The Step-by-Step Guide to Holiday Marketing [Infographic]

Social media marketing is one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE ways to reach buyers during the holiday shopping season. So, we hand-crafted this infographic to lay out for you, move-by-move, a ho-ho-holiday social media marketing strategy that will get eyes on your product and clicks to your page.

An 11-Step Plan to Incorporate Social Media Marketing into Your Holiday Strategy


Christmas is officially 11 days away, and if you’re still trying to pull in those last minute sales, we’ve got a strategy you can use to get ‘er done.

It’s 100 percent true that consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier each year. I actually picked up a holiday gift over the summer that’s been stored in my closet. Since then, we’ve been storing gifts all over the house… but there are STILL 12 people on my shopping list.

I’m not alone. By mid-December, more than half of consumers have already completed their shopping. Then… there are the rest of us, still eyeballing retargeted ads that pop up on Facebook and news sites all over the web. Still saving Pins and Instagram posts that will go with us into the stores over the next week or so.

Cool Takeaways from This Year’s Holiday Strategy

Holiday marketing isn’t just for the holiday. According to marketers, the #1 BENEFIT of social marketing in 2017 was increased exposure. Thirty-seven percent of shoppers defer to social media before making a purchase, and 81 percent of buyers say social media influenced their purchase, at least to some degree.

Yeah, but what about ad blockers? People don’t like ads!

True… but they make room for the unintrusive way ads and sponsored content shows up on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. It’s worth noting that Instagram is the preferred platform for product discover, whereas Pinterest is the platform pinners use to plan purchases.

In fact, 42 percent of Millennials and 50 percent of GenZers say social media is THE MOST RELEVANT channel for ads. Millennial women surveyed by Bustle say they EXPECT to see brands represented on social media. Gen Zers say sponsored content that is the result of a partnership between a brand and their favorite social media influencers is an acceptable way for brands to approach them.

No kidding.

So, if you’re still grappling with whether or not you should incorporate social media marketing into this last-minute holiday push, the answer is absolutely.

Without further ado, here is the step-by-step guide to holiday social media marketing.

And that wraps up this year’s holiday infographic + last-minute marketing strategy. We hope you found it super useful!

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