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9 Male Fashion Bloggers That Have Style In Spades

It’s no secret that there are a plethora of stylish ladies out there, but what about the gents?! After all, boys need loving too. These men in particular have closets many women would crave! Move over ladies, these male fashion bloggers have a style all their own, and let’s just say, we aren’t the only ones who approve. Here’s our roundup of top 9 male style bloggers who make us want to barge into their house, unannounced for some much needed fashion advice.

Scout Sixteen/Justin Livingston 

Who can resist a good ole fashioned southern boy? A Mississippi native, Justin Livingston moved to the big apple after attending college to follow his bliss of becoming a creative consultant and freelance writer. His blog has amazing variety, boasting the preppy and fabulous as well as the urban and hip.

Image Granted/Grant Harris 

Born and raised in Washington D.C., Grant Harris prides himself on his authentic style that contains thoughtful details every stylish man craves. This is the perfect read for anyone interested in a glimpse of the men’s fashion industry.

I Am Galla/Adam Gallagher

A perfect blend of East Coast and West Coast, founder Adam Gallagher has created a menswear blog that would have reunited Tupac and Biggie together (once upon a time). Barney (How I Met Your Mother reference…hello!), would be jealous of the beautifully tailored suits Gallagher has stowed away in his closet. We do not use this reference lightly.

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Gentleman’s Brim/Tony + Sadiki

Tony and Sadiki are two Washington, D.C. based bloggers who have a colorful and eclectic style all their own. You can find them regularly posed perfectly on vintage motorcycles in daring get ups. DROOL.

Men’s Style Pro/Sabir M. Peele

Men’s Style Pro is a collection of the stylish musings of the ever fashionable Sabir M. Peele. Recognized by GQ magazine as one hell of a dressed bloke, we can see why Men’s Style Pro is a favorite amongst the fashion community.

Off The Cuff/Chris Hogan

Created in 2006 by Chris Hogan, OTC provides a thoughtful approach in incorporating classic menswear into modern life. Check this blog out to be stunned at Hogan’s insane attention to detail and his never ending sales recommendations and giveaways!

He Spoke Style/Brian Sacawa

We don’t think there’s a male blogger roundup in existence that doesn’t include “He Spoke Style.” Author and Creative Director Brian Sacawa started his personal style blog as a creative extension. A musician by trade (he even performed on an album that won a Grammy…WHAT?!), Brian sees many similarities between music and style. Tailored classic style on a talented man, we are hooked!

One Dapper Street/Marcel Floruss

Marcel Flouruss, meet world, world meet Marcel Floruss. This guy is literally one of the most fashionable human beings on the planet. A German native and New York transplant we can’t wait to see what fresh and innovative ensembles he will post next.

Kate Loves Me/Palayo Diaz

The mastermind behind Kate Loves Me, Palayo Diaz has had a colorful past working in men’s fashion. From working with fashion powerhouses like McQ Alexander Mcqueen, it is no wonder Diaz has a flare that’s completely inspired.

There you have it. Nine gents that ooze style. IT. REALLY. CAN’T. GET. ANY. BETTER. Now, head on over to our blog to read up on our influencer marketing resources. Or click below for more of our favorite bloggers to follow.

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