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Want to do influencer marketing?
Well, we run campaigns from start to finish.

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Two major things allow us to do better campaigns than anyone else.
1. We are focused 100% on influencer marketing, instead of spread thin.
and 2. our campaigns are powered by machine learning and AI.
To summarize a bit about what we do...
We build strategic influencer marketing campaigns that insert your brand directly in the path of your future customers.
It seems a bit obvious, but we feel inclined to point it out anyway... inserting your brand in front of the WRONG people is useless... and it wastes money. If you are not tapping in to relevant data, you might as well just buy a blender. (You know... to stick your money in and what not.)
Here’s what you’ll get.
Here’s a high-level of what you will get when we run your campaigns.
(Each campaign is customized for your needs and budget.)
A bunch of influencers...
A minimum of a few dozen influencers will create content about your brand.
Broadcasting your brand...
They’ll broadcast it to their audiences giving you mad exposure.
Hitting guaranteed metrics...
We’ll continue lining up posts until all all promised engagement and impression metrics are reached.
Rights to unique images...
You’ll have rights to reuse their beautiful content on your own channels. (Two birds!)

More detailed breakdown of how our process works.
1/ In the early parts of your campaign, you’ll work closely with your campaign manager... who will be like your influencer marketing sensei.
They are experts. They run campaigns day in and day out and they love it! Many of them are influencers themselves. So when your campaign kicks off. You’ll have meetings to hammer out exact strategy and structure so that there are no questions as the campaign launches.
2/ Next is influencer selection. For this we’ll send you approval reports with tons of info crammed into an easy to read (live) page.
We’ve said it before, but let’s go there once more. Targeting is mission critical. Without the right people, you’ll be performing the age-old “throw it on the wall and see what sticks” trick. Not a good method when you’re spending a lot of money. We analyze your target customer. Then analyze all potential influencer options. And then we matchmake.
3/ After the strategy is finalized and influencers are chosen, we handle all of the logistics.
We’ll do a bunch of work behind the scenes... before you know it... posts will start going up. Tons of people will see those posts and engage with them. And, you’ll now own fun, unique images and content to share with your own audience.
4/ And then we provide you with a huge live reporting dashboard. You can follow-along with the campaign as we roll it out.
Not to worry... we don’t mind people hanging over our shoulders and checking up on us... These campaigns are a big deal, and we take them as seriously as you do. The reporting dashboard gives you easy access to all of the data that you care about (and probably some that you really don’t) whenever you want...
the Summary :
When you work with us, this is what you can expect.
Guaranteed ROI
We will guarantee the Engagement and Impression metrics.
Needle-in-Haystack Influencers
Your influencers are selected out of a pool of 130,000 influencers. You’re not getting run-of-the-mill peeps.
Data-Driven Strategy
We use data to define all strategy points.
Easy Client Interfacing
Our Client interfacing tools are easy!
Full Transparency
You can be involved in as many or as few decisions as you’d like.
Reporting that’s Useful
We give you a live reporting dashboard that you can follow along with as the campaign progresses.
Real Time Web Analytics