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Top 10 Feminine Style Bloggers

10 Girly Style Bloggers That Master Feminine Looks Without Going Over-the-Top

As much as it’s fun to borrow from the boys from time to time, it’s nice to get in touch with our more feminine side too. If ever we need inspiration to accomplish that without going over-the-top (think delicate jewelry or embellishments, form-fitting dresses, and waist-cinching coats), we look to the more feminine style bloggers who know best. These style bloggers have a way of bringing out our girly side…one feminine outfit at a time. Ahead, we’re sharing 10 of our most adored girly style bloggers, so you can get in touch with your feminine side too.

Vivaluxury / Annabelle Fleur

Annabelle stands out as one of the most feminine style bloggers we’ve come across. She lives, breathes, and dreams fashion. If you peruse her blog, you’ll find a slew of flirty dresses, heels, colourful prints, peplums, pops of pink, bows…we could keep going. She also just announced the launch of her ultra-girly capsule jewelry collection with Mejuri and partners with the likes of big luxury brands like of MARNI and Ferragamo. No big deal.

Song of Style / Aimee Song

Whether dressed up or down, edgy and feminine make up the better part of Aimee’s outfits. With a background in interior design, and a great eye for style, Aimee has quickly become one of the biggest style bloggers on the block. Her take on feminine is edgier, meaning we can always source outfit inspiration from her, without going over-the-top girly.

The Urban Umbrella / Bree Aylwin

While Bree often adopts a more relaxed outfit aesthetic or even borrows from the boys sometimes, she’s rarely short on girly factor. You’ll usually find her in pretty florals, full skirts, peplum rompers, and cheerful colors. When it comes to providing her readers with daily outfit and beauty inspiration, she never falls short. In fact, she always has a way of brightening up our morning feeds.

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Cupcakes and Cashmere / Emily Schuman

Boasting over five million pageviews a month, Emily’s blog is a beautiful space for her to share life’s little pleasures. If her blog name is any indication, you’ll know Cupcakes and Cashmere is for the more feminine kinda gal. We’ve recently caught her in pieces that are as feminine as it gets: petaled skirts, patterned playsuits, and head to toe light pink lace.

Gary Pepper Girl / Nicole Warne

Nicole was one of the “lucky” ones to make it on to the cover of Lucky Magazine just four months ago alongside fellow bloggers, Chiara and Zanita. Making it on to the cover of a magazine set a precedent that style bloggers/digital influencers are at the top of their game. Further to Nicole’s credit, she’s gained worldwide recognition for her quirky and feminine aesthetic (as if her outfits aren’t any indication). 

Rach Martino  

Rach Martino may have moved to Brooklyn, but her Southern roots have stayed with her. As best described by the blogger herself, she’s part pin-up, part ultra-feminine with a twist. Emphasizing both high and low pieces, Rach can be seen in LWD’s, a-line skirts, subtle mixed prints, and prim collars, and of course, she never leaves home without a smile on her face.

Margo and Me / Jenny Bernheim

From delicate details to over-the-top girly moments, it’s easy to see why Jenny of Margo and Me has amassed such a huge online following. Known for her uber feminine, ever-evolving mix of sophisticated, playful, and chic style, this LA-based Francophile provides THE digital destination for millennial women.

Alicia Fashionista / Alicia Quan

This half Chinese and half Caucasian beauty describes herself as ‘an average girl with a regular clothing budget’. She blogs for the everyday fashionista and keeps it real (and might we add, quirky) with her readers one girly dress or romper at a time. We’d be lying if we said she doesn’t have us pinning away those girly outfits for accessible inspiration when we want to kick our feminine factor up a notch.

Tuula / Jessica Stein

Feminine to a fault, Jessica Stein wanderlusts her way around in the world in the most beautiful ensembles. Taking inspiration from her travels, her style is often more bohemian but never falls short on the whimsical and pretty factor.

Wendy’s Lookbook / Wendy Nyuyen

While Wendy often adds edgy accents to her feminine outfits, you’ll usually catch her playing with pretty shapes and colors to uncover her personal style. From eyelet details and chic trenches to feminine dresses and colorful pencil skirts, Wendy has feminine with an edge totally covered.

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