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[Infographic] 2021 Halloween Spending, Sales, Stats, and Trends

Right now… two-thirds of Americans (about 216 million, actually) are knee-deep into their Halloween prep – installing spooky home décor (or at least pumpkin-themed decor), dreaming up character costumes and clever horror costumes, and buying party-sized Halloween candy mixes. It’s Halloween time! And that means it’s time for the 2021 Halloween infographic of Halloween spending, trends, insights, and strategies. We love our Halloween statistics

So, we know you already have this massive infographic, but before you dig in on your own, I think it’s cool for me to kind highlight some of the more interesting (read, valuable) Halloween stats contained herein.

Halloween Is Back for 2021!

Right around September/October of 2020, we were all taking our first careful steps back into stores, right? Kinda wanting to, but not really as into it as we would have been in 2019. Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, you may have been offering a sign of relief when you saw that first Spirit of Halloween store pop up after the Fourth of July. Last year, less than half of us were interested in celebrating Halloween in the traditional sense. Instead, more of us put resources toward making sure our families enjoyed the season in other ways. But this year, Halloween spending is back up, and Halloween marketing is back on! Let’s look at a few good Halloween stats.

Households with kids are ready to get back out there… This year, 82 percent of US households with kids are planning to celebrate Halloween. For Halloween 2021, trick-or-treating is back on the agenda with Candy is still the most popular thing to buy for Halloween with 96 percent of celebrants picking some up for the big day. Fully two-thirds of celebrants have plans to hand out candy this Halloween.

Up this year… For the first time ever, per-person spending for Halloween will top $100. The average Halloween fan is planning to spend $102.74 making this Halloween memorable. This year, each of the top spending categories – candy, decorations, costumes, and greeting cards will see significant increases, not just over last year’s numbers, but also over 2019 spending numbers. Significant meaning, hundreds of millions more spent per category since 2019, with the exception of costumes, which is returning to pre-pandemic numbers at $3.3 billion in total spending.

Social media continues to play a key role in Halloween festivities… Facebook topped the list of social media platforms consumers rely on for ideas, with 20 percent of those surveyed saying they used Facebook to get inspired. Other popular platforms include Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are named among the top sources of Halloween inspiration for both decorations and costume ideas. According to everyone’s favorite idea engine (Pinterest), consumers start their Halloween-related searches as early as May. From May to October, Halloween-related search volume on the platform consistently increases month over month. Last year, Pinterest was the go-to spot for politically correct Halloween ideas when the platform’s launched a campaign to provide cultural context for costume ideas to minimize the likelihood searchers would choose costumes that could offend.

Tips for Using Halloween Marketing to Position You for a Successful Holiday Push

Okay, so let’s get down to brass tacks (not “brass tax” like I always thought – I legit pictured a middle management law enforcement-y type of the Dennis Franz variety whenever I used that term).

There are two productive ways to leverage Halloween. The first is, of course, to promote your Halloween-related goods and services. But most of our readers will fall into this second category of parlaying Halloween into an opportunity to boost your brand’s visibility ahead of the holiday shopping season.

#1 Focus on Brand Lift

It’s worth noting that the beginning of October is the official start of the holiday shopping season. So, people are keeping an eye out for good deals on holiday gifts while they’re combing the aisles for fake blood and giant talking skulls. So, even if you’re not running a big sale, you can incorporate content on your branded channels and social channels that will help boost your name recognition. This will give you the chance to roll your Halloween marketing right into your Thanksgiving marketing.

Here’s a good idea of a brand lift play that you can do locally: Last year, Kroger Stores hosted drive-up trick-or-treating for its shoppers in lieu of their regular in-store kids’ activities. In previous years, the midwest grocery chain has hosted in-store trick-or-treating and game areas that allowed kids to win treats. Store locations have done things like put bouncy houses in the parking lots for kids and set up Halloween decorations outside the store.

You don’t have to do anything this extravagant, but there are tons of doable ideas you can do that won’t suck up too much of your team’s time and resources. Check out these Halloween marketing ideas for local small businesses for a little inspo.

#2 Get Into Holiday Guides

Halloween coincides with the open calls for products to include in Fall, Holiday, and New Year’s product guides, and there are all sorts. I saw an open call on HARO just yesterday inviting readers to recommend grooming products for rugby fans. #RedRoss ( 👈 Friends reference))

There are guides for moms, working moms, working women, him, her, them, kids, toys, beauty products, apps, productivity boosters… all kinds of guides and product roundups that the smaller publications are sourcing content for between August and October. Keep an eye out.

#3 Do Your Halloween Marketing with Halloween Influencers

Partner with nano- and micro-influencers in your niche or even in your city to create community-focused events. These could be your online community or your physical community. But you will partner with influencers and Halloween influencers (for all you Gen Xers out there who remember Elvira… that’s one Halloween influencer who’s been booked for Halloween for the last 30 years, right?).

Friendly contests with small cash prizes or really cool freebies would be a good way to boost your visibility when you’re looping in a little Halloween influencer marketing. I would also recommend setting up events that can run spectacularly online like most ghoulish Halloween makeup ideas, or best Halloween costume ideas or Halloween DIY families had the most fun doing.

For more ways on using influencer marketing in your digital strategies, check out our big, juicy guide to influencer marketing.

Check out this 👇 infographic for more ideas. You’ll see the stats and the Halloween trends but the strategies and tips are at the bottom. strategies for using that data.

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