If You Are New to The Shelf Network

If you're a blogger and new to The Shelf, first you need to signup as a blogger. From that page, click the 'Join' button to get started. Once you've done that, you'll just need to validate your blog by installing a badge. 

If You Lost Your Badge & Want a New One

We've had many inquiries about how to re-install your badge (in case you accidentally deleted it, or something).  You'll need to sign in to your account and then go to this page. From there, you'll be able to copy the new code for your badge.

If You Want to Join Our Affiliate Program

If you're interested in earning money from your badge, simply sign up on our affiliate page. That page will provide you with your unique link. You will then need to REPLACE the link that is currently on your badge with your new affiliate link. The affiliate link will let us track and attribute purchases to you! Cha-ching!