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Press Release from The Shelf Influencer Campaign

The Shelf Launches Holiday Influencer Campaign for Trendy Plus-Size Fashion Brand

The well-known lifestyle brand has partnered with The Shelf Influencer Marketing Agency to highlight the beauty of the holiday season with a fashion-forward influencer campaign. 

Atlanta, GA December 1, 2021 – The Shelf Full-Funnel Influencer Marketing™ today announced it has signed a five-figure deal to build a fully-managed holiday influencer campaign for a trendy, curve-loving fashion Brand. 

The campaign, which launched in November, is designed to keep the Brand top-of-mind during the holiday season and boost the visibility of one of its more popular products. The Shelf’s research team is also focusing on diversity, courting influencers who are exceptional content creators and women of color. Black and Latina women represent a significant segment of the Brand’s core audience.

“[This] was a brand I was so excited to see come through as a prospective partnership. They’re known for being super inclusive and accepting of women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds,” says Becca Manzo, Brand Partnerships Manager at The Shelf.  “Although they are a plus-size brand, they prefer to not market their products as plus-sized and more as a fashion-focused empire for all women. They even have a curvy line that is geared towards their younger demographic.” 

“Up until now, [they] have run their influencer marketing in-house and have been searching for the perfect partner to streamline their influencer process… We opted to work with fewer influencers for this campaign in order to put a lot of focus into the overall quality of content and strategically place more budgeting towards the digital amplification of the influencer’s social posts.”

With ongoing concerns over the supply chain hiccups, Ms. Manzo and The Shelf team were laser-focused on customizing a campaign strategy that would allow the Brand to reach its influencer campaign goals during the busy holiday season despite inventory uncertainty. 

The Shelf strategy team focused on crafting fun, engaging creative concepts that emphasized online shopping and gift cards without being product-specific, and without pushing customers into one of the brand’s 89 physical store locations.

The campaign is set to run through the end of the holiday season. Fashion brands interested in working with The Shelf Full-Funnel Influencer Marketing™ or would love to kick around some ideas with Ms. Manzo or one of the other Brand Partnership Managers can click here to schedule a strategy call. 

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The Shelf is a full-service influencer marketing agency with its own proprietary SaaS platform. The company specializes in Full-Funnel Influencer Marketing™ campaigns that partner brands with Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and podcast storytellers in tandem with multiple paid digital channels to ensure authentic brand engagement at every stage of your customer’s journey.



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