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For Marketers who want to scale up Influencer Marketing

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Today, the influencer marketing workflow is
tedious and time consuming.

The Shelf Way

Quality Data + High ROI
Quickly set up high-performance campaigns,
at a fraction of the cost of an agency.

No more influencer

Exhaustive coverage.
Super deep search capabilities.
Relationship management tools.
Real-time, quality data.
Research / vetting / analytics.

ROI-based decisions
= a lot more money.

ROI prediction reports.
Fake-follower detection.
Engagement metrics.
Growth charts.
Selection based on past ROI.

We take the “busy”
out of “busy work”.

Organization / outreach.
Negotiation / contracts.
Payments / 1099s.
Impressions and click-through tracking.
Analytics / optimization.

We streamline
each step of the campaign.

Influencer Discovery
Targeting & Segmentation
Research & Vetting
Outreach & CRM
Logistics, Contracts & Payments
Tracking & Analytics
We got you each step of the way
We have the largest database of lifestyle influencers.
  • Fashion / Beauty
  • Mommy
  • Food / Cooking
  • Travel
  • Decor
  • Health / Fitness
  • DIY
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Filtering & segmentation
Our filters will rock your world, allowing you to target down to the finest nuance.
  • Followers, engagement, comment counts.
  • Location, demographic, gender.
  • Shopping habits, brand affinity.
  • Keywords, content subject matter.
  • Activity levels, platform coverage.
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Our data-rich influencer profiles make research a breeze.
  • Social links, follower counts, engagement.
  • Growth charts for detecting fake followers.
  • Brands endorsed by the influencer.
  • Products endorsed by the influencer.
  • Traffic characteristics.
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Send customized emails directly to influencers in minutes.
  • Send personalized emails based on relevant content.
  • Lite CRM Features for managing your pipeline.
  • Email-open tracking and new message alerts.
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Handle all of campaign details in one place.
  • Post dates.
  • Campaign terms.
  • Price negotiations.
  • Product size/color.
  • Shipping address.
  • Automatically creating contracts.
  • Getting digital signatures.
  • Sending direct payments.
  • Issuing 1099s.
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Easily track everything and generate reports.
  • Automatically send unique tracking links and pixels.
  • Monitor impressions and click-throughs.
  • Monitor comments, likes, shares.
  • Monitor purchases that happened.
  • Evaluate influencer performance for future campaigns.
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