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10 Beauty Bloggers We Can’t Stop Following

If you’ve ever done any influencer marketing, then you know that relevance is key when it comes to picking the people you work with! You don’t want to be working with any rando who will talk about you, nor do you want to pick someone just because of their popularity. Popularity doesn’t equate to relevance, as many brands tend to find out the hard way. Instead, you want to find the influencers who make the most sense for your brand. Easier said than done.

Beauty Bloggers: 10 Worth Watching (And How We Found Them)

I was recently working with a client on blogger selection for a holiday campaign. Originally we were going to be promoting their new collection of nail polish but in the end they decided to stick with their primary product, apparel.

Since I didn’t want ALL of my insightful blogger research to go to waste, I thought I would share it here with you guys!

When I was looking for the perfect influencers to participate in the nail polish campaign, I didn’t just want to find girls who wear nail polish. I needed to find girls who INFLUENCE girls who wear nail polish. A little trickier. Luckily, technology is a thing and I work at The Shelf… Not to brag, but we can help you find hundreds of thousands of influencers in the lifestyle space (fashion, beauty, health/fitness, DIY, decor, travel, and parenting)… and more than 150,000 of those are influencers in the beauty space. Lots to choose from, indeed. I was even able to narrow down to the 28,687 influencers who have mentioned their fave nail polishes in the last month. 

Below are some of my faves, and if I missed anyone, let me know in the comments!

Rose Shock / Tanja, Helinski

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this girl! She’s so cool. Tanja definitely has a flair for the dramatic, much like myself. There’s definitely nothing understated about the looks she creates and it’s sort of amazing. If you just scroll through her Instagram, it’s easy to forget that it’s the same person in every photo. Her followers are definitely looking to her for advice on all things cosmetics and that makes her PERFECT.

Instagram profile of beauty blogger @roseshock

Eman Makeup / Eman, Los Angeles

Eman is a makeup artist and blogger. She’s also a successful YouTube personality thanks to her videos about, you guessed it, cosmetics! With an audience like hers, any beauty brand would be lucky to work with her!

Instagram profile of beauty blogger @emanmakeup

Adventures in Acetone / Jacki, Key West

This is literally the place you go when you want to see the most creative nail art you can imagine! I did not even know that some of this stuff was even possible. It’s SO crazy and I have no idea how Jacki does it. ‘Nough said.

Instagram profile of beauty blogger @adventuresinacetone
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Sam Schuerman / Sam, Lake Tahoe

Sam is a hair and makeup fanatic! The once-professional makeup artist may be a stay-at-home mom now, but it definitely hasn’t stopped her from sharing her creative side. Now she uses her blog, Instagram, and YouTube as her creative outlet for all her tricks and tips in the wonderful world of cosmetics.

Instagram profile of beauty blogger @samschuerman

Beauty In The Bag / Wendy Lewis

What started as a mother daughter project has grown into a go-to guide for all things beauty! Beauty in the Bag features information on virtually anything you could imagine that is related to beauty.

Instagram profile of beauty blogger @beautyinthebag

Pink Perception / Anna, Los Angeles

Anna is a professional makeup artist and loves to share her work on Instagram and YouTube. She’s got some killer talent and is always creating new looks and styles. If makeup is your thing, you’re definitely missing out by not following her pronto!

Instagram profile of beauty blogger @pinkperception

Katerina Beauty / Katerina, Australia

Kat is a 20-something Aussie who definitely caught the beauty bug! She’s obsessed with all things beauty. I love following her take on that seemingly effortless beachy beauty from down under.

Instagram profile of beauty blogger @katerina_beauty_blog

Make Up and Beauty Blog / Karen, San Francisco

Karen is such a fanatic that after eight years, Makeup and Beauty Blog is still going strong! Talk about dedication. Her blog is a dream for beauty lovers everywhere, with reviews, information, and tutorials on anything you could imagine!

 Instagram profile of beauty blogger @karenmbb

Marina Rumpee / Marina, Atlanta

Marina is a professional MUA who uses her blog as a platform to share her work to inspire her followers. She also posts tutorials and product reviews. For all my Bravo fans out there, she also does makeup for Kim Zolciak frequently!!

Instagram profile of beauty blogger @marinarumppe

Beauty and The Blog / Michelle, London

Michelle created Beauty and The Blog for fashionistas and cosmetic keenies. It’s a place to go to get all the tips, tricks, and advice you could ever dream of. Since then it has grown to cover things like fashion and home as well, because why not get all your info in one place, right?

Instagram profile of beauty blogger @beautyandtheblog

That’s all he wrote for today folks! I hope these beauty influencers inspire a new beauty routine or better yet, get you started with a new influencer campaign for your brand. If that’s you, feel free to reach out and I can help you find a ton more people like this to match your brand 🙂

Do you know any amazing beauty bloggers who missed the list? Let me know in the comments!

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