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Periodic table of influencer marketing elements

The Periodic Table Of Influencer Marketing Elements

Influencer lingo, marketing jargon, and the seemingly zillions of elements that make up and influencer marketing campaign. It can all be a little tough to keep it organized in your mind. Which is why we thought it would be fun to create our official Periodic Table of Influencer Marketing Elements. Our version of this chart separates influencer marketing buzzwords into seven different categories to help you better understand how the pieces of an influencer marketing campaign fit together.

The influencer marketing industry has grown exponentially in the last few years, and last year, the industry blew past the $15 billion all the talking heads predicted the industry would be worth. By the end of last year, the market was worth $16.4 billion. That’s a lot of sponsored content!

Cute, but why? Hear me out on this one: We’re more than a decade into the Instagram influencer phenomenon and influencer marketing has gone from being a thing most marketers had no idea how to make work to being a digital marketing staple that 9 in 10 marketers are leveraging.

Happy Periodic Table Day!

We created this Periodic Table of Influencer Marketing, yes for Periodic Table Day (Feb 7th of every year), but also because the seven different sections of this particular infographic containing more than 100 influencer marketing elements can help you nail your influencer campaign, from Tweets to Data.

The Blue Section – Influencer Marketing Elements: Packed with jargon, buzzwords and trending terms. This is just the lingo – words you need to know if you’re thinking about running an influencer campaign.

The Yellow Section – Tools: These are the tools of the trade. Of course, we know we need social media platforms. But you also need content schedulers, image and video editing software, platforms like Lumanu for boosting content, Google Adwords for your retargeting efforts, and of course, The Shelf platform for managing your influencer marketing campaign from start to finish.

The Orange Section – Tactics and Strategies: Some tactics make a bigger impact than others, but tactics and strategies are the methods by which you’ll achieve your campaign outcomes. These can include contests, follower growth, greater reach, and hyper-targeting to reach certain buyer segments.

The Pink Section – Platforms: Instagram is still the favorite for running influencer campaigns, but in 2023, influencer campaigns typically incorporate multiple channels. In addition to IG, go-to platforms for influencer campaigns include Facebook and TikTok, followed by YouTube. I’m talking about podcasts, Triller, Amazon (Live), TikTok, YouTube. Each of these platforms offers certain benefits that will be tough to replicate on Instagram.

The Dark Blue Section – Campaign Goals: Your campaign goals determine almost everything about your actual influencer campaign, including the tools you use, which influencers you choose for partners, and the tactics and strategies you use to achieve the goals. Can’t have a talk about influencer marketing without putting the spotlight on campaign goals, man. You just can’t.

The Green Section – Influencer Types: Once you know your goals, you pretty much know what type of influencer you need to accomplish your goal. Different size influencers can offer different campaign benefits. There are some outcomes larger influencers are better-suited to deliver, while other goals would work better with the participation of micro- and nano-influencers.

The Purple Section – Campaign Elements: Our final section deal with the most important aspect of any influencer campaigns. These are the things no campaign should go live without, the elements that are absolutely necessary for a successful influencer campaign.

Courtesy of: The Shelf

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 Happy Periodic Table Day! 🎈🎈You’re welcome!

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