The AGENCY Package
Win More Proposals, Launch Influencer Campaigns Faster, Get Higher ROI

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The old style of influencer marketing is
tedious & delivers unpredictable ROI.

The Shelf Way

Quality Data + Automation
Win more deals, reduce overhead, and deliver predictable ROI.

Targeted influencers

If you work with brands in the lifestyle space, you WILL find thousands of influencers who match your exact criteria for relevance, reach, and results.

Killer ROI for clients

Our patent algorithms provide data-driven information. Your decisions will be based off of predictable returns rather than placing bets on who might work well.

Reduce busy work

Influencer marketing is time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools in place. We’re experts at running campaigns and we know all the pain points. That's why we've automated every tedious aspect.

Client interfacing

When you’re working with clients, you'll be engaging with them a lot throughout the campaign. We give you reports, tools, approval forms, and more. Beautiful, live, real-time, and automated.

Advanced tracking

Our platform aggregates all UGC and links into one place. These are analyzed regularly for engagement, click-throughs, impressions, and virality. All data is surfaced in real-time analytics dashboards for you and your clients.

Team features

We understand that agencies have unique styles of working. Our most popular plan provides unlimited projects for team members with sharing privileges, and collaboration features to keep the experience totally seamless.

We streamline
each step of the campaign.

Proposals & Pitches
Influencer Discovery & Targeting
Client Approval
Campaign Planning & CRM
Contracts & Payments
Tracking & UGC Collection
Client Reports & Analytics
We got you each step of the way
Win new business with data-backed proposals
You will knock their socks off. Guaranteed.
  • Benchmarking.
  • ROI prediction.
  • Competitive analysis.
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The largest database of lifestyle influencers.
  • Fashion / Beauty
  • Mommy
  • Food / Cooking
  • Travel
  • Decor
  • Health / Fitness
  • DIY
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Filtering & segmentation
Find the most relevant influencers.
  • Followers, engagement, comment counts.
  • Location, demographic, gender.
  • Shopping habits, brand affinity.
  • Keywords, content subject matter.
  • Activity levels, platform coverage.
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Data-rich influencer profiles make research a breeze.
  • Social links, follower counts, engagement.
  • Growth charts for detecting follower counts.
  • Brands endorsed by the influencer.
  • Products endorsed by the influencer.
  • Traffic characteristics.
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Approval report
Send influencer approval reports to clients in two clicks.
  • Let clients approve influencer selection in minutes.
  • Easily view all selected influencers in one simple dashboard.
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Campaign Planning
Manage all campaign details from one place.
  • Post dates.
  • Campaign terms.
  • Price negotiations.
  • Product size/color.
  • Shipping address.
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Contracts / Payments
Handle contracts and payments in one place.
  • Automatically create contracts.
  • Get digital signatures.
  • Send direct payments.
  • Product size/color.
  • Issuing 1099s.
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Easily track everything and generate reports.
  • Automatically send unique tracking links and pixels.
  • Monitor impressions and click-throughs.
  • Monitor comments, likes, shares.
  • Monitor purchases that happened.
  • Evaluate influencer performance for future campaigns.
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Client Reports
Send progress reports and campaign results.
  • Data updates automatically so you don't have to collect it yourself.
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Real Time Web Analytics