Top 10 List of (Fashion) Blog Theme Designers

When it comes to the design of your blog, treat it as if you were going to meet your significant other’s parents. You wouldn’t show up on their doorstep wearing a scantily clad bodycon dress with your ta-tas hanging out guzzling a bottle of wine would you? Actually scratch that, maybe your boo’s padres are into that type of image. Point is, first impressions are everything! Having the right look can show people you take this seriously. A good blog with a clean aesthetic can really make your statement pop. If you’ve got amazing style, let it be reinforced by your chic blog! Of course, having people become “followers” of your blog matters, but having the right design can lead to a higher conversion rate.

In this post we are going to cover, you guessed it, BLOGGER DESIGNS. There are many different platforms you can use to begin your blogging adventure. For example, Blogger is used by millions of people worldwide, and more than 2 million fashion bloggers. They give you everything you could possibly need to get started, except a unique template design. For this, many turn to designers. Remember to shop around, get quotes, and check out their previous project before you say “I do.” If you stumble across a blog theme that makes you go “gaga,” the theme designer will usually be linked at the bottom of the page. Here, we have collected a roundup of some of our favorites!


1. Melissa Rose Design

A freelance graphic designer living in the Midwest, Melissa does a little bit of everything (as you can probably tell from her website). Her specialty of choice, blog theme design. She has worked with over 100 bloggers and has a bright, clean aesthetic that we are obsessed with!  Check out her website here : Melissa Rose Design.  And other examples of Melissa’s creative genius: Sunny with a Chance of SprinklesLiving in Yellow, and VIVARACHO.

2. Maiedae

Southern belles Savannah and Jenny meet at Berry college in Georgia while pursuing degrees in Visual Communication. Post graduation, they created Maiedae which has transformed from a small handmade shop, to a lifestyle blog, and now is a graphic design powerhouse. Their aesthetic is illustrative, light, and pretty. We couldn’t be more in love.  Check out her website here : Maiedae. And more examples of Maidae’s creative genius: Oak + Oats,  The Nectar Collective, as well as really cool templates which can be found here.

3. Kelly Christian Studio 

Formerly known as Fabulous K, KCS is a stylish graphic design boutique studio serving as an extension, specializing in Blogger and Squarespace design. Additionally, KCS offers brand and styling collaboration services. Reigning from good ole Dallas Texas, Kelly has fashioned templates for a ton of bloggers out there! You could be next!  You can find her website here : Kelly Christine Studio.  And view other examples of KCS’s creative genius : Design Gem, Casually Styled, and Brooke + Freeland.

4. Let it Be Beautiful Studio

Residing in Washington DC, Ashlyn is a Graphic Design super hero balancing being a PA by day and blog design wiz by night. A stylist contributor and blogger herself, her style is effortlessly cool and minimal.  Check out her website here : Let It Be Beautiful.  And some more examples of Let it Be Beautiful Studio’s creative genius : Penny Pincher, Chasing the Extraordinary, and Jessica Who.

5. The Darling Tree

All the way from down under, Jo Klima describes herself as a “gardener of artistic delight” in Brisbane Australia. Her creations are feminine, organic, translucent, and finely detailed. She prides herself on taking the time to truly understand her clients ensuring the perfect design to compliment their personal aesthetic.  Find her website here : The Darling Tree.  And some examples of The Darling Tree’s creative genius : Sweden with Love, Esmé Weijun Wangand Lotus Wei Blog.

6. High Note Designs

Lisette is a classically trained opera singer turned graphic design guru/wine sipper from the south. She boasts playful, clean designs and has a slew of testimonials vouching for her artistic brilliance.  Her website is High Note Designs.  And some of examples of her work are : Confessions of a Northern Belle, The Laurel Gazette, and Shell & Chinoiserie.

7 . Bonjour Belle Designs

At the ripe age of 22, UK graphic and coding devotee Stephanie Bramham prides herself on developing beautiful and tasteful designs at an affordable price.  Her website is here : Bonjour Belle Designs. And here are some examples of her work : Alphabeth, Belle Rae, and Loulabeth.

8. Aleelily

Aly, a twenty something city girl from the UK not only does custom jobs but also has an Etsy site for any pre made templates you may desire. Her prices are crazy reasonable, get em while they are hot!  Check out her website here : And here are some examples : Dear You Love Em, as well as some awesome templates available on her Etsy Shop.

9. Ohksocialmedia

Founder of Ohksocialmedia, Kristy Gardner, is a SEO Crowdfunding specialist and food enthusiast. Kristy utilizes a 5 point business strategy to ensure your blog is friendly & accessible, evolving, creative & unique, meaningful, and effective.  Here's her website : OhkSocialMe. And then here's some of her work : Nutritionist in the Kitch, and some template designs shown here.

10. Kitty and Buck

Kitty and Buck: Shell, is the new kid on the block and the founder of Kitty and Buck. A graphic designer and animator from Australia, Kitty and Buck is an example of a great looking blog. While she is under construction now, she will be offering templates to download very soon and in the meantime can be emailed for custom jobs.  Her website is ADORABE! : Kitty & Buck.