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15 LinkedIn Stats Marketers Need to Know

Before we get to the LinkedIn stats, let’s talk a little about the platform. When it comes to social media, LinkedIn cares more about your business ingenuity than your breakfast pics. If you were marketing when LinkedIn launched, you may remember it as a stuffy, corporate social network. Professionals used it to post their company headshots, upload their resumes, and talk about how awesome they were at their jobs. We’ll be totally honest — it hasn’t always been a favorite platform.

But platforms can change, just like us. It took a while for LinkedIn to hit its stride, but LinkedIn in 2024 is friggin awesome. The platform prioritizes interesting content, recommends people to follow, and pushes newsletters you’ll like. Plus, it tells you who’s hiring and which jobs your skill set seems to match.  Whether or not you’re in the job market.

The B2B Influence: Why LinkedIn Stats Matter in Influencer Marketing

To fully grasp LinkedIn’s role in the influencer marketing landscape, look no further than B2B influencers. For the eight in ten B2B companies that count influencer marketing as part of their strategy, credibility and audience match are crucial. According to Statista, these are the top qualities B2B influencers must possess to drive effective campaigns. B2B influencer marketing isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a powerhouse for increasing brand awareness for both B2B and B2C brands. Gartner highlights that 43% of B2B buyers are influenced by the content they see on LinkedIn, making it a vital platform for influencing purchase decisions and building brand trust.

It makes perfect sense to gather stats on influencer marketing across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. But in the context of LinkedIn—a platform where business professionals flock to build their sphere of influence—it’s crucial to include LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn is increasingly impactful in the influencer marketing landscape, especially for B2B influencers who can leverage their credibility and audience match to drive powerful campaigns.

So, we’ve compiled a goldmine of stats and trends that marketers like you should know. We want to help you make the most of these LinkedIn stats, so you can make the platform work for you. Here’s a glance at the LinkedIn stats and insights we want you to know.

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LinkedIn User Stats

First, let’s talk users. We know you’re keen on getting specific with your target audience. LinkedIn is full of a range of demographics and verticals, despite its professional reputation. Dive in to see if your audience is logging on to LinkedIn.

1. Most Adults Use the Platform

Most of the eligible audience (those 18+) in the United States participates on the platform. A whopping 75 percent of U.S. adults are LinkedIn users as of 2023. That means three out of four professionals you meet are on LinkedIn, possibly scrolling through it as you ask them about their weekend plans.

2. Millennials Reign Supreme

Millennials dominate LinkedIn. In fact, they make up 60 percent of its user base. To break it down further: 20 percent are young guns (18-24). Nearly 18 percent are seasoned strategists (35-54). And a rare 2 percent are the wise wizards (55+). These are global figures, by the way.

In the U.S. alone, the 30-39 age bracket is bustling with 31 percent of users. Meanwhile, the 50-64 bracket comes in at 28 percent. But the bulk of American users (59 percent) still fall between 25 and 34 years old. 

3. Users are a Brainy Bunch

LinkedIn is more popular with college-educated Americans. It’s a hub for the informed and inspired. More than half of Americans with a bachelor’s degree report using the platform. In contrast, less than ten percent of LinkedIn users do not have a high school diploma.

4. Men Outpace Women on the Platform

According to Hootsuite, 43 percent of LinkedIn’s users identify as women and 57 percent as men. While that’s relatively balanced, there tend to be more male users on the platform.

5. The Billion-User Milestone

As of 2024, LinkedIn boasts 1 billion active users. That’s right, 1 billion. With a “B.”

6. The Global Gathering

LinkedIn’s community is vast and varied. The USA leads the charge with 200 million users. India trails close behind with 101 million, according to LinkedIn. This global diversity enriches the networking experience, offering a broad spectrum of perspectives and opportunities.

7. A Social Staple in the US

In the United States, 21 percent of users on other social platforms are also on LinkedIn. You could say LinkedIn plays an essential role in a balanced social media diet. This can prove especially helpful when planning cross-functional campaigns.

LinkedIn Usage Stats

Okay, we’ve covered the basics of who is using the platform. Now, let’s dig into the LinkedIn stats that reveal how they’re using it. So you can meet your professionally inclined audience where they’re at and on their terms. 

8. The Content Kings: Videos and Visuals

Still posting only text updates? We suggest a pivot. Video content proves most fruitful on LinkedIn. Videos engage users 5x more than the platform’s average. And don’t sleep on images and infographics either. They double down with 2x engagement, making them essential arrows in your quiver.

9. Join the Party: New Members Galore

LinkedIn keeps growing fast. If you can believe it, three new members join every second. Imagine the networking opportunities blooming by the minute!

10. Daily Dose of Networking

According to Statista, 16.2 percent of LinkedIn’s populace logs in daily. While that might not sound like the crowd at a Beyoncé concert, in the professional realm, that’s a significant number of daily opportunities to make an impression.

11. Time Well Spent

The average LinkedIn safari lasts 7 minutes and 42 seconds. That’s more than enough time to make a lasting impression. Make those minutes count with compelling content.

12. The Power of Posting vs. The Pursuit of Positions

While only 3 percent of members post content more than once a week, over 40 million users apply for jobs each week. This stark contrast underscores a significant opportunity. The platform is ripe for content creators to stand out and make an impact, given the active job-seeking behavior of its users.

13. Educational and Corporate Colossus

Boasting over 129,000 registered schools and 58.4 million companies, LinkedIn is the nexus of education and enterprise. This is a testament to its unparalleled networking ecosystem, says LinkedIn.

14. A Financial Juggernaut

LinkedIn boasts an annual revenue of $14.5 billion as of 2022. This isn’t just a platform; it’s a powerhouse, driving forward monetary momentum.

15. The Skill Spectrum

A staggering 39,000 skills are listed on the platform. They range from digital prowess to non-digital expertise, LinkedIn is a veritable encyclopedia of capabilities. This depth of talent underscores the platform’s value in connecting and learning.

That’s a Wrap on 2024 LinkedIn Stats

In the grand tapestry of LinkedIn, the threads of age, gender, education, and daily activity weave vibrantly together. We hope these LinkedIn stats will serve as more than just numbers. They’re the pulse of your audience. The rhythm of your strategy. And the beat to which your content dances.

So, as you plot your next marketing masterpiece, remember: LinkedIn is more than just a platform. It’s a bustling marketplace of ideas, opportunities, and connections. And with these insights in your toolkit, you’re not just participating; you’re playing to win. 

Want help creating your next campaign? We can help ensure you have a winning strategy using all these LinkedIn stats and more. Schedule a strategy call with us today. We’ll help you achieve your goals on LinkedIn and beyond. 

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