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Top 10 Seattle Fashion Bloggers With Unique Style

Known for the first Starbucks, constant rain, and the place Kurt Cobain called home, Seattle has attracted quite a few fashionable mavens. A city infamous for everything “grunge,” it’s no wonder that each and every one of these 10 bloggers has a style completely unique to Seattle itself. Below is our roundup of Seattleites who have closets which would even have Mrs. Kim K West jealous.

Crushing On Clothes / Alyson Andrews

Like many style bloggers, Alyson Andrews started her blog as a creative outlet where she could chronicle her favorite designers, recipes, and products. Her style is clean and simple, gathering influence from larger bloggers like the likes of Lauren Conrad. Check out her blog to stay updated on Seattle-specific trends and the best local clothing deals.

It’s My Darlin / Dana Landon

Every city always has their version of a local Sartorialist, Seattle is no exception to this rule. Meet It’s My Darlin, the baby of Dana Landon. Landon’s blog perfectly captures Seattle street style, celebrating it’s unique and quirky sense of style all it’s own.

Seattle Boutique Blogspot / Sydney Mintle

With a name like Seattle Boutique Blogspot, it’s oh so obvious that its creator Sydney Mintle is in the know about everything and anything specific to The Emerald City. What is extra special is Mintle has created a fashion directory equipped with hotspot shops and blurbs in every region within Seattle. How cool is that?!

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Lindsay Living / Lindsay Thurston

With the Seattle skyline in her logo, Lindsay Thurston is a true expert in all things specific to Northwest Pacific fashion. Thurston can often be found wearing all American classics like clean stripes, comfy jeans, and bold statement pieces.

The Emerald Palate / Adria Saracino

Brother and sister duo Travis Querec and Adria Saracino are the masterminds behind The Emerald Palate, the go to lifestyle blog of Seattle. Curious about awesome street style, local restaurant reviews, yummy recipes, or decor inspiration, Saracino and Querec have got you covered!

Coco + Kelley / Cassandra Lavalle

From travel to food to fashion, Cassandra Lavalle approaches every sector with an urban eye and a touch of what she describes as “effortless sophistication.” Her blog has a completely refreshing layout, where she even has an entire section dedicated to the color spectrum. Talk about innovative!

Mollie in Seattle / Mollie Ruiz-Hopper

As the name may suggest, this blog outlines creator Mollie Ruiz-Hopper’s life as she takes Seattle by storm. She showcases her favorite fashion staples, products, and the occasional recipe (when she is feeling brave!).

Fresh Jess / Jess Estrada

Jess Estrada started Fresh Jess in 2008 as a way to document local Seattle events and knick knacks she finds super groovy. One of our personal favorite sections is her tab dedicated to interviewing designers and other fashion influencers (she even has the likes of Ivanka Trump in her lineup).

Alix Rose / Alix

This funny, fashion fox (that is F cubed to you!), has a humorous writing style all her own. Her spunky captions and social media engagement has her readers hooked! Check out her blog to get in a good chuckle while you soak in her designer expertise.

Hello Rigby / Jenn Haskins

This smaller gem of a blog was created by Jenn, a 26 year old Seattle native and self proclaimed crazy dog lady to her Shiba Inu, Rigby. Jenn’s honesty is refreshing a world of label-pushing fashion bloggers. Peruse Hello Rigby for specially curated pieces with ethical reviews and a certain je ne sais quoi all their own.

We know, we know! You are probably now all itching to hop on a plane and take a trip to Seattle to visit all of the cool independent designer boutiques that fuel some of these very talented bloggers’ posts. But before you do, check out some of our additional style blogger roundups, which may pique your interest to visit some of the other hidden, fashion jewels this country has to offer.

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