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We’re Honoring Fathers! And Here Are 10 Binge-Worthy Dads To Follow On Instagram

It’s time to celebrate fathers! This year, dad are going to luck out by having Father’s Day fall within days (or maybe even hours) of Amazon’s Big Style Sale (gift cards for everyone!). There isn’t a roundup long enough to mention all the cool dads out there, but we pulled together a handful of dads who are cool (to more than just their own kids) and social-savvy.

These guys weren’t hard to find! I found dads that are doctors, own their own businesses, health and fitness experts, and a music marketer(!), among other things. Sooo many different types of stand-up guys. 

A brief history lesson: According to the US Census website, the first Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington in 1910 because Sonora Dodd, having been raised by her father after her mother passed away, thought her only parent should also be celebrated just as her mother would if she were still alive. And why June you ask? Well, it was her dad’s birthday month. Neat, right?

If you want more quirky stats on Father’s Day, we have an entire post on the topic.

So, if you’re looking for some cool guys to follow who also happen to be dads with the cutest families, keep reading!

Cedric “Jamie” Rutland M.D. @drjrutland

screenshot of IG profile for @drjrutland

This doctor is not only passionate about his patients, he’s also a girl dad! His feed is filled with doctor-y stuff, sure, but you also get a glimpse into his life and his two beautiful daughters. Dr. Rutland is really into lungs and specializes in asthma, COPD, and other lung issues. He’s also really in to ranting about medicine/life, and it’s #relatable af. Follow him for the realities of parenting that’ll make you nod your head in agreement and laugh simultaneously.

Arturo Albarran @arturoalbarran_

screenshot of IG profile for @arturoalbarran_

Arturo is the ultimate health and fitness dad. His feed is all family, fitness, and fun. Sure, Arturo’s fitness posts are motivating, but what really gets you is the family cuteness. Arturo has one little girl and a baby boy on the way, and you can tell he loves family life as much as the fitness life. 

Nick Fletcher @hellonickfletcher

screenshot of IG profile for @hellonickfletcher

Nick is a music marketer. How cool is that?! He’s also a dad to 8-year-old Calvin, who seems to be taking after his dad as far as coolness goes. Nick’s feed is all family all the time (with some music marketing stuff mixed in), and it’s precious. It’s nice to see the BTS of mover-shaker dads like Nick. 

Charles Beloved Kuykendoll @beloved1906

screenshot of IG profile for @beloved1906

Charles is an RnB lover. So much so that he founded RnB House Party with his wife as a way to host events reminiscent of college parties that non-college people would enjoy. I don’t know about you, but after three kids that sounds delightful. Charles has the most darling boy, so if you’re looking for some adorable toddler spam, look no further. 

Emmanuel Jones @ejay_diamond1

screenshot of IG profile for @ejay_diamond1

Emmanuel is not only a London male fashion blogger, but he’s also a financial advisor and insurance expert. His coolest job, though, is definitely being a dad. He’s got two beautiful babies that show up all over his feed, much to our delight. You can also find some really great outfits with motivational captions. And if that’s not enough, he also has a financial advisor business to help families and businesses stay protected. Talk about superdad!

Joe Gatto @chefjoegatto

screenshot of IG profile for @chefjoegatto

Here’s a chef we actually found by searching the hashtag #chefdad. 😊 Chef Joe Gatto hosts the non-traditional cooking show From Scratch, which airs on PlutoTV (FoodTV) Fridays at 10PM EST (not to be confused with our other favorite Joe Gatto Jr. from the show Impractical Jokers – different guy). The “non-traditional” part of that description is what actually compelled us to add Joe to the list here.

Joe Gatto’s angle is all about making things from scratch, and he means everything. Have you ever watched a TV chef milk a cow just to make the cheese? Yeah, he’s *that* dude. The chef has a feed that is dripping with delicious-looking foods… and pics of his favorite little sous chefs, his kids Benjamin and Cassidy. #yeschef #thankyouchef

Benny Harlem @bennyharlem

screenshot of IG profile for @bennyharlem

In one word: this dad and his family are mesmerizing (who’s a girl gotta pay to get cheekbones like this?). Meet Benny Harlem. This is the feed you want to check out if you’re into gorgeous hair, striking faces, family photos, and beautiful, vibrant photography.

Benny’s page does not disappoint. He shares lots of pics of his gorgeous wife and adorable daughter and the powerful relationship he has with them. I scrolled through his entire feed and loved every bit of it. Benny also runs an online store for hair care products, and they are currently sold out of everything and currently have begun waitlisting customers. ‘Nuff said. 

Jean Carlos Feliz @jeancarlosfeliz_official

screenshot of IG profile for @jeancarlosfeliz_official

Jean Carlos Feliz is a men’s fashion influencer who is about to be a dad, and he looks pretty stoked about it. But for right now, this Dominican creator living in Italy is all about fashion and personal style. His feed gives me hipster vibes, but make it Italian. You can definitely get some ideas for some very well put together lewks. Can’t wait to see that BABYYYYY!!!!

Luke @dadsonit

screenshot of IG profile for @dadsonit

I love love love all the smiles in Luke’s feed. His son is adorable, and their family seems to laugh a lot together, which is so lovely to see. His bio is on point: Dads don’t babysit, they parent. And while the majority of women still do most of the childcare, dads who actually share the load get lumped in with those who don’t.

So, kudos to Luke for pointing that out.

And his wife concurs. He links her blog on his IG (which is cute in and of itself), and she definitely agrees they split parenting down 50/50. That’s inspiring and rare!

Burton Buffaloe (@bbbuffaloe) & Dustin P. Smith (@dustin_patrick_smith)

screenshot of IG profiles for @bbbuffaloe and @dustin_patrick_smith

Peas in a pod parenting peas in a pod. Dustin Smith and Burton Buffaloe are popular Instagram creators who just launched a YouTube channel two weeks ago called Dustin & Burton Raising Buffaloes, and that they are – with twins, Holland and Stone.

What’s cool about their feeds is that Burton’s feed pretty much starts with the birth of their kids while Dustin’s feed visually chronicles their backstory. Together, their two feeds have essentially chronicles the lives of their life as a young family. Very cool feed.

colorful line illustration  of dad and son that reads 10 Binge-Worthy Dads to Follow on Instagram

So, What Did We Learn …

Dads are the coolest. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

P.S. Keep washing those hands ’cause Father’s Day or no Father’s Day, COVID is still ruining our lives and holidays. 

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