4 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Fashion Blog

When you’re an active blogger, it’s too easy to get caught up in pumping out that next blog post. But don’t let this content creation cycle prevent you from standing back and evaluating the overall aesthetics of your blog. Oftentimes, it can be the little details that make the difference between amateur and pro. Below, find our list of easy peasy ways to clean up your blog in no time and get it to pro level just like your blogger mates. 

Redo (or create) your ‘Partners’ page

Are you treating your blog like its own business? If so, it’s important to have a dedicated page for partners and brands to review your industry experience, brand collaborations, and any other accolades.  Let brands know what types of collaborations you are available for, such as sponsored posts, event hosting, brand ambassadorships, advertising, or custom campaigns.  Do you accept free product? Provide an email address so brands can easily get in touch with you to review your media kit and pricing information.  Lastly, ensure your photo and brand accolades are up-to-date. And for those who don’t have a dedicated partnerships page yet, it’s high time you created one!

Bonus tip: Set up a blogger profile on The Shelf so brands can reach out to you directly for collaborations! On your profile you will be able to add in all your details, such as past brand campaigns and types of collaborations you are interested in. This will allow brands to get in touch with you directly.

Re-evaluate your sidebar

Did you know that sidebar widgets slow down the load time of your blog? It’s funny how so many can accumulate there over time. If you have a lot lingering, it’s time to reevaluate and get rid of those that are no longer valuable to your readers. If you’re organized enough NOT to be a ‘sidebar hoarder’ (lucky you) just consider making a few tweaks, like new call to action text and a photo refresh.

Bonus tip: Keep in mind what you want your readers to do and what will be of value to them. Identify what your best blog posts to date are and consider adding them as straight text widgets with a heading like ‘My Best Work’ or ‘You May Also Like’. When a new reader stumbles upon your blog, you want to make the best impression possible, so why not showcase your best ever content? It probably highlights just exactly what your blog is all about and best represents your blogs point of view. WIN!

Create cohesion across your blog posts

The longer you have your blog, the more it will change over time.  Take the time to revisit older blog posts and brush up the overall look if the structure has changed. Things to look for include the inclusion of outfit details and affiliate links, tags, keywords and descriptions, unprofessional photos that don’t represent your aesthetic anymore, and overall brand voice and grammar. 

Bonus tip: One of the most effective ways to encourage readers to stay on your blog is to link to other related posts. Internal linking is great for reader navigation and spreading internal link juice love across your blog. Be creative and naturally link to related content within the text of your posts.  For example, if you’ve blogged about a brand more than once, you can easily link to the other post and your readers are sure to be interested.

Refresh you social sharing icons

When was the last time you updated your social sharing icons? Chances are, it’s been awhile and so you may want to experiment with new icons that can pique reader interest. First, you will want to evaluate how easy it is for readers to find access to your social media channels on your blog. Do they live on your homepage? Is it easy for your readers to find them and follow you?  Next, it’s time to investigate the sharing icons on your blog posts. Is it easy for your readers to share your content? Check back with these plugins and see if they have any other styling options that will refresh the overall look of your posts.

Bonus tip: Install the ‘on hover’ Pinterest button. It makes it super easy for readers to share your photos, which is exactly what you want. Instructions are here

Once you've made these simple tweaks, we guarantee you will be feeling pumped about your blog! What blog refresh tips do you have? Share them with us in the comments. 

All photography by StreetScout.Me. Visit their street style gallery for more photos.