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April 2024 blog cover

2024 April Social Media Calendar

As the rain rolls in with the month of April, so do some big celebrations.  That means your social channels will be jam-packed with savvy marketing messages to prepare for all the cool events happening this month – events we’ve chronicled in this year’s April 2024 social media calendar.

A Quirky Lil Mix of #HashtagHoliday Fun

April is full of national days promoting nature, outdoorsy stuff, prettying-up your space, taking care of the fam, and leaning into lifestyle trends. Since April is usually about the time people start getting really antsy about wanting to get outside, we like to promote outdoor experiences that allow brands and marketers to use nature as the world’s best, and most beautiful backdrop.

After all, it’s festival season. Coachella and the New Orleans Jazz Festival will pave the way for a summer concert season in which some magical version of Chris Stapleton is touring with everybody. How, Sway? Just… how? Things are about to get CRAZY. And maybe a little loose. 😎

To kick off some of the bigger celebrations of the month, we’ve got every kid’s favorite April holiday – April Fool’s Day. Also, this month is the two-day celebration of cannabis, starting with 420 and wrapping up the next day with International Cannabis Day on April 21st.

Earth Day (April 22nd) is, by far, the biggest nationally-celebrated holiday this April, and you’re sure to see a crapload of sustainability-focused content and ads leading up to the big day.

April 2024 Social Media Calendar – Holidays Worth Noting

The arrival of April brings with it some pretty interesting hashtag holidays that are perfect for your social media content marketing, including:

  • Canine Fitness Month
  • National Poetry Month
  • National Library Week
  • National Volunteer Week
  • National Beer Day
  • National Superhero Day
  • Earth Day

Take a look at the April 2024 social media calendar below and feel free to embed it on your website using the embed code under the calendar.

Courtesy of: The Shelf



Константин Смирнов | Wizard of Design

Konstantin Smirnov has a knack for dreaming up fantastical illustrations that convert complex concepts into really cool visuals. He has created an amazing catalog of magnificent illustrations and designs that help bring The Shelf branding to life. You’ll find his work on just about every creative asset we publish.



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