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A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Easter Marketing Ideas

You know what time it is! If you don’t, let me tell you: It’s time for Easter Marketing Ideas!

Springtime is here! Woot! Woot! So, it’s time for The Shelf’s Annual Easter Marketing Contest. Now, no one actually ever enters this contest per se… but we have taken it upon ourselves to pit one firm against the other to see which Easter Marketing ideas tickle our fancies (insert Pillsbury Doughboy giggle here).

We scoured the social media for the best, most eye-catching, effective, and memorable Easter marketing campaigns. I’m gonna tell you why we love these campaigns, as well as why consumers love them. I’m also gonna share how your brand can take advantage of some of these same principles in order to get more eyes on your brand, and more hands on your products and services.

Easter Spending is in Full Swing This Year

aka The Obligatory Money Section

Easter spending always sort of fascinates me, in part because I, like 81 percent of Americans, will be celebrating Easter, and probably contributing my fair share to tens of billions of dollars spent annually celebrating the holiday. In 2023, Americans were projected to spend $24 billion on chocolate rabbits, plastic eggs, baskets, buckets, and other staples of Easter celebrations. To put this in perspective, Americans spent $18.1 billion on Easter in 2019.

Interestingly, households that celebrated last year spent an average of $192 on Easter-related items. Some of the big ticket items for those 2023 celebrations included $58.11 spent on food, followed by $31.73 on clothing (gotta have your Easter fit ready!) and $30.76 on gifts. But even for those who don’t celebrate Easter, about one in three of them will chip in about $18.49 into the Easter pot by taking advantage of the holiday sales.

But for the most part, Easter is an American tradition in which the majority of us seem to take part, regardless of age.


For most Americans, celebrating Easter is more about tradition than anything else, and it doesn’t really matter whom you ask – from Boomers on down to Gen Alphas, Easter traditions (think family dinners and Easter egg hunts) are everybody’s favorite part of the holiday.

That’s not to say there aren’t other important drivers for the people wanting to get out there and celebrate one of our favorite candy holidays.

Across age groups, tradition is THE most popular reason for celebrating Easter, while retailer or brand events are the least inspiring part of the holidays (we can help you dream better ideas for your experiences… ijs).. Here’s where the generational divide becomes apparent:

Fans of Easter between the ages of 18 and 34 enjoy celebrating Easter because it’s a social activity that they share with friends and family. But the 35 to 64 year-old crowd is more impressed by the sales and promotions at their favorite stores.

Millennials and older Gen Zers get a kick out of Easter-themed products and decorations. But you aren’t going to impress the 65 and over grandmas with your marshmallow wreaths. You just aren’t.

If you look at the chart above, you’ll see that four out of six of these “Easter inspiration” categories are shopping-related – looking at store displays, attending branded experiences, seasonal products, sales and promotions…

It begs the question, where are shoppers going to do all this retail-y stuff they’re saying they like to do?


Discount stores lead the pack with 54 percent of celebrants shopping there, followed by department stores (42 percent), and online stores (33 percent).

Okay, so this is throwback knowledge from the first post we did about the resale industry (which you can read here) and how discount stores and off-price stores (think Marshall’s, Ross Stores, TJ Maxx) are gaining favor over department stores and more expensive retailers.

This makes sense.

More than half of Easter shoppers (53 percent) will buy clothes for the holiday and spend more than $4 billion doing it. Surprisingly, 65 percent of Easter shoppers will buy gifts, to the tune of $3.8 billion. That’s A LOT of baskets and Easter lilies. And the most popular Easter purchase? Candy, of course. Regardless of age…



Or even whether they’re celebrating Easter!

Ninety percent of Easter shoppers buy candy.


What do you think of when you think of Easter Sunday? By this time, you probably won’t be clutching your pearls if I say most people plan to spend Easter with friends and family. Fifty-six percent of Easter celebrants plan to cook a holiday meal, while 43 percent intend to go to the Easter service at the local church.

Three more popular plans for Easter Sunday that don’t seem to be filled with holiday spirit are watching TV, which nearly one in three celebrants intend to do; plan an Easter egg hunt (34 percent); and – get this – browsing the web! A quarter of the people celebrating Easter are going to do so just hanging out on the internet.



Easter Marketing Ideas That Are Eggs-actly What the Brand Manager Ordered

Instagram Easter-related hashtags

Let’s get into this whole thing with a few of the Easter marketing campaigns we’ve shortlisted after combing through Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for really cool ideas.

Organize an Easter Giveaway

On IG alone, there are tens of millions of posts using Easter-related hashtags. One thing you won’t find is the word #eastergiveaway. But they’re quite popular and a battle-tested method for increasing visibility and widening your reach, as long as you clearly explain the contest and define the rules of engagement.

Why Giveaways and Contests Make Our List

Visibility. Giveaways and contests are like magnets for attention. Who doesn’t love the chance to win something cool, right? When you offer enticing prizes, you capture the interest of your audience and draw them in, increasing brand visibility and attracting new followers.

Engagement. But it’s not just about the prizes. Giveaways and contests encourage active participation from your audience (i.e. engagement). By getting them involved, you create a sense of excitement and community around your brand. This engagement not only strengthens existing relationships but also fosters brand loyalty.

Wider Reach. One of the biggest perks of running giveaways and contests is the potential for organic reach. When people participate in your contest, they often share it with their friends and followers, extending your brand’s reach far beyond your immediate audience. This word-of-mouth marketing can lead to exponential growth in your follower base and brand awareness.

UGC. Moreover, giveaways and contests provide valuable user-generated content. Whether it’s photos, videos, or creative submissions, you’re collecting authentic content that showcases your brand in a positive light. This user-generated content can be repurposed across your marketing channels, adding authenticity and credibility to your brand.

Insights. Additionally, giveaways and contests offer valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviors. By monitoring participation and engagement metrics, you can gather data that informs future marketing strategies and product development.


With over 50 million downloads, June’s Journey is a delightful hidden object game, perfect for passing the time in line at the store (if you still find yourself in those situations). Last year, @junesjourneyofficial hosted a hidden objects contest, inviting followers to uncover Easter eggs for a chance to win a 5-star pack.

If you’re anything like me, June’s Journey might have been under your radar until now. I stumbled upon this account through an #eastercontest search on Instagram, leading me to explore the game in the app store.

The team at June’s Journey shared the Easter contest below, featuring graphics consistent with the game’s style and clear rules outlined in the caption.

Full disclosure, it took me a bit to spot all five eggs (assuming there were only five), but this post sparked 32% more engagement compared to the account’s typical metrics, as reported by Keywords Everywhere. And for folks like me, it introduced us to the concept of hidden object games… for adults. #whoknew

June's Journey IG page
June's Journey Easter Contest on Instagram - Easter marketing ideas
Source: Instagram

Can’t Go Wrong with an Easter DIY Post 🐇✂️

Imagine this: You’re scrolling through Instagram, and what catches your eye? Not just another chocolate bunny or pastel-colored egg, but something unexpected – like a DIY bunny wreath made out of wire and cut-up mop heads. Yep, you read that right!

Why We’re Leaning Into DIY Posts This Easter

Now, you might be thinking, “What does this have to do with Easter marketing ideas?” Well, my friends, let me tell you. DIY content like this is pure gold for brands looking to shake things up and get noticed during the Easter season.

A Few Our Favorite Easter Marketing Ideas

First off, DIY content is like a breath of fresh air in a sea of predictable holiday posts. Instead of bombarding your audience with the same old Easter clichés, DIY projects inject creativity and originality into your brand’s feed. And when you showcase unexpected uses for your products – like using wire and mop heads to create a bunny wreath – you’re giving consumers a reason to take a second look.

But the real magic happens when DIY content sparks inspiration and engagement. Take that Instagrammer who posted the bunny wreath Reel, for example. Sure, she’s showing off her crafting skills, but she’s also subtly highlighting the materials she used – like wire and mop heads. Suddenly, people are thinking, “Hey, I never thought of using those products like that!” It’s like a lightbulb moment that gets people talking, sharing, and maybe even trying out the DIY project themselves.

And here’s the kicker: DIY content humanizes your brand. It shows that you’re not just another faceless corporation pushing products – you’re a creative force that’s all about thinking outside the box. When consumers see your brand as innovative and relatable, they’re more likely to develop a genuine connection and loyalty.

So, whether you’re selling wire, mop heads, or anything in between, don’t underestimate the power of DIY content to elevate your brand’s Easter marketing game. Get inspired, get creative, and get ready to make a splash this holiday season! 🐰✨


As a frequent Dollar Tree shopper, this Easter post from @heryitserintay is pretty cool. In this post, Erin is making a DIY holiday wreath using – get this – mopheads that she bought from Dollar Tree. If ever there was a time when a product not at all associated with Easter could make a big splash, this is it. Erin uses short-form video to craft a step-by-step tutorial of how to go about makinga bunny wreath.

One of the more striking things about this particular post is that it achieved significantly greater engagement than her other Easter posts (I’m telling you it’s because of the mop head).

Baking Tutorials/How-To Posts Are Battle-Tested Easter Marketing Ideas 🐰🎂

Last year, 89 percent of Easter celebrants planned to buy food, and 56 percent were planning to cook some sort of Easter holiday meal. Every year, Easter falls on a Sunday, which traditionally has been reserved for family-focused activities. So, this next collaboration fits right in with typical Sunday afternoon family shenanigans and helps celebrants direct the $7.3 billion (or $58.11 per household) earmarked for holiday food.

Why We’ve Got Our Eye on Those Bunny-Shaped Baking Tutorials

Baking tutorials, recipes, and how-to videos are the unsung heroes of Easter marketing. As the holiday revolves around indulging in sweet treats and culinary delights, brands can leverage the power of baking content to captivate their audience and drive engagement.

Why are baking tutorials a recipe for success? Well, for starters, they’re incredibly popular. Just take a look at your social media feed during Easter season – chances are, it’s overflowing with mouthwatering recipes and step-by-step guides. People love learning new baking techniques and experimenting with delicious creations, making baking tutorials a preferred content theme that garners high engagement.

But it’s not just about the numbers. Baking tutorials offer brands a unique opportunity to connect with their audience on a personal level. By sharing recipes and how-to videos, brands can position themselves as trusted resources and valuable sources of inspiration. Whether it’s a classic Easter dessert or a creative twist on a traditional recipe, brands can showcase their products in a natural and authentic way, while providing tangible value to their audience.

Moreover, baking tutorials have a lasting impact. Once viewers master a recipe or technique, they’re likely to share their success with friends and family, extending the reach of the brand’s message organically. This word-of-mouth marketing can lead to increased brand visibility and loyalty, as consumers associate the brand with positive experiences and delicious results.

In summary, baking tutorials, recipes, and how-to videos offer brands a sweet opportunity to engage their audience, drive meaningful interactions, and leave a lasting impression. So roll up your sleeves, preheat the oven, and get ready to whip up some Easter magic!


Here’s an oldie, but goodie…

While Brooke Haven may, in fact, use the occasional cookie cutter to achieve the desired design of her sweet creations, we affectionately call her the anti-cookie cutter baker because there’s nothing common about what she does. Growing up with the nickname Brookie Cookie (on Instagram @brookiescookiesco), she had no idea that as an adult she’d take that name and use it to build a sugary, buttery empire of frosted goodness.

The stay-at-home mom of two wants to make her blog the sweetest place on earth for desserts, and she intends to do just that by sharing recipes and tutorials, and embarking on journeys with the goal of finding the tastiest desserts, and having the most fulfilling adventures.

As a social influencer, she’s collaborated with Fortune 500 food and beverage companies, and other big brands such as Disney, Bob’s Red Mill, MARS, Sam’s Club, Kroger, LEGO, SeaWorld, Chef Master, Fat Daddio’s and The Original Scrapbox to create, beautiful, fun, informative campaigns.

On Instagram

For this particular campaign, Brook worked with Bob’s Red Mill, a wholesome foods company. Not exactly a match made in heaven, right – a legacy, low-profile wholesome foods company and an Insta-savvy, fresh and funky cookie company. But it works!

Bob’s Red Mill has been a household name for 90 years! Today’s consumers watched their grandmothers, mothers, and fathers use this product. As a result, they probably believe it’s old school… but a solid product.

An influencer campaign like this gives Bob’s Red Mill visibility (and utility) with younger audiences who may be tapping into all the good feels associated with a product Grammy kept in her kitchen.

With older products, you have to promote the good and ditch the bad. I mean, this is from the same generation that had doctors telling petite women to take up smoking during pregnancy in order to decrease the birth weight of their babies, and keep them healthier. 🤔

Uh… Yikes…

But, with more than 8000 instances of engagement on this one post (a really solid engagement ratio of about 1.5 percent), the partnership made for a really great brand awareness campaign.

I think this is a pretty good campaign to look at for brands that need to reintroduce themselves to the market to connect with younger buyers. The fastest path to relevancy is social proof, and influencer campaigns provide just that.

Brook is lovable, trustworthy, and has thousands of people who thrive on what she says. She could be the solution to the credibility issue Bob’s Red Mill may experience courting younger consumers.

Favorite Organic Easter Marketing Idea


Troom Troom is a popular YouTube channel with more than 23.9 million subscribers and in excess of 10 billion video views.

What’s cool about Troom Troom is that it specifically targets younger YouTubers with DIY crafts, recipes, hacks, pranks, and home decorating ideas for industrious kids and teens who are into being different, not the same.

A compilation of three images from Troom Troom's Easter related content.

The channel’s catalog of brightly-colored videos includes Easter-themed content. Interestingly enough, the video embedded below has more than 119k views, 3800 likes, and 290 comments only a day after being posted.

So, we referred to this particular strategy as Everybody-In because the video presents lots of opportunities for brands across different verticals to partner with a Creator like Troom Troom.

This Easter video would easily accommodate food companies that can easily and logically sponsor this post (because of the recipes) But it also has room for brands like Dollar Tree, craft stores, companies that make the crinkled paper grass, paint companies that are pushing seasonal colors like mustard or robin’s egg blue, food supply companies that supply pastry bags and cookie sheets, lumber retailers (the display surfaces are painted wood) who can supply splinter-free table tops that don’t need to be sanded or treated…

But Troom Troom (or Creators like Troom Troom) is a great option for brands that don’t easily fit into the Easter category (or any holiday for that matter) because this particular channel specializes in presenting creative ideas, activities, and DIY projects for kids. So, the videos are quirky, colorful, and unusual. It’s an expect-the-unexpected sort of channel.

Screenshot from YouTube displaying results on DIY videos.

We Conclude with This…

This concludes our annual list of Easter Marketing Ideas! These were just a few we saw that could be successfully launched by your in-house team even if you only hvae a few weeks left before the big day. We hope you enjoyed our list and enjoyed our favorites as much as we did. Feeling motivated to make next year’s list? Great! Let’s bang out an influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

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