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Did you know…

Influencer marketing campaigns are delivering upwards of 20X returns on a brand’s initial investment. Even run-of-the-mill campaigns are achieving a 5X ROI!

Add to that the boost in brand equity that comes when makers find cool ways to blow up your brand on Instagram and TikTok.πŸ€‘

AND think about how quickly you can build out an enormous catalog of beautiful and diverse reusable marketing assets. 😎

Then you have to figure in how cool (and useful) it would be to add a virtual army of celebrity spokespeople like influencers who are also EXPERTS at creating content – no copywriting and in-house video teams needed. 😍

It becomes very clear very fast that nailing your influencer marketing campaigns would result in huge wins for your brand.

Cool, so how do you do that – nail your campaign? πŸ¦„ Turns out a great influencer marketing campaign is usually the result of having a great influencer marketing team.

The fit between your in-house marketing team and the agency account managers who will be coordinating your influencer campaign should be synergistic, true. But let’s face it, you also wanna be pretty well assured that the agency people are legitimate experts at building and running effective, high-converting influencer marketing campaigns. People who can deliver on the ROIs we were talking about earlier.

Running marketing campaigns is a combination of πŸ“ˆ data, πŸ€”Β best guesses, and πŸ§ͺ testing. But the data has to be correct, those guesses have to be educated, and the entire ordeal has to be put in a framework that will deliver the right kinds of results.

And it’s the job of your influencer marketing agency partner to create this framework. This guide will help you streamline the process of determining which of the hundreds and hundreds of influencer marketing agencies out there can deliver on all the right promises… and we’ll tell you what those promises should be, too. πŸ˜‰