13 Amazing MUAs Who Have Their Own Beauty Lines

Our Roundup of Makeup Artists Who Also Have Their Own Beauty Lines (with products actually available in stores and online)

We talk a lot about influencers who have made a name for themselves simply by the power of their social media accounts, but the original influencers- the celebrities, are still going strong, too. Many celebs are now diversifying their brands to stay relevant and influential in this expanding market. One path that we see a lot is when celebrities bring out their own brands, be it in clothing, home products, or beauty.

Today, we’re looking at some of the top makeup artists out there right now who have taken this leap themselves and launched their very own cosmetics lines.


Pat McGrath



Launched just two years ago, in 2016, and already valued at $1 billion (that’s more than Kylie Jenner’s line), Pat McGrath’s cosmetics line is taking the beauty world by storm. A celebrated and wildly popular makeup artist herself (she creates the looks for over 80 fashion shows each year). Her line is filled with dramatic colors and strong pigments for every skin tone.

Growing up, Ms. McGrath's mother was a beauty fanatic who introduced her to the world of makeup. At the time, there were very few cosmetics lines that catered to women of color. McGrath and her mother spent lots of time and money sourcing makeup and mixing pigments to try and find the perfect shade.

This experience has influenced her own cosmetics line, as she tests each product on a range of skin tones to make sure it works for everyone. This British makeup mogul is always on the move - meeting with designers, beauty bloggers, and celebrities. While she may be hard to pin down, her makeup is available for all to enjoy.


Wayne Goss


Wayne Goss - YouTube

Wayne Goss became one of the first beauty influencers on YouTube when he launched his channel back in 2009. Using it a side project while he pursued a professional career as a makeup artist, he gained popularity thanks to his candid nature and expert makeup tips. Plus, he's quite clever.


Wayne Goss brushes.png

Source: YouTube

Not one to shy away from controversy, he has called out other YouTubers more than once for their over use of editing programs, and their uninspiring and unoriginal content.

Now the owner and creator of his own line of professional makeup brushes. The collection of eight brushes are all cruelty-free, and made from the finest materials, crafted in Japan. His collection has become a popular choice for makeup lovers around the world.


Robin Black



Robin Black founded her blog “Beauty is Boring” back in 2012, using it as a creative outlet for her colorful looks. After working with models on shoots, many would ask her to do “something fun” for them. She would use color and cutting edge techniques to create show-stopping looks, before snapping a Polaroid and posting it to her blog.

Soon enough, more and more people began to see these shots, and began asking her to do the same for them. Thanks to her online popularity, she since launched her very own cosmetics line and beauty box subscription service.

But, unlike many other brands out there right now, she is adamant that she is not targeting the millennial market. Instead, she’s working to create functional pieces for “grown women” that will be portable, quality, and affordable.


Melissa Butler



Melissa Butler may have started her professional life on Wall Street, but this makeup mogul knows exactly how to own the beauty world too. Her line of non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free lipsticks have helped her to build a beauty empire all of her own.

After launching The Lip Bar, she made an appearance on the hit TV show “Shark Tank” where the investors challenged her business model. Despite this, she went on to grow her business year-over-year, and is now one of the top influencers in the market.


Anastasia Soare



Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics is one of the fastest growing brands in the global beauty industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Founded back in 2000 by Romanian immigrant Anastasia Soare, this cosmetics line has helped fans across the globe craft their perfect looks.

After the success of her first salon in 1997, Anastasia’s “Golden Ratio” technique for crafting the perfect brow has enabled her to build a global brand. Despite the fact that she came to the U.S. without speaking a word of English, and her formal training was actually in art and architecture. She's a real picture of the American dream!


Charlotte Tilbury



One of the UK’s biggest names in makeup, Charlotte Tilbury has been ruling the cosmetics world since launching her product line back in 2013. Born in London, but spending her formative years on the bohemian island paradise of Ibiza, she was always destined to work in a creative profession.

Starting off her career as a makeup artist, she has worked with some of the world’s most famous celebrities and most sought-after supermodels. Her work has been featured in publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ. Not to mention, she has been the recipient of 130 awards throughout her career (so far).


Fiona Styles



Fiona Stiles has been working as a makeup artists for years, beautifying such well-known names as Jessica Chastain and Elizabeth Banks, as well as working with top photographers and fashion publications.

Now the owner of her very own beauty line, FionaStiles Beauty, the line is filled with affordable cosmetic products that include everything you need to create your own amazing looks at home. Her products are available at Reed Clark, Ulta, QVC, and Amazon.


Terry de Guzburg



Terry de Guzburg is the creator of one of the most iconic beauty products in history - YSL’s Touche Eclat. After working with the luxury brand for years, de Guzburg decided to step out on her own and launch her own line, By Terry.

With products for skincare, makeup, and fragrance, her line has already begun to develop its own cult following. This really isn’t a big surprise though. Those in the know have been using her products for years, as she doesn’t give in to fads or trends. Instead, she creates staple pieces that users will buy time and time again.


Troy Surratt



After working with some of the top names in the industry, Surratt Beauty, Troy Surratt’s own line of cosmetics, is widely believed to have some of the best formulas out there right now. His products are sleek, effective, and refillable - giving them an edge on many similar lines in the market.

Inspired by Japanese beauty products, the sleek and simplistic designs will transform your makeup bag into that of a true professional's.


Carol Shaw



Think of any fashion-forward celebrity, and you can bet that they’ve sat in Carol Shaw’s makeup chair. It was right there in that very chair she listened to all their gripes and concerns that they could never find cosmetics that were effective, as well as gentle on the skin.

And so, she launched Lorac, her very own makeup line. Filled to the brim with high-quality products, all free from those common skin irritants products usually contain.


Kirsten Kjaer Weis



A Danish-born makeup artist raised in New York, Kirsten’s transition from consumer to product creator was a necessary step for her. Not being able to find any natural products she really loved, she decided to just create Kjaer Weis, which she pegs luxury organic makeup. her own.

While there are a growing number of natural-based, eco-friendly brands out there right now, what sets hers apart is its element of luxury. From the brand’s stand out red boxes, to their sleek metal packaging, the products just scream “high end”.


Petra Strand



Swedish-born Petra Strand’s line Pixi is about more than just makeup. She worked on the formula to ensure that her makeup can multitask - it makes your skin look good even after you take it off!

Wanting to make sure the line was accessible to as many people as possible, her line is affordable, approachable, and available at Target stores across the country.


Rea Ann Silver



I’m willing to bet that most of the makeup users reading this post will be the owners of a beauty blender. But, these are not just random makeup sponges. Beauty Blender was created by makeup artist Rea Ann Silver when she just got fed-up wasting her time and money on disposable sponges.

Beauty Blenders have taken the makeup world by storm thanks to their cute, tapered design and the fact that they are reusable. And, while they only gained popularity in the general public a few years ago, they were gracing professional kits right back in 2003.