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Halloween by the Numbers [Infographic]

2020 Halloween Stats

Right now, 148 million Americans are knee-deep in the process of installing seasonal home décor elements, dreaming up character costumes and clever horror costumes, and buying party-sized candy mixes (it’s literally being sold by the three- and four-pound bags at big-box retailers). It’s Halloween time, people! And that means it’s time for The Shelf’s annual infographic of Halloween statistics, trends, insights, and strategies (take a gander at it below).

So, we know you already have this massive infographic, but before you dig in on your own, I think it’s cool for me to kind highlight some of the more interesting (read, valuable) Halloween stats contained herein.

Yay! Halloween Isn’t Canceled!

Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, you may be offering a sigh of relief that we’re even talking about it after all we’ve been through this year. From week to week, we don’t know what’s going to happen. Halloween may technically fall on the 31st of October, but 2020’s pretty much been one big fright fest so far.

Halloween numbers are doing an interesting dance right now. The number of Americans who say they will celebrate Halloween this year is 24 million less than it was last year this time, a decrease of about 14% from last year’s survey, but I think we’d all agree that’s more people celebrating Halloween than we thought there would be.

Holding Steady… Moms and dads are holding steady, working their hardest to make Halloween as much of a thrill for their kids as it usually is, and they’re finding different ways to do it. Candy is still the most popular thing to buy for Halloween with 96 percent of celebrants picking some up for the big day, and 6 in 10 celebrants planning to hand out candy.

Up this year… Per-person spending for Halloween is on the rise, gong from $86.27 last year to more than $92 per shopper this year. No doubt this increase is being driven by families doing more with home decor since things like haunted attractions and Halloween parties will see a massive drop this year. Compared to last year, there’s only a three-percentage-point gain in the amount of people planning to spend on Halloween decorations (75 percent this year vs 72 percent last year), but that boost, coupled with the fact that celebrants will be spending more on decorations overall will result in $100 million more being spent on decorations than last year. Spending on greeting cards is also expected to increase by about $10 million this year.

Down this year… Halloween is taking a pretty significant hit this year for obvious reasons. Fewer people are celebrating this year, Halloween-themed school activities are virtually non-existent, and trick-or-treating is an even scarier proposition this year than it’s ever been in years past (except for maybe when it first became a thing and the tricks were actual horrors instead of just something the neighbor kid yelled through your door while dressed as a bumble bee). Fewer people are planning to spend money on costumes. The costumes stat goes hand-in-hand with the decrease in the percentage of Halloween celebrants planning to go trick-or-treating.

Brands Are Finding Ways to Make Halloween Festivities Work

It’s also worth noting that brands that many brands that usually host community activities for Halloween are finding different ways for their patrons to celebrate and still maintain social distancing guidelines.

For instance, this year, instead of doing in-store activities, Kroger Stores are hosting drive-up trick-or-treating for its shoppers.

Halloween spending and marketng Infographic
Courtesy of: The Shelf

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