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9 DIY Home Improvement YouTubers Who Are Helping Us Keep Our Sanity Right Now

With more than a quarter of the global population staying indoors right now, the current crisis is compelling people to spruce up their homes since we all presumably have a crap load of free time. Home Depot purchase intent mentions are up 75 percent compared to a year ago, and Lowe’s purchase intention mentions are up 55 percent (TD Ameritrade). People have binge-watched all they can, and now it’s time to actually be productive.

We thought we’d lay off the YouTube statistics for this post (except that one little part up top… and this giant graphic below – give us a break, here) to offer you the chance to widen your online community.

Whether your goal is to create a Pinterest-worthy kitchen or you’ve deemed the quarantine your official time to complete a few budget-friendly home improvement projects, there’s no shortage of inspiration to pull from in the digital space.

So, for the other home decor addicts out there like me who often find themselves late-night YouTube surfing (that’s my jam, for sure), take a look at our roundup of these nine home improvement influencers who are killing the YT game.

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With a knack for wallet-friendly organization tips, DIY home improvement projects, and cleaning hacks that are shockingly useful (who knew that the Magic Eraser can make your Converse look brand spankin’ new?), Brittany of Vasseur Beauty has no shortage of ideas to help all 1.3 million of her viewers get their lives better organized.


screenshot of the channel page for MR. KATE

Made up of a husband-and-wife team, Mr. Kate’s highly-produced (but insanely informative and often comedic) videos could be mistaken for an episode of HGTV. A go-to DIY YouTube channel for their four million subscribers, the duo takes a collaborative approach to their content, partnering up with other influencers to give makeovers to various rooms in their home (we’re talking Jeffree Star, James Charles, Liza Koshy, and Tati Westbrook, just to name a few). Mr. Kate also has gated content on YouTube that’s made available for a monthly membership fee of $4.99.


screenshot of the YouTube channel page for BLOSSOM

You probably know (and love) Blossom for their food tutorials and beauty tricks, but their budget-friendly home decor ideas, unexpected organization tips, and clickbait-free video titles will have you hooked. With easy-to-follow, crisply edited clips of each DIY, it’s hard to watch just one video. Trust us, we tried.


screenshot of the YouTube channel page for KRAFTSBYKATELYN

A stay at home mom who has a passion for sharing her homemade crafts, Katelyn’s videos consist of seasonal and farmhouse DIY home decor. She’s also a pro at scouring the home decor sections of stores like Dollar Tree and Walmart for unique, affordable pieces; luckily for us, chances are she’ll make a video sharing her finds.


screenshot of the YouTube channel page for FIX THIS BUILD THAT

While some may click on Fix This Build That’s channel and be intimidated by all of the DIY woodworking, the projects are impressively detailed and easy to understand. His series on “6 Days of Beginner Woodturning Project” is informative to newbies, useful to pro’s, and just downright awesome for anyone. This guy will literally teach you how to make an ice cream scoop. Mind = blown.


screenshot of the YouTube channel page for THRIFT DIVING

Serena Appiah of Thrift Diving is a professional DIY blogger who inspires her nearly 319k subscribers to save money on home decor. Serena gives her viewers the necessary tools (and confidence) to create their own items for their homes. Her content ranges from giving old furniture pieces a makeover to upcycling everyday home items. Her DIY tablet stand made out of copper pipes is pretty damn impressive.


screenshot of the YouTube channel page for JANSEN’S DIY

With a focus on DIY storage solutions, you’ll find clever roundups on how to work with the space you have, from kitchen to office. Whether it’s using command hooks to hang your hot tools or using a plastic cereal container as a mini trash can for your car (BRB, adding that to my to-do list), you’ll definitely click away learning a new tip (or two or three).



screenshot of the YouTUbe channel page for CLEAN MY SPACE

While Melissa Maker of Clean My Space focuses her videos on, you guessed it, cleaning, she has loads of content on decluttering and organizing. The Toronto-based influencer is the author of the Clean My Space book, which she describes as “the secret to cleaning better, faster, and loving your home every day.”


screenshot of the YouTube channel page for HERMIONE CHANTAL

This UK-based blogger lives off of creating…on a budget. With nearly 500,000 subscribers, she shares ideas on how to recycle items you once thought were “trash,” DIY home renovations, and “decorate with me” videos showcasing how to get in the holiday spirit without breaking the bank.

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#QuarantineProject Completed

Okay… maybe not yet, but between Psych marathons (or Ben Stiller marathons (totally real) or serial killer marathons (also totally real) you can take a few minutes a day to browse the archives of these YouTubers and get the hacks, tips and step-by-step instruction you need to get some stuff done. And if you’re eyeballing a YouTube influencer marketing… we’ve got your back, Jack!

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