Epic Writer of Epics

A little intro to thIS role

Have you ever needed to research something… (maybe an upcoming trip… or how to transfer photos from your phone to your computer… or a crash course in SEO, etc.) And only come across articles consisting of 4 paragraphs, each spouting the SAME set of advice. I know you know what I’m talking about… but if not, try looking up the best places to visit in Iceland. LITERALLY, every single post will list The Blue Lagoon as number 1 followed by the same 9 top touristy-as-hell destinations.

We, collectively as a company, hate posts like that. And we feel like the writers of said posts should be a little ashamed of themselves. #sorrynotsorry

We, on the other hand, feel that going over-board with EVERYTHING is the way to go. We want our content to rock our readers’ worlds. We want OUR posts to be the ones that readers are bookmarking to refer back to again and again.

(We also don’t love talking in the third person, so WE are now going to knock that off.) I am Sorilbran, and if you happen to be a long-winded influencer marketing expert who is able to work both quirk and whimsy into your writing, you’d be working with me. I’ll be reviewing the applications (instructions below).

(FYI, I do have one back-seat-driver in my group who is obsessively concerned with the vibe… so she’ll be poking around in the applications as well, so try to sound quirky and cool por favor.)

This is a contract position. We’ll be hiring a few people to write one or two posts per week… so this is a great option if you have a full-time gig and want some extra spending money for weekend shenanigans… or to get your dog braces. Or whatever else. If you’re open to the idea of full-time, we love bad-assed go-getters.

An Intro to us and a little more about the role

We’re a team of 20.

We’re growing.

We just got a fun, new office.

We have an office pug who’s the sitting President of the Welcoming Committee (as long as you’re not looking for a welcome and you see chill mode as open arms).

About half of us are really funny.

We’re currently working with some pretty amazing brands (eos, Famous Footwear, Pepsi, Neutrogena, Evenflo, a big chain of malls (I don’t think I’m allowed to say who), a big toilet brand (again… I don’t think I’m allowed to say who, but you probably sit on this brand every morning), Natori, Diamond Producers Association, Hickory Farms, Moosejaw… just to name a few).

How to Apply

We’re a pretty down-to-earth bunch, so if you’re interested in applying, in lieu of an elaborate cover letter, you can email me at Sorilbran@theshelf.com and include a numbered list with the following info (and no need to include my text listed below, just number the points in the same order as below and I’ll figure it out):

  1. A link to your Linkedin profile

  2. Your location

  3. Your phone number

  4. Which job site sent you our way

  5. Our posts are at least 1500 words, probably taking around 10 hours to write. So, please include a rate per post.

  6. It would also be good to know your hourly rate in case we have smaller projects.

  7. Describe how knowledgeable you are about influencer marketing. (There are some post examples below… will you be able to get that in-depth?)

  8. Bullet points about why you’d be a good fit for this role based on what we care about (also described more in detail below).

Applications that are submitted using a job site (instead of emailed to the above email address) will not be considered.

Pay attention to your writing style. We write in a colloquial, one-with-the-people-while-still-being-basically-grammatically-correct style. (I kick out applications that are poorly written and/or have typos. #FunLittleTip: Install Grammarly. It’s a game changer.)

Also, you might want to check out our Internship position if you're more interested in that... we can discuss both on the call if that's of interest.

Components of the Role and qualities that we care about

OK, first things first, we haven’t really covered what this job entails.

Essentially, you’ll be writing articles that show up on our blog (and occasionally for other blogs to which we’re submitting guest posts). Here are some examples:

You should look at those above examples to see if that’s something you’ll be able to do from the perspective of domain expertise, length, detail, tone, writing style, sophistication. (Yes, our posts can sound a little cheesy, but we want the writing to insert quirk and weirdness and plus some ever-so-slight stream-of-conciousness-style into an otherwise advanced style of writing… that contains complex sentences with smart-sounding vocabulary (and to clarify there, there’s a big difference between using big words in a smart way… and simply grabbing a thesaurus to swap out small words with big ones for the sake of making your writing sound adroit and facetious. (Heh, heh, see what I did there?))

I could honestly go on and on about the nuances of what we’re looking for, but I’m going to stop here. The point is, you gotta have the chops, kid. So, if you have examples of posts that meet the above requirements, send them my way, if not, let your cover letter be a quick demonstration of your writing prowess.

Oh, and lastly. I feel like my above description of the role might make some of you jump up onto your coffee table, ripping off your cardigan in a superman style move because the role is just so dead-on-b*lls accurate. (If that’s the case, please message me asap!) If you’re lagging on something, feel free to mention it in your cover letter. We’re a small company who’s big into personal growth and supporting up-and-coming go-getters!