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8 of Our Favorite Kid Influencers of 2024

Move over, adult influencers. The age of kid influencers is in full swing! From the Kardashian-Jenner empire to micro-influencers with niche followings, the digital landscape is teeming with diverse influencer personas. Amidst this variety are talented kid influencers who are capturing attention and shaping trends. 

Title card: 8 of Our Favorite Kid Influencers of 2024,

These digital natives have an innate understanding of their peers’ desires and the fantastic ability to forecast the season’s must-have toys and styles. We’ve curated a selection of our favorite kid influencers who are making moves and stealing hearts across the internet. Let’s delve into the world of these cool kid influencers who are dominating the digital marketing world. 

1. Ryan Kaji (Ryan’s World) — 36.8M Subscribers on YouTube

Three screenshots of Ryan Kaji's Ryan's World YouTube videos of him adventuring in a raft down a river and reviewing toys with the text: Types of Content: Toy reviews, educational adventures, and science experiments
Fun Fact: Ryan was the youngest ever on Forbes’ Top Earners List at 6 years old in 2017
Source: @RyansWorld on YouTube

Meet Ryan Kaji. He’s the endearing pre-teen mastermind behind the wildly successful YouTube channel, “Ryan’s World”. With his vibrant personality and limitless imagination, Ryan captivates millions. His channel features a brilliant fusion of toy reviews, imaginative escapades, science experiments, and family-friendly content. 

Ryan’s channel is a treasure trove of entertainment, inspiration, and joy for kids and families alike. Defying the often-fleeting fame of child stardom, Ryan has consistently proven his staying power. At just 6 years old, he graced Forbes’ top earners list. He was the youngest ever to do so, with earnings of $11 million from his adorable toy review videos. 

As Ryan grew, so did his content. He transitioned into DIY science and delightful animations. Thanks to a combination of compelling content, merchandise, and a proprietary toy line, Ryan continued his financial success. He earned an impressive $30 million in 2023.

2. Mila and Emma Stauffer — 3M Followers on Instagram

Three screenshots from Mila and Emma Stauffer's Instagram of the sisters posing together with the text: Types of Content: Sassy commentary and kids fashion
Fun Fact: The sisters have been featured in magazines like Vogue and Parents Magazine
Source: @kcstauffer on Instagram

Meet Mila and Emma Stauffer. They’re the dynamic duo behind the Stauffer family’s viral Instagram account and YouTube channel. What started as fun family videos captured by their big sister, Kaitlin, quickly catapulted these twins to fame at the tender age of two. 

The sisters are best known for their sassy comments and exceptional style. These kid influencers have amassed an impressive following of more than 12 million across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. The girls’ charm has landed them on the cover of Parents Magazine and a full page in Vogue. Now, they’re excited to introduce their own fashion line, Mila & Emma Co. They feature styles that radiate a sun-kissed glow and remind everyone to savor the fun in life.

3. Gavin Duh — 131k Followers on Instagram

Three screenshots of kid influencer Gavin Duh posing with the text: Types of Content: Kids fashion, lifestyle, and travel
Fun Fact: The secret to Gavin’s success is being genuinely himself and valuing authenticity
Source: @gavinduh on Instagram

Check out fourteen-year-old Instagram sensation, Gavin Duh. Garnering a staggering 131,000 followers, Gavin has been making waves in the fashion, lifestyle, and travel content scene since the early 2010s. Managed skillfully by his nurturing mom, Priscilla Reyes, his Instagram chronicles an active life donned in stylish outfits. 

Gavin’s account showcases the essence of his personality and the joy of living authentically. The secret recipe to his skyrocketing popularity? Simple: being genuinely himself. He posts what he loves. His iG offers a comprehensive view of his slick fashion sense, courtesy of the carefully curated three-image spreads for each outfit. His account also maintains an appealing color flow and theme. If you’re a brand looking for aesthetically pleasing kid influencer content, dive into Gavin’s world. Style, authenticity, and fun reign supreme. 

4. Ava Marie Foley — 712K Followers on Instagram

Three screenshots of kid influencer Ava Marie Foley posing on Instagram with text: Types of Content: Dancing, singing, and lifestyle
Fun Fact: Ava started dancing at 18 months old
Source: @avafoley on Instagram

Meet Ava Foley, a talented dancer hailing from Orange County, California. Born in December 2012, Ava discovered her love for dancing as a toddler. In fact, she launched her dancing journey at the tender age of 18 months at Mather Dance Company. 

Ava‘s mom also runs her personal YouTube channel, “Ava Marie Official.” It boasts over 52.9k subscribers. Meanwhile, their family YouTube channel, “All in the Foley Fam,” flexes more than one million subscribers. Outside the world of dance and social media, Ava relishes in horseback riding and singing. Managed by her mother, Ava’s journey is just beginning.

5. Everleigh Rose — 5M Followers on Instagram

Three screenshots of kid influencer Everleigh Rose dancing and posing on Instagram with the text: Types of Content: Dancing and family life
Fun Fact: She dropped her debut single, “Like Taylor Swift,” in 2023 when she was just 10 years old
Source: @everleighrose on Instagram

California-born Everleigh Rose Smith-Soutas is a force to reckon with on the dance floor. She twirled as a toddler at Orange County’s Mather Dance Company. And she’s gone on to master her moves at the renowned DC Dance Factory in Franklin, Tennessee.

This young sensation’s grace and style extend beyond the dance floor and into the world of fashion. She’s earned recognition as an Instagram fashionista with a spot in Vogue Australia and a campaign with Kardashian Kids. 

Everleigh’s multifaceted talent doesn’t stop there. She also co-runs the successful kids’ clothing shop, The Wild Threads. And she has a budding singing career. Her debut song, “Like Taylor Swift,” racked up over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Everleigh’s journey is a testament to her passion and skill. She proves that age is just a number when it comes to talent.

6. Ava & Alexis McClure — 2.4M Followers on Instagram

Three screenshots of the McClure twins posing together with the text: Type of Content: Comedic family skits, twin fashion, and dancing
Fun Fact: The duo became published authors in 2021 at the age of 8
Source: @mccluretwins on Instagram

Meet Ava Zaina and Alexis Valora McClure, famously known as the McClure Twins. Born on July 12, 2013, these YouTube phenomena, models, comedians, and best friends first captivated audiences across the globe with their viral 2016 video: “Twins Realize They Look the Same.”

Their undeniable charm and dynamic personalities led to the creation of the family’s YouTube channel, “The Mighty McClures.” In 2017, the channel gained them recognition as Forbes’ youngest members of the “Top Kid Influencers.” The dynamic duo made their television debut on Good Morning America, appeared on NBC’s California Live, and even strutted down the runway at the New York Fashion Week for the Rookie USA fashion show. 

These talented twins have modeled for esteemed brands like Levi Strauss & Co., Converse, Hurley International, Air Jordan, and Nike. In 2021, they released their first book, “The McClure Twins: Make It Fashion.” Every week, you can catch them on the online segment “Twin Talk Tuesday,” where they continue to delight audiences with their charm and humor.

7. Millie-Belle Diamond — 988K Followers on Instagram

Three screenshots of kid influencer Millie-Belle Diamond posing in designer outfits at home and at movie premiers with the text: Type of Content: Fashion and lifestyle
Fun Fact: Her impressive wardrobe boasts more designer items than most adults
Source: @milliebellediamond on Instagram

Meet Millie-Belle Diamond, a charismatic ten-year-old from Queensland, Australia. And she’s taken the internet by storm. With over 988k followers on Instagram, she’s more than a tiny tot with an enviable wardrobe. She’s a powerful influencer

Millie-Belle’s world has been filled with luxurious trips. She’s been to places like Bali and New York City, gifted by brands eager to be featured on her popular page. Her fashion-forward style is all thanks to high-end designer pieces. She curates a wardrobe many only dream of. Her page also features her love for Taylor Swift. Plus awesome events like the Trolls and Wonka movie premieres in Sydney. She is managed by her mother Schye Fox, who ensures all collaborations fall in line with Millie-Belle’s interests.

8. Taytum & Oakley Fisher — 3.1M Followers on Instagram

Three screenshots of twin kid influencers Taytum & Oakley Fisher posing together with the text: Type of Content: Fashion, lifestyle, and twin things 
Fun Fact: The girls were actors in Pretty Little Liars when they were just 6 months old
Source: @taytumandoakley on Instagram

The cherub-faced Fisher Twins have amassed quite the following. More than 3.1 million people follow the twins on Instagram. And the Fisher Family TikTok account, run by parents Kyler and Mad, boasts an additional 7.5 million followers. 

These tiny tots are more than social influencers. They keep busy by engaging in traditional modeling, print work, commercials, and movies. They’ve worked with a few brands, including House of Emmerson, and curated an online boutique targeting stylish little girls.

That’s a Wrap on Our Favorite Kid Influencers

Well, there you have it! Our favorite kid influencers. These youngsters are the future of influencer marketing. They capture the hearts of audiences worldwide. The influence of these young personalities cannot be overstated. With their innate understanding of peer preferences and an uncanny ability to predict trends, kid influencers are not just content creators but trendsetters. 

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