The Shelf’s Proprietary Influencer Marketing Platform

The rock star technology underpinning every one of our influencer campaigns. Our influencer marketing platform uses natural language processing + machine learning to determine which influencers, creative concepts, and targeting criteria will be the most impactful for your campaign. Because you need data – and tons of it – to run an effective influencer campaign.

We’re pretty much a data company.

Data shouldn’t be the “secret sauce” when it comes to running influencer campaigns, should it? You need data, and tons of it. The Shelf started off 10 years ago as a data analytics company – analyzing shopper behaviors. That’s something we still do, and it’s why our influencer campaigns convert.

FUN FACT: We started off more than 12 years ago as a data analytics company – analyzing shopper behaviors. That’s something we still do, and it’s why our influencer campaigns convert.

Data and technology are baked into our influencer strategies, and as the market matures, we find better and better ways to create more effective campaigns – by building out features within our influencer marketing platform that allow us to hyper-target. When we run campaigns, every step of the process – concept design, posting strategy, influencer selections, CTAs, paid audience segments, compliance, run-time optimizations – spring from data (hence the tagline “data-driven influencer marketing”).

It’s not JUST that our influencer platform provides us with a huge amount of data, but it’s how we use that data (hello, strategy team) that allows us to consistently run great campaigns and achieve over 90% in renewal rates with our customers! We build and run campaigns that strive to delight your potential customers, maximize your ROI, and differentiate your brand in the marketplace.

Huge Database of Social Profiles

First, we start with an enormous database of social profiles. We include creators from Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. Interested in a new channel like Clubhouse? Not a problem. We add new channels as they become a thing. We’re constantly expanding this database too - once someone crosses into “nano-influencer” territory, they automatically get scooped up and added to our database. Currently, we have 465 million profiles. (This guarantees that we can find those needle-in-a-haystack-niche influencers for your brand.)

Demographic Analysis

We start by building a complete 360-degree profile of an influencer by automatically connecting their various social channels in one influencer profile. Next, we collect their content, follower counts, and engagement from each of these different channels to get an accurate understanding of the influencer: their location, what topics they talk about, what kind of reach they have, what kind of engagements they get, what type of content they produce, etc. Next, we identify which of their followers are actively engaging with their content (likes, comments) and we perform similar analysis on each of these followers (secret sauce). This is how we're able to build such spot-on audience demographics for each potential influencer partner.

Brand Affinity

Next, we extract every mention of a brand, product, or branded hashtag among the influencer’s social posts and analyze them to build a massive dataset of price ranges, product categories, brand types, styles, etc. These data points are also constantly updated in real-time. This is the kind of data we use to build super-detailed consumer profiles because at the end of the day, a brand needs to fit both the influencer and their followers like a glove.

Fraud Detection

We analyze years of historical data and compare it to current data to suss out influencers who are taking shortcuts… paying for followers, paying for engagement, the infamous follow-unfollow strategy, comment pods... that sorta thing.

Recommendation Engine

While our team of account managers are busy working on your campaign, they have a slew of tools at their disposal allowing them to find the perfect influencers that fit the brief. Our custom-built recommendation engine is like Instagram’s “Similar to” feature on steroids: it uses machine-learning and natural language processing to automatically extract the key defining signals (like top hashtags, mentions, and brands) for a given set of influencers. Then, like magic, it uses those signals to find hundreds of similar influencers in seconds.

Real-time Reporting

Once an influencer has been recruited for your campaign, the post analysis kicks into high gear to ensure we never miss a post. We crawl each influencer’s profiles multiple times per day to make sure we can quickly validate post accuracy as well as provide you with real-time updates on how your campaign is progressing.

The Most Extensive Client Portal Imaginable

Our Client Portal contains everything you could ever want in terms of campaign insights: posting calendars, shipment tracking, high-res content downloads, influencer approvals, post approvals, and more… along with extremely extensive real-time reporting.

Data-driven Campaigns

We are an influencer agency powered by data creating meaningful stories, experiences, and content.

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