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Expert Homeschooling Moms We’re Low-Key Stalking Right Now

As the school year winds to a virtual finish, those #suddenlyhomeschooling may be looking back on the last few months wondering how good of a job you’ve done with your kids. We were all kind of forced to reprise our role as parent-teacher and it’s been ROUGH. Seriously, do you remember it being that hard the first few years your kids were learning?? Back then, it seemed like they learned from you without you even realizing you were teaching. Of course, once Algebra comes into the picture, everything goes nuts.

While some of us may have had dreams of homeschooling someday, we never thought someday would have to be TODAY, and that it would all be sudden and rushed and forced. Many parents have taken it in stride. But three months in, I would guess most of us are still struggling (see Chris Hemsworth’s whole deal (at 1m 25s)) to balance full-time work with homeschooling 4 or 5 hours a day. And this includes the teachers who have been forced to switch to online learning at record speed. 

Since this is affecting all parents one way or another, we thought it would be helpful to round up some moms who have been killing it at homeschooling for some time.

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 🙌  You can follow them on their homeschooling journeys for inspiration, ideas, and overall sense that if they can do it, so can you!

(Because you know what? I know some of you will keep teaching your kids over some vacay so they don’t forget everything and make all your hard work totally meaningless. )

April Stevenson @the.five.girl.schoolhouse

screenshot of Instagram profile for @the.five.girl.schoolhouse

If you’re looking for some homeschooling tips and some inspiration on a minimalist home, April’s got the feed for you. She’s got five adorable girls and a designated room specifically for homeschooling. 

screenshot of Instagram post of homeschool room from @the.five.girl.schoolhouse
Photo source: @the.five.girl.schoolhouse | School is in session at the Stevenson house!


You can check out her highlights for mom hacks, homeschooling tips, and if you’re serious about pursuing homeschooling past the quarantine period (I know I’ve considered it), you can check out her Amazon storefront that has all the tools she uses!

Bianca @itssincerelybianca

screenshot of Instagram profile for @itssincerelybianca

Bianca has the cutest homeschool setup. If you don’t believe me, take a look at her feed. You’ll find photos of her adorable family and their homeschooling adventures. 

screenshot of Instagram post of homeschooling sons of @itssincerelybianca

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take all the inspiration I can get. And, honestly, after writing this, I may just homeschool post-quarantine. Who doesn’t want a cute area in their home that looks like a classroom?!

Nicci Lynn @afarmhousefull

screenshot of Instagram profile for @afarmhousefull

Nicci is married to her high school sweetheart. They had eight kids together, and now live happily ever after in their gorgeous home. Oh yeah, and she homeschools the eight kids. That’s basically half the students in some classrooms. My daughter’s third grade class has 19 kids only. So I think it’s safe to say that Nicci is an expert homeschooler. 

Her feed is full of family photos and homeschool activities. And if you’re looking for a breakdown of homeschool curriculum and options, check out her YouTube.

Andrea Scalzo Yi @raisingdragons4

screenshot of Instagram profile for @raisingdragons4

Andrea is the queen of educational activities. She literally wrote a book on them! If you’ve run out of ways to entertain your kids, take a look at her feed. She’s posted a bunch of COVID-friendly homeschool activities for toddlers to school-age children. She has everything from experiments to crafts and different activities that are STEM-oriented. And if that doesn’t convince you, her blog has a whole history of homeschool activities that you can try with your kids. No more excuses for you!

Marketa @schoolathomeandbeyond

screenshot of Instagram profile for @schoolathomeandbeyond

Ok, seriously, can Marketa homeschool my kids? She’s got the dream classroom. Her feed and highlights are a great resource for anyone actually considering homeschooling post quarantine. Her highlights are broken down by classwork that her kids are currently doing as well as by subjects like geography and reading.

Virginia Duan | @themandarinmama

screenshot of Instagram profile for homeschooling mom @themandarinmama

Virginia is adamant about her kids learning Mandarin. So she homeschools … her 4 kids … in Mandarin. I mean, how cool is that? She’s so passionate about this that she wrote a book about it. Once my daughter turned five and went to a real school where her teachers spoke English instead of Spanish, it was over for her. She now only understands Spanish, which is heartbreaking to me. So, kudos to Virginia!

She also has kickass hair and is a BTS stan, which she talks about regularly on her feed. She’s a pretty cool mom in our book. 

Taina Licciardo Toivola @tainalicciardotoivola

screenshot of Instagram profile for @tainalicciardotoivola

Taina has 10 kids. 10 kids. And she homeschools ALL of them. Let that sink in. I can barely homeschool one kid. I would definitely label Taina as an expert homeschooler, and she’s got the YouTube to prove it. Hell, she’s an expert mom, and if you ever need tips on how to create schedules for multiple children, she’s got plenty of advice and how to’s on that, too.

Patricia @patriciax2_

screenshot of Instagram profile for @patriciax2_

Don’t let Patricia’s amount of followers fool you. She’s got great tips and tricks for homeschooling young children. On her feed, you’ll find some selfies, but mostly pictures of her homeschooling books and projects. So if you need some homeschooling inspo, check out her feed!

Hannah A. Carpenter @Hannahacarpenter

screenshot of Instagram profile for @Hannahacarpenter

Hannah is the all-American mom. What made her stand out to me for this round up is that she has high school-aged kids and let them choose whether to be homeschooled or go to public school. So she’s homeschooling two and two are in public school. I find that fascinating, and honestly, a very good idea. 

Which brings me to a very important point. Going to a public school doesn’t necessarily work for every kid, and that’s ok. As moms, we have options, and moms like Hannah help us figure it out and make it work. 

And if you’re into Anthropologie, you’ll love her feed. You’re welcome!

Sabrina @thesimplehappylife

screenshot of Instagram profile for @thesimplehappylife

Sabrina has got that grid aesthetic down. I never thought I would enjoy looking at a homeschooling feed. Take a look if you don’t believe me. She’s got everything from educational games to books to family selfies. Super cute!

Photo source: @thesimplehappylife | Homeschool but make it Insta.

Ready to Dig Into This Thing?

This is not the only homeschool inspo out there, but I think it’s a good start if you’ve been so strapped for time that you haven’t had time to study up on everything that’s available. All these moms are seasoned homeschoolers who can teach us newbies a thing or two about it.

So if you need some homeschool inspiration and motivation during quarantine (and possibly beyond), take a look at these mom’s feeds and give them a follow!      

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