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14 Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers to Follow this Fashion Week

As we gear up for New York Fashion Week, there is truly no better time to unveil our list of fan favorite fashion and lifestyle influencers. Here at The Shelf, we know the importance of keeping up with influencer trends, and these fashion aficionados are keeping us current.

Fashion Influencers We Love to Follow

These trendsetters are setting the pace in the industry and captivating audiences with their unique style and refreshing perspectives. Let’s dive in and get a sneak peek at the fashion influencers who are shaping the world of fashion one post at a time.

Sammi Jefcoate @sammijefcoate

Image of stylish, tattooed blonde fashion influencer woman next to the text: Persona: Known for her “let’s get dressed” TikToks, Sammi Jeffcoate is a style guru who shows others how to dress for themselves. 
Following: Prada, Harrods, Liberty London, AG Atelier, Atsuko Kudo, Love & Loss, Marrow Fine, Zana Bayne
Worked With: NARS, YSL Beauty, Spotify, Maison Margiela, Christian Louboutin Beauty, Laura Mercier, Free People & FarFetch
Collaborations: Playful Promises, The Great Frog, The Rose Amongst Thorns
On TikTok @sammijefcoate

With 3.5 million fashion fans across her social channels, Sammi Jefcoate has been serving sartorial realness since 2017. Launching with “get the look” snippets and evolving with her snazzy “let’s get dressed” TikToks, she’s become a style guru dedicated to showing others how to dress for themselves. The latest twist? She’s now the brainchild behind the chic brand, ĀRDĒO

Victoria Paris @victoriaparis

Photo of young woman fashion influencer on stool next to text: Persona: Victoria Paris, branded as "the only living girl" on TikTok, went from promoting her Depop thrift finds to captivating more than a million fans with her endearing rambles and relatable quirks — all within six months! 
Following: Roller Rabbit, Melissa Shoes France, Pilgrim Jewellery, Simuero, Synergy Kombucha, Local Eclectic, Fruity Booty, Revolve, Boho Pink
Worked With: Anthropology, Harmless Harvest, Les Bains Paris, Dream Racing, Adidas
Collaborations: Boho Pink
On TikTok @victoriaparis

Victoria Paris, “the only living girl,” launched to fame amidst 2020’s global stay-at-home fashion show. Followers initially came for the threads but stayed for her candid charisma. Fast forward, and while she’s juggling brand deals like a pro, our 24-year-old thrift queen remains steadfastly on-brand: a chaotic train of thoughts and fantastic fashion. 

Chriselle Lim @chrisellelim

Headshot of beautiful fashion influencer next to text: Persona: Chriselle is a social media triple threat. She started as YouTube's style siren. Then she slid seamlessly into our Instagram feeds with starpowered selfies. Now she’s taking over TikTok, where she graciously accepted the moniker “rich mum.” 
Following: Seventh House Gallery, Prada Beauty, Vogue Beauty, BÉIS, Amore Vintage, Atrio, ClassiCon, Bulgari, Harper Collective 
Worked With: ST. JOHN, Schiaparelli, Four Seasons, YSL, Hera Permanent Makeup, Bulgari, Eve Lom, Loewe
Collaborations: Four Seasons, Louis Vuitton, Clé d Peau Beauté
On Instagram @chrisellelim

Originally YouTube’s style siren, Chriselle Lim has made her mark on Instagram and TikTok as well, graciously accepting the moniker “rich mum.” As her digital empire has expanded, so have the glimpses into her life. When she turned the page on a new chapter involving her divorce, her content morphed from fashion frames to heartfelt reels. When it comes to fashion and lifestyle, Chriselle can definitely do both.

Yolande Macon @thelanguageofyolande

Smiling lifestyle influencer in matching yellow set next to text: Persona: Yolanda Macon is a New York City based creator known for her bright color combinations and impeccable sense of style.
Following: SAME, Coachtopia, Dora Maar, Big Mouth Toothbrush, The BRAND Label, foofoo, SALASSAN, Mush Studios, CSV
Worked With: DogfishHead, Paintbox, Never Fully Dressed, Every Stylish Girl, 1 Hotel Central Park, Cool Sculpting, Aldo Shoes, Target
Collaborations: André Uncut, Sperry, 1 Hotel Central Park
On Instagram @thelanguageofyolande

Yolanda Macon is a fashion maven whose style seamlessly bridges the gap between the past and present. With a penchant for vibrant hues and unexpected pairings, her aesthetic can best be described as a rich tapestry of colorful, nostalgic influences blended with a contemporary edge. Yolanda’s ensembles often resonate with the bold dynamism of the 70s divas, the polished panache of the 80s preps, and the iconic flair of Black Americans who were instrumental in defining the fashion landscapes of the 90s and 00s. Her deep reverence for the diverse epochs of fashion is evident in every ensemble she crafts, making her a true connoisseur of style that transcends time.

Rochelle Johnson @iambeauticurve

Smiling fashion influencer in a black dress and statement earrings next to text: Persona: From LA glam to Little Rock charm, Rochelle Johnson swapped palm trees for parenthood. This fashionable mama calls herself a Plus Style Expert in all things beauty, home, and family.
Following: Needle & Thread, Usher, Show Me Your Mumu, iLORM, Nordic Knots, Boss Women Media, Swimsuits for All, Stitch Fix
Worked With: Old Navy, Walmart, Ulta, Mac Duggal, Anthropologie, JCPenny, Target, ELOQUII, Nordstrom
Collaborations: Macy’s, Express, Stitch Fix
On Instagram @iambeauticurve

Tagging herself as blogger, plus size style guru, and Mom, Rochelle turned into a one-stop-shop for everything fabulous and full-sized. She’s worked with brands big and small, from Macy’s and Walmart to Baby Creed. Rochelle is one fashion Influencer who knows how to live, and mother, beautifully.

Claire Rose Cliteur @clairerose

Blonde fashion influencer in streetwear sitting on ledge next to text: Persona: From New York to Monaco to London, Claire Rose uniquely carves her style amidst each city's fashion ethos. 
Following: Tilly Keeper, Banana Republic, Mercedes-Benz, Sezane, Destree, BHD, Brad Pitt, Bloomingdales, ARJE
Worked With: Burberry, Bvlgari, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Nike, Michael Kors, Vestiaire Collective, Veuve-Clicquot, Vogue, Net-A-Porter, La Perla
Collaborations: La Bouche Rouge, NA-KD Fashion, Flattered
On Instagram @clairerose

Jetting from New York to Monaco and now landing in London, Claire Rose tailors her style to each city’s fashion ethos. She didn’t just stumble upon fashion. She wore her childhood hearing impairment as a badge, letting it nudge into the world of haute couture. Early accolades in her pocket, she’s now the It Girl on every fashion insider’s radar, serving up consistent looks worth drooling over.

Pernille Teisbaek @pernilleteibaek 

Fashion influencer in oversized blazer and shades posing in open car door next to text: Persona: Pernille Teisbaek is a Scandinavian fashion influencer and stylist, known for her creative consulting skills and amazing interior design. 
Following: Lolita Jacobs, La Rosalia, Adanola, Gimaguas, Planta Rosa, Adanola, rhode skin, VTMNTS
Worked With: Vogue, Loewe, Borne Cancer Fonden, Gia Borghini, Shopbop, 24S, Chanel, Marc O’Polo
Collaborations: YSL, Giaborghini, Ssense
On Instagram @pernilleteibaek

Pernille Teisbaek, the Scandinavian fashion influencer and stylist is known for her creative consulting and amazing interior design. She and her husband founded Rains, a rainwear brand that has a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic raincoat we all know. She’s all about ageless chic with a dash of Scandinavian “eco-glam.” Because who says saving the planet can’t be stylish? 

Candace Marie @marie_mag_ 

Fierce fashion influencer posing in shades and statement bag next to text: Persona: Candace is a social media maven by day, Parsons professor by evening, and savior of corporate chic by night with her initiative, Black In Corporate. 
Following: Estée Lauder, Tory Burch, Panconesi, BEVSA, Sunglass Hut, Gap, Acne Studios, Moncler
Worked With: Alexandre Birman, COS, Sulwhasoo, Johnny Was, Schiaparelli, Rabanne, The Attico, Saks Fifth Avenue, Chanel
Collaborations: Givenchy, Banana Republic, Lancome
On Instagram @marie_mag_

Candace Marie does it all. She’s a social media maven by day, Parsons professor by evening, and savior of corporate chic by night with her initiative, Black In Corporate. Touted as an ‘unsung hero of the fashion industry’ by American VOGUE, she isn’t just any fashion influencer. She’s fashion’s equivalent of a triple-threat. Her Insta feed? A masterclass in how to be effortlessly cool. Showcasing everything from avant-garde shapes to the next big design names, Candace is the ultimate inspo.

Vanessa Hong @vanessahong 

Image of platinum blonde fashion influencer kneeling in pink dress with red gloves next to text: Persona: One of fashion’s fiercest influencers, Vanessa Hong blends the fashions of New York, France, and China in her personal style. Trademarks of her wardrobe include refinement, attention to detail, and a bit of edge. 
Following: Keke Palmer, Versace, Pamela Anderson, Lars LaLa, Atmos, 16Arlington, The Attico
Worked With: David Yurman, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Ferragamo, Repossi, Melissa International, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Reike Nen
Collaborations: Tory Burch, Jimmy Choo, Chloe
On Instagram @vanessahong

From biochem brainiac to fashion’s fiercest influencer, Vanessa Hong swapped test tubes for Jimmy Choos. She’s crafting a unique style language that’s haute couture, edgy, and definitely has chemistry. With credits from modeling to molding faux fur sensations (Lady Gaga’s a fan!), she’s also the creative compass for names like Phillip Lim and a voice for AAPI causes. Her Instagram offers wellness inspo sprinkled with star-studded chats on her podcast. Nowadays, she’s all about greening the fashion scene. When she’s not revolutionizing runways, she’s perfecting her downward dog and dishing out plant-based delights. 

Bretman Rock @bretmanrock 

Headshot of fashion influencer with a glossy lip looking up: Persona: Touted in Forbes' 30 Under 30 and crowned the Beauty Influencer of the Year in 2019, Bretman's resume is as fabulous as his wardrobe — defying gender expectations and proving they’re the baddest.
Following: Heidi Klum, Selena Gomez, Erika Titus, Vogue Philippines, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, JACQUEMUS, Law Roach, Crocs
Worked With: Google, Adobe, Vogue, Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action, Jacquemus, Klarna, Paris Hilton, Cold Plunge, Fenty
Collaborations: Calvin Klein, Pili Ani, Nike, Grandson-Ichiban
On Instagram @bretmanrock

Bretman Rock isn’t just a digital diva sporting genderfluid glam and a sense of humor sharper than his contour. With 45 million global followers, you might’ve caught his antics on MTV’s Following or his YouTube stint 30 Days With. Touted in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and crowned the Beauty Influencer of the Year in 2019, Bretman’s resume is as fabulous as his wardrobe. Proving you can clinch global stardom and still remain fiercely, fabulously you.

Dylan Mulvaney @dylanmulvaney 

Demure fashion influencer on the red carpet next to text: Persona: Dylan Mulvaney took her followers along for her journey into girlhood and now she’s embracing womanhood, too. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, trans women, and positivity, Dylan’s content creates an inclusive, sunny corner of the internet.
Following: Emma Chamberlain, Diane Keaton, Miu Miu, Sandro Paris, T.J. Maxx, Transgender Law Center, Gucci, Reese’s Book Club, Coach
Worked With: Them, Amsale, Allure, alice + olivia, Lionsgate, Nike, OLEHENRIKSEN, kate spade, Rent the Runway
Collaborations: The Dorchester, Meta, K18
On TikTok @dylanmulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney, TikTok’s American sensation, took a pandemic transformation and spun it into a whopping 10 million followers by 2023. Remember when you baked banana bread during quarantine? Dylan chronicled her gender transition with her smash hit series, “Days of Girlhood.” Clocking in a billion views, she even had a pow-wow with President Biden about trans rights. From pandemic pastimes to presidential parleys – Dylan’s journey is the stuff of TikTok legend!

Niamh Adkins @niamhadkins 

Smiling fashion influencer in a hat smiling up at the sun next to text: Persona: British-South African turned New Yorker, Niamh Adkins transformed awkwardness into high fashion. She soared from 30,000 to 2.2 million followers rapidly, and showcased versatility as both an Instagram diva and an actress.
Following: Birkenstock, Victoria Paris, xboygeniusx, Pilgrim Jewellery, Aureum, Glowbar, Joah Brown, Urban Decay, Ritual
Worked With: Olay, innisfree, Joe Ando, Lara Adkins, Jonas Brothers, Republic Records, Of Planet Earth, sapph-lit, Love Beauty and Planet
Collaborations: Heineken, Brooklinen, Roadway Moving
On TikTok @niamhadkins

Ever met someone who turns awkward into high fashion? Niamh Adkins, a British-South African TikTok sensation, did just that. She skyrocketed from 30,000 followers to a whopping 2.2 million faster than you can say “double-tap.” The Manhattan-based creator is not content with being an Instagram diva. Our model-turned-actress also played royalty in the TV movie Enzo Fast. From catwalks to TV screens, with a twist of odd humor, Niamh’s truly the queen of versatility!

Joe Ando @joeando 

Fashion influencer sporting his homemade black jacket with a signature red heart next to the text: Persona: Joe Ando-Hirsh has TikTok drooling over his chic fashion creations. After graduating from FIT, Joe pivoted from acting to designing dreamy dresses and flowing fits.
Following: AG Jeans, Timm Chiusano, Keshi, Money Lion, thredUP, Valentino, Kiehl’s
Worked With: Trident, CeraVe, Microsoft, Sour Patch Kids, DiGorno, Live Nation, Old Spice, Lionsgate
Collaborations: Harrys, Warby Parker, Jansport
On TikTok @joeando

Joe Ando-Hirsh was once known for warding off zombies in The Walking Dead and popping up in movies like The Box With Jacqueline. He now has TikTok drooling over his chic fashion creations. After graduating from FIT, Joe pivoted from acting to design dreamy clothes, like the iconic black jacket with a heart – his signature touch. He started going viral for dressing his fashion influencer girlfriend, Niamh Adkins, with his stunning designs. Joe’s mix of acting, design, and content creation is a talent buffet we can’t get enough of!

Gunnar Deatherage @gunnardeatherage 

Fashion influencer posing in cape in front of geometric patterned wall next to text: Persona: Gunnar is a self-proclaimed "Modern Renaissance Man." He’s a self-taught Project Runway Designer boasting whimsical and princess-perfect creations. 
Following: Nihal Hepsen, Essie, Young Emperors, Joann Stores, Redo Luxury, Vogue France, Architectural Digest, 
Worked With: Ariana Grande,  Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jake Wesley Rogers, Fiverr, Prime Video, CBS, Paramount Plus, Tailor Brands
Collaborations: Michaels, Hulu
On TikTok @gunnardeatherage

Gunnar, the self-proclaimed “Modern Renaissance Man,” has tried on more career hats than he’s designed collections, and that’s saying something. From flaunting his quirky aesthetic on “Project Runway” (with over 20 collections showcased from New York to Chicago), to weaving art magic as the art director for mags like The Voice of Louisville, it’s no wonder Lady Gaga wears his designs. Now LA’s newest import, he’s crafting sets for bigwigs like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry with Nomad Art and Design.

Finding Fashion Influencers for Your Brand

Each of these fashion influencers demonstrate inspiring creativity and passion. They’re revolutionizing our ideas of fashion and empowering their followers to express themselves through personal style. As they continue to redefine norms and break boundaries, we are thrilled to see what they will bring to the table during New York Fashion Week. Keep a close eye on these lifestyle influencers as they continue to reshape the fashion landscape with their innovative ideas and unique perspectives.

Are you looking to run a fashion or lifestyle campaign? Want some guidance on your influencer marketing strategy? We can help! Schedule a strategy call with our experts. We’ll help you find the fashion-forward influencers who fit your brand style, vision, and goals.


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