10 of Our Favorite Australian Influencers of 2018

Take a Look at These  10 Astounding Instagram Feeds from Our Favorite Australian Influencers 

The “land down under” is filled with beautiful, beach-ready guys and girls who are totally ROCKING it on Instagram. These influencers are making us all wish we could board a flight to the other side of the world right now, and spend our days surrounded by koalas and kangaroos. At least, that’s how we imagine life in Australia would be like!

In reality, these social media superstars are splitting their time between lazy beach days, city slicking, and traveling the rest of the world. Who would possibly want to leave?! 

Their Instagram feeds are the perfect place to go if you want to lose yourself in paradise for a few hours.

While there are so many amazing influencers to choose from, we’ve selected ten of our favorites for you to check out and follow. Consider using them for your next marketing campaign.


Elisha is one half of the model-influencer duo known as the Herbert Twins. Elisha and her twin sister Renee (more on her next!) are professional models who got their big break in the industry because of their presence on Instagram when they were just 14 or 15 years old. Now, at 19, the two are represented by Elite Models LA. Elisha has more than a million Instagram followers. 




Interestingly enough, the Herbert Twins are actually triplets - they have a brother whose a little camera shy plus two older siblings. Renee and Elisa have been building amazing careers with the power of social media. Renee has 961K followers and the two are hoping to break into acting over the next few years as well - keep an eye out for these two!


Business owner, event speaker, author, mother, and influencer - this girl has one busy life! With a focus on hard work and healthy living, Roxy Jacenko's Instagram account is filled with #fitspiration for every situation.


Fashion influencer and mother, Rozalia Russian’s feed is filled with her effortless high-street and high-end combination of style. She's an ambassador for some of the world’s top brands, and makes sporting a polished, high-value personal brand look downright easy. 


An ambassador for GoPro and an avid surfer and skater, Alex Hayes oozes cool in every shot he shares on his Instagram feed. A true beach bum, he can often be seen at events barefoot. But he gets away with it thanks to his charming smile and likeability.


If you’re looking for stunning, wanderlust-inducing travel shots, then look no further than Lauren Bullen's gypsea_lust Instagram feed. Every single shot she posts from her travels around the world is perfectly styled, framed, and edited to show off every amazing aspect of the host country . I promise - you’ll be looking at flight prices in a flash!




Okay. We have another sets of twins for you. Following in the footsteps of Gypsea Lust, Ellie Bullen's @elsas_wholesomelife Instagram feed is all about delicious, healthy food, and living your best life. And, while both women have their own style, vertical, and following, they do show up in one another's feeds from time to time. 


Stylish, cool, laid back are the words I would use to describe the Instagram sensation that is Yan Yan. This petite, blonde-haired influencer has an effortless sense of style, and a lifestyle that many of us would envy.


Stunningly good looks, wit, humor and some fantastic visual storytelling have enabled Troy to grow a strong following on Instagram. And he's using his sway to promote social good and eco-responsibility. 


Chloe Barry-Hang's day may be filled with property development, but her evenings are filled with Instagram goodness. This lifestyle influencer has won us over with her colorful and dreamy-looking feed filled with surreal travel pictures, food to make us drool, and fun with friends.


These are our top Australian influencers to watch right now. We would love to know who you're following that we should have our eye on. If we missed somebody you think is a phenomenal Aussie influencer, give us a shout in the comments below or on social media.