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Press Release: The Shelf Releases New Guide On Pinterest Influencer Marketing


New Guide by NY Influencer Agency Shows Other Agencies How to Use Pinterest for Influencer Campaigns

The Shelf Full-Funnel Influencer Marketing™ releases its fourth strategy guide ahead of the holiday season to highlight the features and opportunities in Pinterest influencer marketing

Brooklyn, NY August 20, 2020 —  The Shelf, a Brooklyn-based influencer marketing agency  has published its latest guide to provide other influencer agencies and marketing teams with a playbook for expanding influencer campaigns onto Pinterest. 

Pinterest x Influencer Marketing: Expanding Your Influencer Strategy Into the Happiest Corner of the Web is The Shelf’s fourth strategy guide released in 2020 created by the company’s marketing and strategy teams. Like previous guides, Pinterest x Influencer Marketing is a campaign playbook that addresses one of the unique challenges brands face this year with their holiday marketing strategies. This one focuses on including Pinterest as part of a brand’s omnichannel marketing strategy to connect with buyers at every touch point along the path to purchase. 

With more than 367 million monthly active users, Pinterest has become the go-to platform for planning purchases. Eighty percent of US moms are on the platform, and 85 percent of Pinners rely on Pinterest when they want to start a new project. But perhaps the most crucial bit of intel for brands is that 97 percent of the searches that happen on the platform are unbranded, presenting a massive opportunity for brands to pepper the platform with influencer-generated content that can authentically embed products within the context of larger frequently-searched topics. 

In addition to sharing important data about usage, Pinterest x Influencer Marketing also highlights some of the platform’s newer features including the most recent algorithm update, local search capabilities, Pinterest Story Pins, and the platform’s more robust e-commerce/shop features for brands, retailers and Shopify merchants.

Agencies and brands that are interested in learning more about Pinterest x Influencer Marketing  or any of The Shelf’s other influencer marketing guides can visit The Shelf’s library by clicking here

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The Shelf is a New York-based influencer marketing agency. The company creates Full-Funnel Influencer MarketingTM campaigns that partner brands with Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube storytellers in tandem with multiple paid digital channels to ensure authentic brand engagement at every stage of your customer’s journey.

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