Back To School Sales and Marketing [Infographic]

Yo yo's that time again, kids. Time for lunchboxes, backpacks, flash cards, #2 pencils, and those snarky lunch-table kids that we all know and love...

Back-To-School 2016 is officially here! 

To "celebrate" the end of summer fun - and drown out the back-to-school jitters that are induced by all those impending wedgies and hurt feelings - kids are ready to give their full attention to what is perhaps the only real joy of starting a new school year, back-to-school shopping!  

Back-To-School is the second largest retail holiday in the US! This year, it's expected to rake in an unbelievable $828 BILLION!

So to honor this very special time in the lives of children everywhere (as well as to celebrate our love for fun marketing stats - duh), we've put together an epic Back-To-School infographic that we hope you'll love!

Your Guide to Sales and Marketing for Back-To-School 2016

And that wraps up our Back-To-School Infographic... we hope you enjoyed! Here's a little snippet of code for you to use when embedding this elaborate, whimsy-filled graphic of back-to-school awesomeness on your own blog (if you feel so inclined)... which we hope you do.


the infographic Sources

A huge amount of spending goes down during back-to-school.

Back-to-school is the 2nd largest retail holiday. -- NRF

$606 is what the average household spends on back-to-school shopping. -- internetRetailer

$1086 is what the average household with college kids spends on back-to-school shopping. 

-- internetRetailer

$828 billion is spent annually, during the back-to-school season. -- eMarketer

$75.8 billion is spent annually on back-to-school shopping. -- NRF

17.2% of the entire year's retail sales happen during the back-to-school season. -- eMarketer

68% of Q3 retail sales happen during the back-to-school season. -- eMarketer

Timing is everything.

The “first day of school” differs by state. -- CNN

Back-to-school shopping happens over a long period of time, peaking in July and August. -- Bizrate

Peak times differ for each type of product. -- Bizrate

Clothing, Shoes, and Backpacks beat all other categories.

Apparel - 50%    /    Furniture - 5%    /    Tablets - 18%    /    Footwear - 42%
Stationery/Supplies - 37%    /    Computers - 17%    /    Sporting Goods - 16%
Small Appliances - 8%    /    Backpacks/Computer Bags - 41%    /    Housewares - 16%
-- Bing

59% of shoppers say their child’s preference is a major factor behind purchase decisions. -- Bizrate

The other major factor that affects purchase behavior : Discounts.

40% more purchases were influenced by deal-hunting last year. -- Bizrate

46% of shoppers said that price is one of their main deciding factors. -- Bizrate

62% of shoppers plan to spend less than they did last year. -- Bizrate

9.9% of shoppers said their purchases were influenced 100% by deals. -- Statista

Deal seeking varies by product type. -- Bizrate

37% more money is spent when dads are in charge of back-to-school shopping. -- Bizrate

Only 27% of dads will use their phones to look for coupons while shopping. -- Bizrate

92% of parents use mobile devices during back-to-school shopping. -- Valpak

89% say that availability of mobile coupons determines where they shop. -- Valpak

33% use their mobile devices in-store when back-to-school shopping. -- MediaPost

59% of searches containing the word “coupon” are made on a mobile device. -- internetRetailer

88% of searches with “Hobby Lobby” and “coupons” happen on a mobile device. -- internetRetailer

87% of searches with “J.C. Penney” and “coupons” happen on a mobile device. -- internetRetailer

Parents do a variety of shopping related activities on their phone. -- Bing

The digital world has become an integral part of the
customer’s path-to-purchase.

7.9% of back-to-school purchases are made online. -- eMarketer

27% of shoppers plan to organize their shopping lists on Pinterest. -- Crowdtap

50% browse online, then make the purchase in the store. -- RetailNext

2/3 of people check prices on their phones while in a store before buying. -- RetailNext

67% browse in stores, then buy those products online. -- RetailNext

36% of every dollar spent in a store is influenced by digital interactions with that brand. -- RetailNext

1/4 of parents consult Facebook when looking for inspiration to fill their children’s closets. -- Rakuten

25% say that they will be using Pinterest for lunch and snack ideas. -- Crowdtap

Facebook is the most influential platform when it comes to guiding parents’ fashion purchase decisions. -- Rakuten