illustration for January 2022 Hashtag Calendar

January 2022 Social Media Calendar

Welcome to the New Year! The January 2022 social media calendar is packed with quirky hashtag holidays that provide the perfect opportunity for your brand to forge those important connections with your audience. January is also the time when many marketing teams are reviewing what worked in the previous year and assessing the opportunities that lie ahead.

An Important Trend Will Shape Your 2022 Influencer Campaigns

We recently published our post on the most important influencer marketing trends for 2022. Among them is the growing importance and prevalence of live content. Live shopping is expanding across multiple social media platforms. You may have noticed the QVC-styled Amazon Liv Shopping community. Similarly, Pinterest TV brings popular influencers in to host episodic content in their areas of expertise that air on a weekly basis. During these live streams, the influencer walks viewers through a tutorial while a platform-provided moderator helps the influencer field questions from viewers. Viewers can click product pics to buy the products featured in tutorials.

But live content isn’t just limited to live shopping. Live content is steadily being established as a viable (and accessible) format for content marketers. For instance, Clubhouse listenership may be down, but Twitter Spaces is taking off with influential creators such as Gary Vaynerchuk hosting live audio chats right on the platform. As well, Meta is looking to test moderator access for its live stream features as well.

Just a heads up – live content is going to become a bigger and bigger deal over the next few months.

January 2022 Social Media Calendar – Holidays Worth Noting

The arrival of January will bring with it some pretty interesting hashtag holidays that are perfect for your social media content marketing, including:

  • National Mentoring Month
  • Human Trafficking Prevention Month
  • Sugar Awareness Week
  • National Mocktail Week
  • Festival of Sleep Day
  • Korean American Day
  • National Keto Day
  • Celebration of Life Day

Take a look at the January 2022 social media calendar below and feel free to embed it on your website using the embed code under the calendar.

Courtesy of: The Shelf