site, increase brand lift, and, of course, generate incredible content for Greenvelope.

One more thing that’s important to mention about this campaign: It’s tough sometimes to capture a digital product in a way that’s interesting (right? because we don’t need one more animated video of a hand drawing 2-D explainers). But with the guidance of The Shelf team, our little entourage of influential wifeys were truly able to nail the “creative” part of creative concepts.

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The Big, Beautiful Highlights

With just 8 influencers on the wedding campaign, this would be considered a micro-campaign. However, it reached a massive audience, doing for Greenvelope’s brand lift what a standard campaign would have achieved. 💁‍♀️ These are the kinds of results The Shelf aims to deliver: not just reaching guaranteed metrics (yes, we offer guarantees), but going beyond those guarantees to create campaigns that truly move the needle for our clients.

The wedding campaign 💍 generated 118 link clicks to the Greenvelope website. Influencers were also able to compel 1,122 sticker taps over to the brand’s IG page. The holiday campaign was an even larger push. We over-delivered on link clicks by more than 24% with 6,546 clicks directly to Greenvelope’s free card design suite, in order to (hopefully) drive signups!

From the 3 blog posts created for the wedding campaign push, an additional 161 link clicks were generated. 🤯 That’s no small feat when you consider the likelihood that those who would be most interested were probably other brides-to-be and wedding planning professionals.

We were able to achieve an additional 892,000 impressions, 4,750 clicks, and 84,000 engagements from whitelisting in the wedding campaign. The holiday campaign blew that out of the water with an additional 1.5 million impressions, 5,164 clicks, and 632,326 people reached. 🙌

This campaign was a massive success! It potentially reached over 610, 000 people, gathered more than 1 million impressions, and over-delivered on engagements by more than 41%. We also had 38 unique pieces of content. That’s 171% more than our promised amount!

Capturing photos of screens 📱 can be challenging and can appear lackluster. So, we provided extensive examples and styling tips to really make the content and Greenvelope’s website pop! We noticed almost immediately that the more styled imagery grabbed the most attention from influencers’ audiences, and as a result, performed very well.

For the holiday campaign, we aligned our posting schedule with Greenvelope’s busiest days of the year: December 21-24 (all those last-minute greeting cards!). In this final push, we tailored our messaging to highlight how quick and simple it is to create and send your holiday greetings right from your phone… so mom and grandma don’t nag you during holiday celebrations for not sending out those cards (which you forgot to buy anyway 🤷).

Our team worked until the 11th hour (that’s a saying, right?) to make sure the final influencer posts were shared to feeds in time to spread holiday cheer – and to remind their followers that even on the 24th of December, it’s not too late to send your yearly greeting! 💌

Influencer Highlights

Alysse Dalessandro of @readytostare

Alysse never hesitates to bring in all the colors of the rainbow to her feed, and her content was nothing short of that. She shared the Christmas cards that she and her husband picked out, along with bright lights and the cheerfulness of the season in each shot.

Anna + Danielle of @itsvabene

A pilot + a digital marketer = a badass couple! We were thrilled Anna and Danielle wanted to send out their holiday cards through Greenvelope with a photo from their wedding – tying in another element Greenvelope is perfectly suited to handle, and in record time.

To be honest, Jordan already had a lot on her plate with moving home and the approaching holiday season. Seriously, holiday cards weren’t even on her radar. So, she made a really good spokesperson for using Greenvelope in a pinch. Honestly, sometimes life is way too busy for anyone to shop for stationery. With Greenvelope, it was easy to get her digital cards out to everyone with just a few clicks over a cup of coffee! Then… it was back to the grind for her.

Jac Mizeur of @jacmizeur

Jac’s stunning blog post popped with color and was loaded with every bit of information Greenvelope wanted to convey to their customers about why they’re the more sustainable (and sanity-saving) choice. “Go ahead and give this post a save if you’re a bride-to-be or give it a send to any of your friends who are dealing with a #WeddingOnABudget, who are all about a #SustainableWedding, or who need some #LastMinuteWeddingTips”

Lauren + Benny of @televisionofnomads

This traveling couple lives on their own terms…but that excuse doesn’t really fly with friends and family who are expecting to hear from you around the holidays. So, Benny shared how Greenvelope helped them get those holiday greetings out to their friends and family right away, showing audiences the ease of their service.

Mackenzie Fulcher of @featuringthefulchers

Showing your audience a non-tangible product can be tough, but Mackenzie did it gracefully by showing how she used a casual family photo for her Christmas cards, and how she included her kids in the process, too. It’s that easy.

Reiner Acuario of

Reiner’s posts did really well on Instagram, grabbing a 7.18% engagement rate – showing audiences that Greenvelope is for more than just couples and families!

Dani & Nico of @twooutsiders

Dani and Nico saved up for two years to create their ideal wedding – and since they’re constantly on the road, there were aspects of the planning process that they needed to make budget-friendly and super simple. Greenvelope simplified things a lot by helping them send out invites and check their RSVPs from wherever in the world they happened to be. Dani’s gorgeous content and fantastic blog post (which grabbed a 28% engagement rate) made her angle unique as well as a top pick for this campaign!

Fantastic Campaigns

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