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14 Latin Influencers to Follow this Hispanic Heritage Month

We’re about to take you on a whirlwind tour of some of the most influential Hispanic and Latin influencers in the digital space. National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. So we thought it was fitting to commemorate this period by spotlighting our adored Hispanic and Latin influencers. They’re artists, entrepreneurs, beauty gurus, fitness enthusiasts, and so much more. These creators are making waves across various platforms, inspiring millions with their passion and creativity. So, buckle up!

Fan-Favorite Hispanic and Latin Influencers

We’re excited to share our curated list of favorite Hispanic and Latin influencers. They’re not just shaping their community. They’re redefining the digital world. Let’s dive in!

1. Melo @naturallymelonie 1.3M on TikTok

Latin influencer in red dress next to text: Persona: Naturally Melonie is a multi-talented comedian, actress, and singer who adds a hilarious twist to suburban couples' lives. 
Based In: Atlanta, GA
Passions: She runs a sound healing and affirmations Instagram account called @bendecidx, which is the Spanish word for blessed. She also has a couple of singles on Spotify.
Source: @naturallymelonie on Instagram

Naturally Melonie is the TikTok sensation we didn’t know we needed. Coming to our phones from Atlanta, she’s a comedian, actress, and singer all wrapped up in one hilarious package. Her claim to fame? Giving suburban couples’ lives a hilariously unexpected twist like this video here. But she didn’t stop there. She dropped a viral video where she played trickster sisters, getting over two million views overnight. With 1.3 million followers on TikTok, her account is a weekly dose of hilarious skits and spot-on character impersonations.

2. Mike Alfaro aka Millennial Lotería @millennialloteria 99.4K on Instagram 

Latin influencer sitting on couch holding up game card next to text: Millennial Lotería Creator: Mike Alfaro reinvented traditional "Mexican Bingo" into a humorous reflection of the millennial generation.
Multifaceted Creative Director: Hailing from Guatemala, he’s done more than revamp la lotería. He also leads award-winning multicultural advertising campaigns from Los Angeles.
Instagram Success and Cultural Impact: His Instagram experiment has grown to nearly 100k followers, gaining recognition in The New York Times. This highlights the significance of representation, humor, and culture in the modern world.
Source: @millennialloteria on Instagram

Mike Alfaro, the mastermind behind Millennial Lotería, has brilliantly reinvented the age-old “Mexican Bingo” into a hilarious reflection of today’s millennial generation. As a Creative Director hailing from Guatemala, he’s not only revamped la lotería. He’s also leveraged his Hispanic insights to steer award-winning multicultural advertising campaigns from sunny Los Angeles. What started as an Instagram experiment skyrocketed to 99,400 dedicated followers and even graced the pages of The New York Times. It’s a testament to the power of representation in our modern world – where laughter and culture unite us all!

3. Jennifer Hernandez @makeupandtatt2 36.4K on Instagram

Latin influencer in clown makeup next to text: Early Start in Makeup Artistry: Jennifer Hernandez began her makeup journey at 17, taking a makeup class led by legendary makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, which launched her career.
Freelancing and Instagram Fame: She excelled in freelancing for all occasions, like weddings and quinceañeras, and made a mark in the Instagram makeup scene with her special effects makeup and creative style.
Resilient Comeback and Online Success: After a temporary setback, Jennifer made a triumphant return in 2018, sharing makeup tutorials online, leading to the flourishing of her makeup-focused page.
Source: @makeupandtatt2 on Instagram

Jennifer Hernandez’s makeup journey kicked off at the tender age of 17, defying the norms of your typical teenage obsession. She found herself in a small makeup class led by none other than the legendary Priscilla Ono. Priscilla helped launch Jennifer into the world of makeup artistry. Freelancing for all occasions became her forte, and she even took a shot at conquering the Instagram makeup scene. When life took an unexpected twist in store for Jennifer, she temporarily shelved her Insta dreams, relegating makeup to the backseat. But this resilient artist made a comeback. In 2018, she made a triumphant return with a fresh approach, sharing makeup and tutorials online. Lo and behold, her page blossomed into a makeup paradise. 💄✨

4. Leslie Gonzalez @drlesliegonzalez 49.3K on Instagram

Latin influencer in scrubs and mask next to text: Persona: Dr. Leslie Gonzalez, a resident physician, is a published author in HIV clinical research, a prominent Latinx doctor, and the founder and CEO of Latinx en Medicina (LXMED). 
Based In: Chicago, Illinois 
What is LXMED?: A digital media platform dedicated to Latinx health
Passions: Medical research, commitment to healthcare equity, and running the vital resource hub LXMED for the Latinx community.
Source: @drlesliegonzalez on Instagram

Dr. Leslie Gonzalez, a resident physician in Chicago, Illinois, is a published author in HIV clinical research, a prominent Latinx doctor, and a passionate advocate for equity in medicine. She’s also the founder and CEO of Latinx en Medicina (LXMED), a digital media platform dedicated to Latinx health. Dr. Gonzalez’s multifaceted career encompasses groundbreaking medical research, a commitment to addressing healthcare disparities, and the creation of a vital resource hub for the Latinx community. She’s a true leader in healthcare.

5. Dr. Alexandra Lourdes @alexandra_lourdes 373K on Instagram

Latin influencer smiling with a milkshake next to the text: Persona: Dr. Alexandra Lourdes is a dynamic entrepreneur who co-founded The Refined Agency in 2015. The agency has evolved into Refined Hospitality and is now home to several popular establishments including Cafe Lola and Saint Honore.
Education: Dr. Lourdes is a scholar-turned-entrepreneur who holds a PhD in Higher Education from UNLV.
Her First Business: She co-founded The Refined Agency in 2015, becoming a prominent figure in Las Vegas' interactive marketing landscape.
Passions: Dr. Lourdes is also a founding member of the Women's Hospitality Initiative and a respected influencer in the Las Vegas entrepreneurial community.
Source: @alexandra_lourdes on Instagram

Dr. Alexandra Lourdes, PhD, is not just a scholar. She’s a powerhouse entrepreneur with a side of wit. Armed with a PhD in Higher Education from UNLV, she ventured into the wild world of social media startups. In 2015, Alex and her partner Lin spotted a gap in the interactive marketing market and conjured up The Refined Agency. They swiftly claimed the throne as Las Vegas’ premier interactive marketing maestros. This success led to the birth of Refined Hospitality. It’s now home to Café Lola, Saint Honoré Doughnuts and Beignets, and Pizza Anonymous. Oh, and did we mention she’s a founding member of the Women’s Hospitality Initiative and a top influencer in the Las Vegas entrepreneurial scene? 

6. Marcello Hernandez @marcellohdz 527K on Instagram

Latin influencer soft smiling and giving the camera a thumbs up next to the text: Persona: Marcello Hernandez, a Miami native, joined Saturday Night Live's prestigious cast as a featured player for its 48th season in 2022.
Comedic Style: With a background that blends Cuban and Dominican heritage, Marcello brings a culturally diverse sense of humor to the stage.
When Did His Journey Start?: In 2019, he relocated to New York City to establish himself in the stand-up comedy world. He was later selected as the Just for Laughs New Face of Comedy in 2022, showcasing his comedic prowess.
Source: @marcellohdz on Instagram

Marcello Hernandez, born and raised in Miami, is a true comedy chameleon with a background as diverse as his punchlines. With roots that span from the vibrant culture of Cuba through his mother, to the spirited Dominican heritage courtesy of his father, Marcello brings a unique blend of humor to the stage. In 2019, he packed his bags and set sail for the comedy epicenter of the world, New York City. He was determined to make his mark in the stand-up universe. In 2022, he was handpicked for the coveted Just for Laughs New Face of Comedy. To top it off, Marcello made a big splash by joining the prestigious cast of Saturday Night Live as a featured player right before the 48th season kicked off in the same year. 🎤😂

7. Stevie Van Horn @stevieyaaaay 93.9K on Instagram

Latin influencer smiling next to the text: Eco-Conscious Visionary: Stevie Van Horn, based in Boulder, Colorado, is the founder of YAYFOREARTH. It’s an eco-conscious lotion company, deeply rooted in her community's commitment to low-waste living.
Advocate for Natural Sustainability: Stevie's mission goes beyond entrepreneurship. She's a staunch sustainability advocate who believes in the power of everyday actions to shape a better future. Her upbringing amidst Colorado's pristine mountains underscores her dedication to nature.
Fostering Environmental Conversations: Through her all-natural products, Stevie aims to spark conversations about the environmental impact of our choices, promoting discussions on earth conservation and climate change.
Source: @stevieyaaaay on Instagram

Stevie Van Horn, the visionary behind YAYFOREARTH, an eco-conscious lotion company, is not just a founder. She’s a sustainability evangelist based in Boulder, CO, where low-waste living is a way of life. Her deep-rooted belief that every daily action contributes significantly to a brighter future drives her mission. Having grown up in the pristine mountains of Colorado, she’s always had an unwavering dedication to nature. Through her all-natural products, Stevie aims to spark a broader dialogue about how our choices impact the planet. She fosters discussions on earth conservation and climate change.

8. Bekah Martinez @bekah 687K on Instagram

Latin influencer holding two babies next to the text: Reality TV Star turned Advocate: Bekah Martinez, known for her unique appearance on "The Bachelor," transitioned into a fearless advocate for natural living, motherhood, and social issues.
Diverse Ventures and Authenticity: Managing a podcast, family life, and an unfiltered Instagram presence, Bekah proves there's a fulfilling life beyond reality TV, without the need for perfection.
Source: @bekah on Instagram

Bekah Martinez was once best known for her strikingly short hair and mysteriously missing age on her Bachelor chyron. She made waves in 2018 as a contestant on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of the reality show. Since her TV stint, she’s evolved from the young woman who made Bachelor Nation detectives everywhere scratch their heads, to a fearless advocate for all things natural, motherhood, and social issues. Juggling her podcast, “Chatty Broads,” a growing family, and an unapologetically candid Instagram presence, Bekah has proven that there’s life after roses. And it might not always involve perfectly curated photos or an age reveal.

9. Will Hidalgo @radicalhidalgo 1.7M on TikTok

Latin influencer standing in front of futbol field next to text: TikTok Sensation: Willy Hidalgo creates Hispanic-themed comedy skits on TikTok.
Bilingual Humor Star: With 1.7M followers, his bilingual comedy resonates with audiences worldwide. He laughs about life in a Hispanic household, having a Hispanic mother, and the hilarious differences between the United States and Mexico.
Multi-Platform Comedian: Willy shares his humor on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.
Source: @willyhidalgo_ on Instagram

Willy Hidalgo is the master of comedy skits that dive into his Hispanic heritage. Since his grand TikTok entrance in November 2019, he’s attracted a whopping 1.7 million followers. This latin influencer proves that bilingual comedy — like his hilarious take on juggling English and Spanish simultaneously — really hits a nerve (or funny bone). When he’s on TikTok, you can catch his antics on his self-titled YouTube channel or on Instagram, @willyhidalgo_

10. Lauren Arboleda  @foodfromtheheart 193K on Instagram

Latin influencer smiling into camera next to text: Culinary Champion: Lauren Arboleda, a self-taught chef and MasterChef Latino 2019 winner, brings her culinary expertise to Miami with a focus on organic ingredients.
Holistic Advocate: Beyond cooking, she promotes environmental consciousness and toxin-free living for her family and social media followers.
Home-Cooking Ambassador: Through her platforms, she encourages the return to home-cooked meals as acts of self-love and affection for loved ones.
Source: @foodfromtheheart on Instagram

Lauren Arboleda Is the spirited force behind Food From the Heart,. She descends from Colombia and now works her culinary magic in Miami. As a self-taught chef, certified health enthusiast, and crowned champ of MasterChef Latino 2019, Lauren’s not just cooking; she’s creating edible love stories. With a focus on organic ingredients and a holistic approach to food, she believes in intertwining all five senses in the kitchen. But Lauren’s passion doesn’t stop at the plate. A fervent advocate for environmental consciousness and natural beauty, she’s on a mission to cultivate a toxin-free space. Both for her family and her substantial social media following. She urges everyone to rediscover the romance of home-cooked meals — a gesture of love for oneself and those we cherish.

11. David Lopez @davidlopezfilms 1.7M on YouTube

Latin influencer smiling next to text: Versatile Content Creator: David Lopez, a former Vine sensation, crafts both humorous and somber sketches.
Social Media Success: He has garnered a significant following with 1.7M YouTube subscribers and 976k Instagram followers.
Engaging with Fans: Beyond the movie screen, Lopez interacts with his audience, sharing insights and expanding his digital presence.
Source: @davidlopezfilms on Instagram

The former Vine sensation (RIP Vine), David Lopez, has seamlessly transitioned from short bursts of hilarious skits to crafting intricate sketches. While comedy remains his mainstay, David occasionally ventures into sketches with a more somber tone. He’s definitely got versatility in the world of content creation. Since Vine’s departure, he hasn’t missed a beat, amassing a significant following across various social media platforms. We’re talking 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 976 thousand followers on Instagram! Lopez continues to engage with fans, sharing insights and expanding his digital empire. 

12. Fernanda Romero @fernandaromeroo 371K on Instagram

Latin influencer posing in sunglasses next to the text: Multifaceted: Fernanda is an actress, mid-tier influencer, vocalist in The White Cherries, and the CEO of Vita Parfum.
Diverse Creative Ventures: She engages in various creative endeavors, showcasing her talents across multiple fields.
Fragrance Innovation: Fernanda's fragrance line, Vita Parfum, features unique oil-based scents inspired by the four elements, offering a distinctive olfactory experience.
Source @fernandaromeroo on Instagram

Fernanda Romero wears more hats than a milliner’s shop! She’s not only an actress and mid-tier influencer. She’s also the vocal powerhouse behind her band, The White Cherries. But wait, there’s more! Fernanda moonlights as the CEO of Vita Parfum, where she’s revolutionizing the world of scents with oil-based fragrances. Inspired by life’s four basic elements — Aer, Flamma, Aqua, & Terra — her fragrances might just be the fifth element you didn’t know you needed. Talk about a multi-elemental talent!

13. Luisa Fernanda W @luisafernandaw 18.9M on Instagram 

Modelesque latin influencer posing next to text: Colombian Digital Sensation: Luisa Fernanda W boasts an immense Instagram following of around 19M and over 4.5M YouTube subscribers, making her a social media powerhouse.
Accidental Rise to Stardom: Her journey began using Instagram as a creative outlet in 2013, leading to her unexpected social media stardom.
Multifaceted Talent: Beyond social media, she's a musician known for catchy tunes like "Así Soy Yo," "Beso de Desayuno," and "Bloqueo," showcasing her evolution from an accidental influencer to an intentional superstar.
Source: @luisafernandaw on Instagram

Luisa Fernanda W is arguably one of Colombia’s most prized creators. She has an Instagram following larger than many countries’ populations! She has around 19 million followers on Instagram. And a YouTube subscriber count of over 4.5 million. Luisa is clearly the queen of social media real estate. But here’s the kicker: she stumbled into this social media stardom quite by accident. Back in 2013, her Instagram account was merely a fun sandbox for creativity. Now, besides rocking the social media charts, she serenades the world with catchy tunes. Find her songs like “Así Soy Yo”, “Beso de Desayuno”, and “Bloqueo” on Spotify. From accidental influencer to intentional superstar, Luisa has shown there’s no telling where a “creative outlet” might lead.

14. Paola Alberdi @paolaalberdi 1.1M on Instagram 

Latin influencer in sunglasses crossing street next to text: Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire: Paolo is known for her blog, Blank Itinerary, and captivating over 1.1M Instagram followers with her impeccable style.
From Sports to Style: A former high school athlete in basketball, soccer, and tennis, Paola transitioned from sports to the fashion world, becoming a prominent figure at New York Fashion Week.
Brand Collaborations and Vogue Feature: Since 2014, she has collaborated with major brands like CoverGirl and TRESemme. Plus, her style has been featured in Vogue Mexico.
Source: @paolaalberdi on Instagram

Paola Alberdi is the brains behind the fashion blog Blank Itinerary. She now stuns over 1.1 million Instagram fans with her impeccable style. But she once played the courts and fields of high school basketball, soccer, and tennis. Who knew this international business student would swap ball games for the haute couture lanes of New York Fashion Week? Paola launched her trendsetting journey in 2014. And she quickly became the go-to gal for brands like CoverGirl and TRESemme. She even inked her style tales for Vogue Mexico. 

That’s a Wrap on our Favorite Hispanic and Latin Influencers this Month

And there you have it, our roundup of fan-favorite Hispanic and Latin influencers making waves in the digital sphere. From artists to entrepreneurs, each one of them is a testament to the rich cultural heritage they represent. They inspire us with their work, passion, and undeniable spirit. As we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s take a moment to appreciate these extraordinary influencers.

We encourage you to follow, support, and take inspiration from these remarkable individuals. After all, diversity is the spice of life. These influencers definitely add a vibrant flavor to our digital landscape. If you need help selecting latin influencers for your next campaign, check out our guide to influencer selection. Or schedule a strategy call with one of our experts.

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!


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