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Our Top 5 Mother’s Day Instagram Marketing Strategies

It’s that time of year again. Mom’s time. Mother’s Day is right around the corner. And we’re thinking about special gifts for all the moms in our life. Be it our own moms, our daughters, friends who are moms, our mothers-in-law, or daughters-in-law. If you start to go down the list, it quickly adds up. We’ve compiled our top five Mother’s Day Instagram marketing strategies to take the guesswork out of your upcoming campaigns.

Consumers are buying gifts for moms of all different ages and stages in life. As a brand, you can capitalize on this. Whether your products can be gifted to moms or not, you can double down your marketing efforts. Gain some brand awareness and snag some conversions during the Mother’s Day season. 

Our 2023 Mother’s Day blog post has all the stats to expect this year, but here’s a quick recap. In 2023, the National Retail Federation expected a total of $35.7 billion to be spent on Mother’s Day-related purchases ($274.02 expected spend per person). That was almost $4 billion more than the previous year. And that number is expected to go up even more this year, in 2024. 

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Source: National Retail Federation

The top spending age was from 35 to 44 with an expected spend of $382.26. As for gifts, consumers nowadays are buying the usual flowers, greeting cards, and special brunch. But gifts of experience are getting more and more popular, especially for the 18 to 24 age range. 

Source: National Retail Federation

So, as a brand, no matter what industry you’re in, you can leverage Mother’s Day to get the word out about your products. And since the 35- to 44-year-olds are doubling down this year, we think Instagram is your best bet at promoting your brand on social media.

We’ve compiled five Mother’s Day Instagram strategies you can try this year. Who says you can’t celebrate the moms in your life while bringing in a little extra ROI?

1. The Tried-and-True Giveaway

 Our first Mother’s Day Instagram marketing strategy is a classic. The giveaway. I know giveaways are basically the first line of defense in influencer marketing. But that’s because they really work.

Giveaways are a full-funnel strategy. You can use them for brand awareness if you’re just starting out. Or you can use them for conversions as an established brand. Finding the right influencers for your giveaway is essential to make sure you get that much-needed ROI, but when done right, you can’t go wrong with a giveaway.

Source: @theadventurechallenge on Instagram

2. Gift Guides 

Our second Mother’s Day Instagram marketing strategy is gift guides. Moms deserve gifts. Shoppers want guides!

Gone are the days when gift guides were only reserved for the end-of-the-year holidays. People are busy and may not have time to find the absolute perfect gift for every occasion. Gift guides particularly come in handy for holidays when consumers need gifts for those who are difficult to buy for. (We’re looking at you, mothers-in-law.) 

Gift guides are also great for consumers tired of gifting the same old picture frame and flowers. A well-curated guide can help you shake things up and learn what’s in and new. And putting your brand’s products in the mix with all the hottest gifts of the season? Genius.

Source: @citymomgoessouth on Instagram

Plus you can get niche with gift guides by picking an influencer that perfectly fits your brand. They can add your products to the gift guides they share with their audience, which will probably align pretty well with your target audience. 

Source: @daniellemoss_ on Instagram

3. Share Heartfelt Personal Stories

When it comes to Mother’s Day Instagram marketing strategies, don’t be afraid to tug on the heartstrings. Remember that consumers buy from your brand because of your brand’s story. 

We’re seeing brands highlighting their employees on their social channels more and more these days. This further humanizes brands. Personal stories have always made sales. You’re probably familiar with influencers getting vulnerable online. But these personal anecdotes can start in-house. (Although, as an influencer marketing agency, we must say, influencers do really know what they’re doing!)

For example, you could encourage your team to share their Mother’s Day plans or deliver a heartfelt message to their own moms. This is a great way to build brand awareness and inspire consumers to think about their own relationships. Your team members (or influencers) could also share some insight into what they will be buying this year, including your brand’s products. This is a great way to humanize your brand while showcasing your products and services. Plus it’s just plain sweet. We love our moms!

Source: @tribus.ksa on Instagram

4. Show, Don’t Tell

Okay, this one is less of a Mother’s Day Instagram marketing strategy and more of a golden rule. You probably heard it in English class over and over again. Show, don’t tell. 

A great way to get your brand all over social is to show the point of your products. How to posts get a lot of traction on Instagram. Show how to use your beauty products or show how to style your fashion brand. Anything to show consumers why they want your product and how to use it. This is especially helpful for consumers who are on the fence about purchasing something new, especially for an important holiday like Mother’s Day. 

Source: @laineymariebeauty on Instagram

5. Influencer Hauls

And finally, our fifth Mother’s Day Instagram strategy is influencer hauls. If you sell physical products, especially in fashion, beauty, home, or food, hauls are an awesome way to give each item some much-deserved screen time. You can gift an influencer your new line of products and have them demonstrate how to use them IRL. (Bonus points if they include why they love them.) If done correctly, hauls can get a lot of eyes on multiple products instead of highlighting just one or two.

Source: @anonymous_reader4fun on Instagram

Mother’s Day Marketing Strategy in Conclusion

The most important thing when it comes to influencer marketing is finding the right influencer for your brand and products or services. But once you’ve found those influencers, you’ll want to give them the most strategic direction possible to achieve your brand goals. 

Authenticity, targeting, and fool-proof strategy are necessary ingredients for any successful campaign. And we can help you achieve them for Mother’s Day and beyond. Schedule a strategy call with us today. We’ll help you find the perfect influencers, tailor your Instagram strategy for the most awesome Mother’s Day content, and implement your dream Mother’s Day marketing campaign from start to finish!

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