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2/ Campaigns
3/ Reporting

This is Amy Roiland
of @aFashionNerd.
She’s our fave!

Finding the right people to work with is THE most important step in influencer marketing.
We have 157,210 lifestyle influencers.
They span across the following verticals : fashion / beauty / parenting / travel / food / fitness / nutrition / decor / and other lifestyle verticals.
You can filter by just about anything.
We have all the basics like location, follower counts, avg. likes, comments, gender... But we go a lot deeper with shopping habits and price-affinity searches. Plus, we provide boolean searches for keywords of any type.
We make research easy.
Influencer profiles contain all of the data you need to find the right influencers for your brand. We track everything.
Relevant post samples.
Traffic and audience analysis.
Content and subject matter analysis.
Shopping habits (which is pretty darn important if you're trying to get people to buy your stuff).
And then we of course track their vanity metrics. Which, despite the not-so-nice-name... are pretty key, because your influencers should ideally have enough clout to influence people. So we track growth, engagement, influence... everything you need!
After you find the influencers you want, they feed seemlessly into the Campaign Management Pipeline.
Automation is critical when running campaigns. The logistics involved when doing it manually are unfathonable.
Setting up a campaign is easy.
And infinitely customizable.
Campaigns are like snowflakes. No one campaign is the same... and we believe in supporting your creativity rather than hindering it. Our campaigns are super flexible, allowing you to customize down to the influencer level.
Our Campaign Management Pipeline streamlines everything.
Influencer marketing isn’t really like other types of marketing (like setting up Facebook Ads or Google Adwords where you fill up an online form and click "Run")... Influencer marketing involves multiple steps with a bunch of different people. And we eliminate all that is tedious.
Robust Messaging
Customized templates for each stage of the process.
Product Handling
Customize and automate your product handling.
Information Collection
Collect everything you need in one form right at the beginning.
Tracking Codes
Distribute tracking codes and hashtags automatically.
Post Approval
Collect the posts from each influencer for review before posting.
Post Discovery
Posts pull in automatically as they go live.
Campaign Structure Flexibility
Structure your campaign however you want and customize down to the influencer level.
Payment Facilitation
Handle payments according to your workflow.
Agency Features
Work with your client in a streamlined way.
We also help you keep your influencers on track.
Each influencer is supplied with a Campaign Dashboard to keep them on top of what they need to do: scheduling, tracking codes, contracts, post approval, payment details, shipment status, and more.
Influencer marketing can seem like black magic if you're just getting started.
But there’s a science to it. And reporting is critical for cracking that code.
So that's why we bring it on home for you by tracking literally everything.
Every overview stat you could ever dream up is compiled into a pretty little dashboard. Post stats are broken down to the influencer level providing ROI and media value stats. And then we also do UGC collection and aggregation... because who feels like dealing with that.