Performance Marketer

Enter our new Numbers Person. This is someone who is OBSESSED with measuring things, someone who lives their life in that sweet spot where the Creative overlaps the Metrics... where words become digits. We want to install a Performance Marketer on our team of sales and marketing savants who is an absolute whiz at using paid ads to supply our sales team with A TON of high-quality, high value leads.

An Intro to us and a little more about the role

The Shelf is a fast-growing influencer marketing company and we’re looking for a numbers person who knows how to growth hack… This role will be responsible for providing our sales team with a higher volume and higher quality of prospective clients with a goal to ultimately scale our revenues. You will work with our marketing, sales, and our founders to understand and quantify our market and buyer personas, refine messaging and campaign offers.

We’re a team of 18.

We’re growing.

We just got a fun new office.

We have an office pug who’s the sitting President of the Welcoming Committee (as long as you’re not looking for a welcome and you see chill mode as open arms).

About half of us are really funny.

We’re currently working with some pretty amazing brands (eos, Famous Footwear, Pepsi, Neutrogena, Evenflo, a big chain of malls (I don’t think we’re allowed to say who), a big toilet brand (again… I don’t think I’m allowed to say who, but you probably sit on this brand every morning), Natori, Diamond Producers Association, Hickory Farms, Moosejaw… just to name a few).

Extra Details

Compensation + Perks (in Addition to Base Salary):

  • This is a full-time position with a salary (as opposed to hourly work).

  • We want each of our employees to have skin in the game, so you’ll receive a meaningful number of stock options after you hit the 3-month point (ish).

  • We provide the usual benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision.

  • Many of our employees are remote, but for this position, we’d prefer you to be here… or Brooklyn adjacent. BUT, if you really are just SO amazing… and your work ethic is ROCK SOLID… and your ideas are FABULOUS, please still apply, we can make an exception.

  • We work from home two days a week to cut back on commuting. Yay!

  • You’ll be working closely with the founders. Both are super-cool.

  • People who perform well, advance quickly.

  • We’re dog-friendly. (We have an office pug!! So if you like dogs, you’ll love him… if you don’t like dogs, he’ll most likely ignore you… he’s very adept at picking up on whether people want anything to do with him.)

  • It’s a very fast paced environment and there’s always something new going on. Constant learning! With a lot of room for career growth because we’ll let you take on whatever you can handle. Ideally we like to hire our managers from within the team, so there is a very clear path to the next level (if it’s of interest).

How to Apply

We’re a pretty down-to-earth bunch, so if you’re interested in applying, in lieu of an elaborate cover letter, you can email me at and include a numbered list with the following info (no need to include my text, just number the points in the same order as below and I’ll figure it out):

  1. A link to your Linkedin profile.

  2. Your location.

  3. The job site that referred you.

  4. Your phone number.

  5. It would be great if you can include the salary range that you’re looking for. If you don’t… I’ll probably email you and ask about it, and that’s just extra steps for everyone involved. :)

  6. Bullet points about why you’d be a good fit for this role. Please keep it concise.

  7. A super brief rundown of what all you have experience with in the performance marketing arena.

Applications that are submitted using a job site (instead of emailed to the above email address) will not be considered.

Also, you might want to check out our Brand Partnerships role if you're wanting more of a client-facing role... we can discuss both on the call if that's of interest. And we’ve been known to create hybrid roles in certain cases when someone is just a jack-of-all-trades.


Components of the Role (for proposals and new business)

  • Build Our Paid Media Campaign System

    • Develop, execute, and optimize targeted email and social media campaigns

    • Run A/B testing on subject lines, images, copy and design

    • Execute lead acquisition strategy through multi-channel targeted lead generation campaigns, including paid & organic social marketing, and digital ads.

    • Weekly reports on our spend, results, and identifying strategies to improve our KPIs

  • Setup Attribution Tracking Framework

    • Research and evaluate 3rd party platforms to implement attribution tracking

    • Set up the platform, and ensure all of our paid and organic marketing tactics are compliant

  • Create Our Customer Personas

    • Work with our sales and our founders to build various customer personas

    • Utilize these personas when customizing the ad copy as well as email templates

  • Improve Cold Outreach Performance

    • Partner with our Sales Operations team to improve and iterate (A/B test) the cold outreach templates

    • Implementing a tagging system in our CRM so that leads can be retargeted later on (either with new relevant content by direct email or by social ads)

  • Build A System For Easy Testing Of Organic and Paid Campaigns

    • Work with our marketing team to identify content that would be interesting for ads copy and images

    • Work with our Sales Operations team to identify common objections from prospective leads and feed that to our marketing team for future content as well as for retargeting these clients with relevant new content

  • Monitor, Track and Communicate Campaign Performance



  • 2+ years of experience in a demand generation role (preferably at a digital media agency)

  • Excellent track record executing digital ad campaigns on multiple channels with demonstrable results.

  • Deeply analytical, able to report on performance metrics while also able to dig in and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Proficient with marketing automation tools and social platforms.

  • Experience with list management, database segmentation and email delivery (and anti-SPAM implications.)


  • Extremely attentive to detail and great organization skills

  • Deadline-oriented and focused on maintaining project timelines effectively

  • Passionate about lead generation, marketing automation and working with sales

  • Results-oriented, enjoys a fast-paced environment

  • Communicates and presents ideas effectively

  • Excels at project management

  • Self-starter who can work independently and proactively to resolve issues, take ownership of projects and processes