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colorful line illustration - youtube statistics, usage, and demographics INFOGRAPHIC

[INFOGRAPHIC] YouTube Demographics, Usage, and Statistics 2021

Last month, we published our annual update of YouTube demographics, usage and statistics. How many users does it have? How many videos get watched every month? And how do older consumers use the platform compared to younger buyers? We cover that and a lot more in this monster infographic on the latest YouTube demographic and usage stats.

What’s In This Infographic on YouTube Demographics

In case you haven’t noticed, YouTube went through some pretty significant changes during 2020. YouTube is perhaps the most popular platform for social media users from ages 4 years to the over-65 crowd. And over the last 18 months, the platform has gone through some drastic changes.

For example…

During the pandemic, people stuck at home were using YouTube to synchronize their activities and beat back the loneliness. YouTube also became the go-to spot for streaming line events, from concerts to funerals. Startling, I know. But reality.

So, we gathered a ton of stats on how each generation – Generation Z, Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers – uses YouTube. We included info on the number of YouTube users who are from each generation and checked out surveys released by Google to identify those differences and even the small nuances in how older people use YouTube compared to younger users. Plus, you can find a nice roundup of general stats on YouTube usage, penetration, and trends.

Pretty compelling stuff.

So… if you’re looking to find out who is using YouTube and how they’re using it, grab this infographic and feel free to share it.

Oh, and if you’re more of an article reader than an infographic reader, check out our full article on YouTube statistics!

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