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9 of our Favorite Family Influencers of 2024

In the wild world of content creation, some stars truly make it feel like home. Our favorite family influencers bring us a dash of their daily chaos and a comforting slice of life. It’s no surprise their content resonates with anyone who’s ever had to untangle a toddler from a curtain or hunt for a lost soccer cleat under a mountain of laundry. Family influencers work well for a variety of brands across verticals. We’ve rounded up our favorites for your consideration.

This carefully curated list showcases those who have mastered the art of turning the mayhem of family life into relatable, heartwarming, and sometimes hilariously accurate content. Whether they’re wrangling twins or making magic out of the mundane, these family influencers remind us that family isn’t just an important thing. It’s everything.

Yellow graphic featuring characters smiling hugging their children with the text: Our Favorite Family Influencers of 2024

Buckle up as we dive into the fun and foibles of family life. These family influencers will make your audience laugh, sigh, and hit the subscribe button harder than the snooze on Monday morning. With the right campaign, we bet they’ll also help you hit your marketing goals.

1. Party of Four Sometimes Two 324k on IG

3 screenshots of the Party of Four Sometimes Two Family Influencers with the text: Who’s Who? 
Parents: Denise and Dad 
Kids: Jaslynn and Roz 

Brand Collabs: 30+ collaborations with brands like Barbie, Burger King, and Dick’s Sporting Goods
Source: @partyof4sometimes2 on Instagram

Party of 4 Sometimes 2 is a family lifestyle social media account that showcases the outdoor adventures and travels of a dynamic family. This family content creator page is run by mom, Denise Otico. 

The account captures their full family experiences and the couple’s outings. And the family is always accompanied by their beloved pup. They focus on sharing exciting and safe dog-friendly destinations. Their content appeals to both families and pet owners alike. 

In addition to travel content, they have a passion for smart home products. They often showcase the latest tech gadgets, movies, and children’s toys.  It’s no surprise their platform is a go-to resource for a wide array of interests.

2. Familia Diamond 9.8M on YouTube

3 screenshots of the Familia Diamond influencers with the text: Who’s Who? 
Parents: Esthallaa and Sdiezel
Kids: Diezel, Solage, Ranger, Ocean, and their oldest, Txunamy

Brand Collabs: Netflix, Snapchat, and Samsung
Source: @familiadiamond on Instagram

Familia Diamond was launched on YouTube by Esthalla Ortiz and her husband Sdiezzel in October 2017. It has since blossomed into a family vlogging sensation. The page captures the vibrant life events of the Ortiz family, with Esthalla at the helm.

She began her social media influence by managing her daughter Txunamy’s Instagram in 2014. The channel quickly rose to fame. Known for their playful and engaging content, this family of content creators makes a range of videos. Content includes pranks, challenges, heartfelt vlogs, and daily adventures. 

Their charming mix of content, combined with relatable family dynamics, has endeared them to millions of subscribers. Their audience tunes in for regular doses of fun and family antics. The Familia Diamond sparkles as a beacon of family fun on social media.

3. The Bucket List Family 3M on IG

3 screenshots of the Bucket List Family influencers with the text: Who’s Who? 
Parents: Garrett and Jessica
Kids: Dorothy, Manilla, and Cali

Brand Collabs: Disney+, National Geographic, and Target
Source: @thebucketlistfamily on Instagram

Meet the Bucket List Family. They’re a vivacious clan of five who turned the traditional idea of familial life on its head. These family influencers traded the comfort of home for the thrill of the open road. And they did it all while capturing their adventures and sharing them with the world. 

Their content features a blend of raw emotion and awe-inspiring sceneries. It resonates with their followers and has become a testament to the beauty of a nomadic lifestyle. Currently, they are journeying around the globe, experiencing diverse cultures, meeting different people, and ticking off destinations from their ever-growing list. 

They’re the embodiment of pure wanderlust and a perfect example of how family, fun, and travel can make for an extraordinary concoction. If you’re a travel brand, this could be the family content creator partner for you!

4. The Holderness Family 1.1M on IG

3 screenshots of The Holderness Family influencers with the text: 
Who’s Who? 
Parents: Penn and Kim
Kids: Lola and PC

Brand Collabs: Target and Selkirk
Source: @theholdernessfamily on Instagram

The Holderness Family features Penn, Kim, and their children, Lola and Penn Charles (PC). They are beloved internet personalities known for their humorous and relatable family-centric content. Their internet fame began with a viral Christmas pajamas video in 2013. Since then, they’ve amassed over a billion views across their social media platforms. Their content includes engaging parodies, vlogs, and sketches. 

Leveraging their combined 25 years in TV news, the parents run Holderness Family Productions. They create content and collaborate with brands on marketing campaigns (like yours!). They’ve also penned a book on marriage communication, Everybody Fights. And they host a podcast discussing everything from personal struggles to pop culture. Oh, and did we mention they won The Amazing Race Season 33? Talk about a family of content creators who can truly do it all.

5. Ilana Wiles 382.8K on TikTok 

3 screenshots of Ilana Wiles and her family with the text:

Who’s Who? 
Parents: Ilana and Mike
Kids: Mazzy and Harlow

Brand Collabs:  Loop, Smarty Pants Vitamins, Sephora, and Olay
Source: @ilanawiles on TikTok

Ilana Wiles is the dynamic force behind Mommy Shorts. She blends humor with parenting reality through her blog and social media channels. Based in NYC, she shares her life’s quirky moments on Instagram, TikTok, and her Substack newsletter, Apparently. There, she discusses where parenting tweens meets internet culture with a smile. 

Since 2009, Ilana has evolved from blogging to a multimedia presence. She engages followers with her YouTube channel featuring the unique Mommy Show, where celebrity interviews are humorously interspersed with real-time parenting. 

She’s worked with major brands. Her partnership with Target showcases her knack for selecting lifestyle products that resonate with both her and her audience. Ilana proves that her creative director chops can marry commercial savvy with a dash of ice cream. Which she loves slightly more than her computer, but less so than her family.

6. The LaBrant Family 12.9M on YouTube

3 screenshots of The Labrant family influencers with the text: 

Who’s Who? 
Parents: Cole and Savannah
Kids: Everleigh, Posie, Zealand, Sunday, and number five on the way

Brand Collabs:  Children’s Place, Pottery Barn, Kohls, and Dove
Source: @ColeAndSav on YouTube

Cole and Savannah LaBrant, along with their adorable kids, make up the LaBrant Fam. They charm millions on YouTube and TikTok with a blend of wholesome family vlogs, cheeky pranks, and lifestyle content. They’ve turned family life into an art form that not only entertains but also racks up partnerships with brands like Audible and Sugar Bear Hair. 

With a lively presence on social media, including over 13 million YouTube subscribers and tens of millions of TikTok followers, the LaBrants have parlayed viral fame into a hefty $18 million net worth. Beyond their digital empire, they’ve even ventured into publishing. This family of content creators proves they’re not just playful internet sensations but savvy entrepreneurs, too. Whether it’s celebrating holidays or sharing life’s ups and downs, the LaBrant Fam keeps it real and a little bit polished. All while securing the bag and spreading lots of laughs.

7. The Stauffer Family 6.2M on Facebook

3 screenshots of The Stauffer Family influencers with the text; Who’s Who? 
Mom: Katie
Kids: Kaitlin, Charles, Finn, Remy, Mila, Emma, and Scarlett

Brand Collabs: Greenlight, Lightforce, Pottery Barn, and Ring Pop
Source: The Stauffer Family on Facebook

The Stauffer Family, spearheaded by Katie Stauffer, has become a household name on social media. The family influencers are especially known for being the #2 Mom Influencer on Instagram

With five kids, Katie’s content is a lively showcase of parenting across a broad age spectrum. Her passion for photography shines through in fashion-forward posts. Plus skits inspired by pop culture, often featuring her children, particularly with the help of her eldest daughter. 

This dynamic family not only captivates their 11 million followers across platforms with their charming and relatable slices of life. They also collaborate with major brands with partnerships that resonate with their audience of women aged 18 to 44. Blending style, humor, and the occasional chaos of a large family, the Stauffers provide a real-life look at juggling toddlers and teens with flair and fun.

8. The D’Amelio Family 14.4M on TikTok

3 screenshots of the D'Amelio Family influencers with the text: Who’s Who? 
Parents: Heidi and Marc
Kids: Charli and Dixie

Brand Collabs:  Vinivia, Shopify, Prada, and Celsius

The D’Amelio family, comprising Charli, Dixie, Heidi, and Marc, is a dynamic household that catapulted to fame through TikTok. Charli in particular is hailed as one of the platform’s reigning dance queens. 

The family’s content is a lively blend of dance, behind-the-scenes peeks at their lives, and the ups and downs of internet stardom. Their content is shared across various social media platforms, including a popular YouTube docuseries, “The D’Amelio Show.” 

Their engaging presence has not only amassed millions of followers. And they’ve attracted significant brand partnerships with heavy hitters like Hollister, Morphe, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Because who wouldn’t want to fuel dance challenges with coffee? The D’Amelios blend authenticity with a dash of humor. They’re great for brands that want content that’s relatable yet aspirational.

9. Otakoyakisoba 17M on TikTok

3 screenshots of Otakoyakisoba family influencers with the text: 
Who’s Who? Oliver and Grandma Lulu are the main players here with various other family members making guest appearances

Brand Collabs: Weee!, What Do You Meme, Jollibee, and Jack Box Games
Source: @otakoyakisoba on TikTok

Otakoyakisoba has been a TikTok sensation since November 2019. They’ve captivated millions with their Name That Celebrity challenges and engaging family-centric videos. 

Oliver runs the account, creating videos with his grandma and other family members. His breakout moment came when a video featuring his mother soared to over half a million views, setting the stage for his viral trajectory. 

Otakoyakisoba’s content mix includes fun challenges, cooking tutorials, and lifestyle snippets, showcasing his versatility as a content creator. Family collaboration is at the heart of his appeal. Regular appearances by his mother and sister, Mary April, lend a warm, personal vibe. It makes sense the content resonates deeply with his audience. His page is further enriched by his musical interests. He shares experiences from concerts like BTS and Kelly Clarkson. 

By integrating family dynamics and celebrity interactions into his videos, Otakoyakisoba has carved a unique niche in the digital landscape. He blends relatability with celebrity sparkle, all served with a side of familial charm and a sprinkle of humor.

That’s a Wrap on Our Favorite Family Influencers of 2024

It’s clear these family influencers have a special knack for turning the everyday into something extraordinary. They’ve given us a front-row seat to puppet shows in the pantry, DIY disasters, and the occasional serendipitous moments of family harmony like finding a lost TV remote. Each creator brings their unique flavor to the table. There’s a family content creator for every brand. We hope this list helps you find one that fits your needs.

If you’re looking for family influencers to partner with on your next campaign, we can help. Schedule a strategy call with our experts today. We’ll help you find the best family influencers to crush your goals and fit all your campaign needs. 

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