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16 Influencers and Bloggers Over 50 We’re Following

In the fast-paced world of social media, where youth seems to reign supreme, even mature creators fall in line to hop on trends set by younger users. But we’ve identified an elite group of bloggers, creators, and influencers over the age of 50 (and 60 and 90) who are not just living life like it’s golden, but emerging as cultural icons.

So many marketers mistakenly think of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers as floating down the river toward retirement, unable to fight the tide. But dude… don’t be ridiculous!

Right now, Gen Alphas are discovering the genius of Jack Black with the popularity of the song “Peach” – an elementary school talent show staple this year.

Gen Xers now make up the core group of 50-somethings, while John Wick, Ethan Hunt, and a few other iconic Boomer heroes continue to drive action movie franchises.

So…. yeah… the over-50 gang? Still the same rowdy bunch of troublemakers, system-buckers, and loners they’ve always been. Except now, they’re armed with their phones, a lifetime of wisdom, plus the confidence and autonomy that comes from having lived through some stuff. And both their fans and the brands love them for it.

What’s Cool About Partnering with Creators Over 50

Authenticity and Relatability

Influencers over 50 exude are real and relatable. Their life experiences and maturity bring a genuine and grounded presence to their content. They resonate with a diverse audience, including older demos, who appreciate their wisdom, humor, and relatability.

Diverse Perspectives

Mature creators offer a wide range of perspectives shaped by their diverse backgrounds and life journeys. They bring a wealth of knowledge, industry expertise, and unique insights that younger influencers may not yet possess. Their content explores a variety of topics, from personal growth and career transitions to health and well-being, allowing followers to gain valuable wisdom and guidance.

Breaking Stereotypes

By showcasing their vibrant and active lifestyles, influencers over 50 challenge societal stereotypes about aging. They prove that life doesn’t slow down after a certain age, but rather, it opens up new opportunities for adventure, learning, and personal growth. Their content inspires and empowers others to embrace their age, redefine what is possible, and live life to the fullest.

Engaging Community

Following influencers over 50 often means becoming part of a supportive and engaged community. These influencers foster meaningful connections with their followers, encouraging open dialogue, and providing a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and share experiences. The sense of community and belonging that emerges creates a positive and uplifting environment.

Embracing Change and Adaptability

Influencers over 50 showcase adaptability and embrace technological advancements. They prove that age is not a barrier to staying relevant and thriving in the digital world. By navigating social media platforms, creating captivating content, and building successful online businesses, they demonstrate that it’s never too late to learn and grow, inspiring others to embrace change and pursue their passions.

Don’t get it twisted: the over-50 crowd is the same rowdy bunch of troublemakers, system-buckers, and loners they’ve always been. Now, they just have fancier phones.

– Me. I said that.

16 Captivating Influencers and Bloggers Over 50

Shauna Robertson @chicover50

Shauna Robertson is the engaging and fiery persona behind the Chic Over 50 style blog. What began in 2015 as an online lookbook for Robertson to share with her friends has grown into a community of more than 98K actively engaged Instagram followers, 18K Facebook followers, and more than 93K monthly views on Pinterest.

Based in Salt Lake City, Robertson’s white (or pink) pixie cut, colorful outfits, and high-energy posts have become the exemplification of her personal charge for women to “Be confident, be beautiful”. Shauna was one of the creators we worked with on the Chico’s campaign.

Angelique Miles @angeliquemiles

Angelique Miles is the record industry veteran – turned – over-50 fitness model who was responsible for the careers of some of the biggest names in the music industry. And if you pay attention, you’ll also see throwback pics of those artists in her feed.

Today, the “fitness over 50 guru” is turning heads with her radiant skin (like, really – she glows) and incredible physique, while inspiring droves of Gen Xers to practice self-love with nutrition and good, old-fashioned sweat equity.

Her Instagram feed – where she has more than 111k followers – is liable to show pics of her pre-, during and post-workout. I spotted a sponsored post of her and Full(er) House’s Candace Cameron Bure in her Facebook feed, and another picture of Miles and singer Carrie Underwood post-workout in her Instagram feed.

Alyson Walsh @thatsnotmyage

Alyson Walsh is a freelance journalist, former magazine fashion editor, and the author of two books, Know Your Style and Style Forever. Walsh is the founder of That’s Not My Age, a fashion and lifestyle blog for women of all ages.

By, far one of my favorite fashion bloggers over 50, Walsh’s Instagram feed is curated to well-styled perfection. It’s an elegant mix of reserve and sophistication with a bit of the UK’s infamous 80s-styled anarchy rioting just beneath the surface.

When we first published this roundup a few years ago, Walsh had about 34K followers. As of this update (in June 2023), her followership has more than doubled to more 80K.

I dunno. There’s just something there that I can’t put my finger on. Her outfits are some of the dopest things I’ve seen on Instagram. 

Bon and Pon @BONPON511

We respectfully submit that Instagram’s cutest influencer couple may, in fact, be Boomers. Japanese couple Bon and Pon are killing it on Instagram with 898K followers and really great engagement on each post. How? By being awesome.

Bono and Pon appear together across Instagram in matching (but not identical) outfits, Bon standing on the left and Pon on the right. You can find them doing everything from boating and hiking to stroking a goat or just standing in the rain. They’re friggin’ awesome.

Evelyn – Over-40 Fashion and Lifestyle @fashionistaover40

Evelyn created Fashionista Over 40 as a way to showcase her lively ensembles and share style ideas with other women  entering their prime. For Evelyn, confidence has accompanied age.

Evelyn grew up in the Bronx and spent her late teens and early 20s living in Puerto Rico. Formerly a stay-at-home mom, Evelyn is now a grandmother with an eye for bold colors, tall heels, and striking jewelry. Since we first published this roundup three years ago, Miss Evelyn’s followership has quadrupled to 51K.

Liz Webster @mommaphysique

Liz Webster is a mother, hair stylist, and the founder of Graylyn hair perfume (On IG @graylyn.official). Webster is also a bodybuilding bikini competitor.

Her Instagram feed is a veritable portfolio of Webster, her partner, their three kids, life in the gym, and days at the beach.

With 64K followers, this mid-tier influencer posts the occasional recipe and tons of gentle motivation (without her screaming  “get off your a**!” to her followers).

Dawn Lucy || Ageless Style @fashionshouldbefun

Dawn Lucy is the over-50 siren behind the over-40 style blog Fashion Should Be Fun.

Lucy is a style blogger, a high school English teacher, a wife and the mom of dogs.

Her Instagram feed is replete with Lucy’s fresh and playful outfits, pics captured from her daily life in San Jose, California as well as her travels.

Arlinda @funkingafter50

I came across micro influencer Arlinda McIntosh while I was “flipping” through the pages of Alyson Walsh’s blog, That’s Not My Age. She was included in a roundup of over-50 influencers (along with Bon and Pon). Ms. McIntosh’s out-of-the-box (read, in-your-face) style reminds me of the vibe you get wandering the streets of Midtown Detroit -100% the work of a Creative, 100% drawn from the grit and guts it takes to build something amazing out of scraps and found materials.

McIntosh is the creative director and founder of Sofistafunk, a “slow fashioned lifestyle collection of versatile zero-waste skirts”. Her elegantly flamboyant skirts coupled with her low-key persona have earned her the moniker #thefairyskirtmother.

Sofistafunk is doing its part to reduce waste: “In our efforts to be more environmentally responsible, 99% cuttings are re-purposed into other useable fashion moments, so they never reach the already overflowing landfills.”

Ernestine Shepherd @shepherdernestine

screenshot of Instagram profile for @shepherdernestine

Ernestine Shepherd 87 years young, and the oldest competitive bodybuilder. She is both a mid-tier influencer with 92K followers and a global inpsiration. Ms. Shepherd shatters typical perceptions of how an 87 year-old looks, how she feels, who she is, and what she does.

She’s now world-renowned, but Mrs. Shepherd wasn’t always fit.  In her 50s, she was swimsuit shopping with her sister, and they noticed that they were out of shape.  After a few well-timed  jokes about one another’s appearances, they decided to do something about the way they looked and felt.  They vowed to start on a journey to health. 

Despite losing her sister, she continued to push, beyond her wildest dreams. She has held the world record as the oldest competing bodybuilder and maintains a body fat percentage of 9-10% even out of competition.

 She now gives back by being a personal trainer to other female seniors. To stay in shape, Ernestine still trains and runs a very impressive  80 miles a week. Amazing!

Jenny Kee @jennykeeoz

All across the globe, but especially in Australia, the name Jenny Kee has become synonymous with the words fashion icon.  Her eclectic and unforgettable designs have completely revolutionized the global  definition, philosophy, and face of high-fashion

She has received numerous commissions, including the design of her breathtaking parade of costumes for the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. She’s even styled Diana, Princess of Wales. She knows that she’s far too gifted to stop designing people, so she’s also designed a housewares line for Target!

colorful close-up pic of over-50 creative influencer Jenny Kee in glasses

Kee attributes her success to the planet Earth, and living within nature.  She designs nothing without considering the earth and its role in her art.  Outspoken about her love and dependency on the planet, on her website, she declares ” I really cherish this earth.  It’s behind everything I do”

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Hillary Barnett Bitar @silverstorm777

Hillary B, Or @SilverStorm as she’s known on social media is a Zumba instructor turned model. Beautifully playful, her face is adorned with freckles, and an unforgettable smile. As a teen she searched for modeling jobs but was rejected because she didn’t have the look that was thought to be “All-American”. She didn’t have blonde hair, or fit into society’s unrealistic mold of beauty.

She wasn’t deterred. She refused to change who she was,  She wouldn’t even consider dyeing her hair. And to this day, she’s still never altered her hair color.  Fast forward. At Age 50, she got wind of a position as a Zumba instructor- or so she thought. Once she arrived, she realized that the job was for a model, and she had everything they were looking for. She began her modeling career then. 

Her minimalistic, effortless beauty is impossible to ignore. She is the true embodiment of good things coming to those who wait. Along with Cindy Joseph, She now also works to spearhead the Boom Movement, A Pro-Age Revolution. Her mission is to do away with the stereotypes of old, and dispel myths and misconceptions about aging. 

In a post featuring her as the first Boom Brand Ambassador she shares her simple morning beauty routine with her audience. Hillary is quoted as saying “I have freckles. I have lines. And I have no desire to cover them up!” Legendary!

Lyn Slater, @iconaccidental

Lyn Slater,  a 70-year-old mega influencer with more than 757K followers on Instagram. Lyn Slater is an Associate Professor at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services remembers the day she became the Accidental Icon. Waiting for a friend outside during fashion week, she was suddenly swarmed by hordes of thirsty photographers, journalists, and tourists who assumed, because she was so well-dressed that she must’ve been a fashion icon.  

She was wearing a perfectly tailored Yohji Yamamoto suit and her arm was adorned with a Chanel bag. As the chaos died down, and she sat down to lunch with her friend, they laughed. Her friend joked “You’re an accidental icon!” Lyn knew that would be the perfect name for a blog.

And what an amazing blog she’s built.  She embodies the idea of living a life unrestrained by societal norms and biases.  She’s designed her blog in such a way that it targets and caters to ‘Women who live interesting but ordinary lives.’ I found it almost impossible to stop reading as I was offered a seemingly exclusive look inside her very intriguing everyday life, as she shared victories, frustrations, and even bad hair days!  

Never once mentioning age or aging, Lyn offers her readers advice- allowing them to glean from her ample wisdom. After sharing her life, and teaching readers everything from how to pair your earring with your personality to self-reinvention, she wraps up each post with calls to action; urging participants to share their lives as well.

She’s mysterious, poised, and is indeed iconic. And she knows it!  She’s changed her Instagram bio to reflect that she’s a ‘No Longer Accidental Icon’. Epic!

Linda Rodin @lindaandwinks

Linda, crowned with ageless beauty, has been turning heads for decades!  Starting out as a model in the sixties, Linda excelled, and moved up in the fashion industry quickly.  She began exploring many opportunities; Climbing the perfectly accessorized ladder to success.

She went from fashion buyer, to consultant/stylist of A-listers, icons and elite brands. She also rose to the ranks of a boutique owner. Inevitably, she found her sweet spot as the Founder of beauty brand RODIN olio lusso. The beauty mogul formly believes that “there is beauty in simplicity”. She cites it as a philosophy that has helped shape her career. After only six years of operation, Estee Lauder acquired the company. Her unmatched face oil formula was a major consideration in the acquisition.  After reaching the pinnacle of her career in human fashion, Ms. Rodin shattered expectations by pivoting into a slightly different niche. 

Sporting a beautiful head of platinum grey hair and oversized specs, Linda is rarely seen without her nine year old best friend and business partner, Winks. The adorable, fashion-conscious poodle is Linda’s muse.  Winks is the inspiration behind Linda and Winks, a haberdashery of sorts for you four-legged family members.  

Sticking to her simplistic design ideology, the shop carries a single tote design, a single flavor of beautiful flower shaped dog biscuits, and a collection of leash and collar sets Ten percent of all Linda and Winks proceeds benefit The Humane Society of New York. with nostalgic names like Wild Thing, Mellow Yellow, and Aunt Dottie (who ran an amazing hat shop when Linda was a teenager). Similar to other growing fashion empires, inclusion is very important. Linda is careful to mention on the site that these products aren’t for poodles only! 😍

Lisa Congdon @lisacongdon

Twenty years ago Lisa was a school teacher by trade. She was transitioning from childhood education to the nonprofit sector. As if that wasn’t a big enough weight, she and her romantic partner were ending their 10-year relationship. She needed to find a safe place- even if it was in the form of a new hobby. Her art was born. The rest is history.

In a very relatable admission, Lisa shares that she still struggles with insecurities and can sometimes be apprehensive about sharing her art and herself with the world, but she cites the key to success as doing it anyway. 

Across social platforms, on her blog, in her published works, and as an instructor at The Knack School for the visual arts, she constantly urges creatives to acknowledge those times of uncertainty as part of the creative process, and push through to the other side. She reassures her community by saying “Begin despite your fears or whatever roadblocks you think are in your way. Let go of the excuses and justifications, and begin anyhow.”

Lisa Congdon artist and Instagram macro influencer over 50

Nickelson Wooster @nickwooster

Nick Wooster over 50 fashion influencer

Sophisticated, stylish, sexy, confident, gaze-worthy. All words that describe Nickelson Wooster. Nick is a design and retail consultant who has spent over three decades in the menswear space. With over 1M followers on Instagram, Nickelson Wooster has grown an audience of followers who are clamoring 24/7 for his feed full of collabs, paid partnership, and just every streetstyle vibes that are uniquely Nick.  

If you don’t follow him, but he looks familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen him somewhere before. Nick Wooster is like the ultimate fashion expert, you know? He’s been in the game for over 30 years, working at all the top American fashion brands and stores like Barney’s New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and even JCPenney. He started out as a buyer, then got into design, and eventually made his way back to retail as the Men’s Fashion Director.

All sunshine, butterflies,a dn rainbows? Not really. Nick is actually no stranger to adversity, but he’s never allowed himself to stay down. Growing up as a member of the LGBTIQ community in Kansas in the 70s wasn’t easy, neither was beating drug addiction. But after college he made his way to New York where he thrived in the fashion industry.

I know the Dos Equis guy seems super intriguing. But may I suggest to you that Nickelson Wooster is in fact the most interesting man in the world?

Irvin Randle @irvinrandle

Nick-named, #MrStealYourGrandma on Instagram, Irvin Randle has ‘drip’ that transcends generational boundaries. The 58-year-old Houston native has a background in education that he remains true to. Being pursued by talk shows, media outlets, and the demands of his fans never takes a backseat to the passion he has for education.  He has dedicated his work and website to education.  

Pushing the philosophy that coordination is key, Randle offers personal style guidance, grooming advice, and fitness advice to men over 50. He even suggests grooming products categorically, intentionally pairing fragrances to create balanced notes.
Admittedly, his physical attractiveness is what grabs your attention, but what keeps it is the value he provides. He’s worked with AARP, and has been featured by Essence, USA Today, The Real, and on The Wendy Williams Show!

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The Big Wrap-Up

This isn’t the end of the list. There are tons more over-50 and over-60 influencers who are building their audiences on Instagram. The twelve Gen Xers and Boomers featured today are just a handful in a sea of mature influencers with what author Ari Seth Cohen calls “advanced style”.

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