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The most fun outdoor retailer in the world…

The Brand

The Moosejaw team calls the company “the most fun outdoor retailer in the world”, and we agree. Moosejaw is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer that sells anything and everything you might need to climb a mountain or ski down one. They carry top brands like Osprey, Columbia, and their own brand as well. What sets them apart is their outspoken appreciation of their customers, accessibility to sustainable products, and their funky sense of humor. Their slogan “Love the Madness” is all about the shared obsession with the outdoors and the pursuit of anything fun (and funny).

The Approach

Moosejaw is a brand that’s totally outside-the-box, so we wanted to throw a campaign that emulated their uniqueness. That meant finding vibrant influencers with fun personalities who could access the great outdoors easily. We also encouraged these influencers to be fearless in their content, just like how they’re fearless in scaling peaks – because when we get to work with brands like Moosejaw that have fewer boundaries, our campaigns should reflect that freedom as well. (Yay!!)

Our Strategy

We sought out influencers from all over the US, making sure to loop in plenty of creators from the West Coast where Moosejaw wanted to push awareness. We recruited influencers who we knew had an interest in outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, or biking, but with a higher focus on females (which we love)! With more than two dozen influencers signed on to this campaign, we shot for the moon and produced 150 pieces of content that WOW’ed audiences and pushed Moosejaw’s Instagram follower count past the 100,000 mark.

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The Big, Beautiful Highlights

The #MoosejawMadness campaign was designed to capture the beauty, the thrill, and even the hilarious quirks of a group of 37 outdoor adventure influencers 🌲 from all over the country. The campaign was largely about boosting the brand’s visibility, so creating tons of scroll-stopping, shareable content was key.

Influencers posted an especially high amount of value-adds on Pinterest, giving the brand an additional 28,287 engagements. Value-adds were posted across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest totalling over 301 pieces of content on unpromised platforms – plus, influencers posted 49 additional pieces of content on Instagram. 🙌

In the end, each of our 37 influencers highlighted his or her own #MoosejawMadness story using the most beautiful (and humorous) photographs and captions. 📸 This hilarious scroll-stopping content from our creators garnered a strong 2.89% engagement rate on Instagram. Though shared as a value-add, our one IG video alone garnered 15,148 views!

Influencer Highlights

Jimmy & Sabrina Horel of @jimandsab

These two have turned their feed into a story about their love for the world and each other. Their sense of adventure is what got them on the Moosejaw map, and they put together a bright photoshoot that didn’t disappoint. They each rocked a sweatshirt that reflected the colors around them and packed a picnic in their new Osprey backpack, towing their dogs along for lunch and a hike outdoors.

Katie Jo Myers of @katiejo.myers

Katie is a badass rock climber who shows off her unbelievable stunts on her Instagram. She decided to try something different for Moosejaw and braved the cold for a dip in a lake of pure snowmelt. She left one thing on, and that was her Moosejaw knit beanie. This is what the brand is all about.

Caitlin McNulty of @seecaitclimb

Caitlin captioned her hilarious approach at shooting her content in a wedding dress as a “Pinterest fail”, but she smiled through it all and stated, “That’s #MyMadness story”, looping in the campaign hashtag and making everyone laugh. Her posts did extremely well, grabbing an engagement rate over 17% and showing us that a good sense of humor is priceless. Plus, she posted multiple times for the brand outside of her promised delivery.

Arielle Shipe of @arielleshipe

Arielle posted a couple of times with her Moosejaw gear, taking followers on a tour to Arizona with her new waterbottle and then up to Glacier National Park with her hammock. Her posts got bonus points for running a giveaway – always a great way to grab engagements and followers for the brand.

Kevin Kinghorn of @kevinkinghorn

Kevin is an incredible photographer that incorporates themes of romance and nostalgia into his art. We loved how he protrayed the brand on a rock climbing trip, showing their tools in action – but also how they played into a beautiful day of doing something him and his friends love. When there is room for it, it’s really nice to see an influencer bring something entirely different to the campaign than most other influencers. That is why we hire them, after all!

Fantastic Campaigns

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