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illustration for January 2022 Hashtag Calendar

January 2023 Social Media Calendar

Happy New Year! And welcome to the spring marketing season! 😄… and also 🥳 The January 2023 social media calendar is packed with quirky hashtag holidays that will provide the perfect opportunity for your brand to forge those important connections with your audience. And our little added bonus of providing some marketing tips and strategies to help you move things along kinda sweetens the pot. But first, the calendar…

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January is also the time when many marketing teams are reviewing what worked in the previous year and assessing the opportunities that lie ahead.

New Year Marketing Is All About Targeting

The next big retail events on the horizon are an interesting mix of opportunities for marketers: 

  • Official holidays – Easter and Mother’s Day
  • Sporting events – March Madness 
  • Traditions – Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day festivities, spring cleaning, and spring break

Spring campaigns are marked by the need for more specific targeting: 

Valentine’s Day targets friends and couples; March Madness targets college basketball fans; St. Patrick’s Day targets fun-loving party-goers; Easter targets families with kids, and UK and US Mother’s Day both target older children and spouses. 

Building effective spring marketing campaigns requires you to get good at using different types of content -> on different platforms -> for different audience segments 

The key is knowing which platforms to target and identifying the best types of content to use so you can loop the right influencers into the mix to create content that resonates.

January 2023 Social Media Calendar – Holidays Worth Noting

The arrival of January will bring with it some pretty interesting hashtag holidays that are perfect for your social media content marketing, including:

  • National Blood Donor Month
  • Human Trafficking Prevention Month
  • National Soup Month
  • Sugar Awareness Week
  • National Irish Coffee Day
  • National Kazoo Day
  • Celebration of Life Day

Take a look at the January 2023 social media calendar below and feel free to embed it on your website using the embed code under the calendar.



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