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Organic Reach is At an All-Time Low, But You Can Get New Customers with Old Content – We’ll Show You How

One day on Instagram. That’s what the average piece of social media content gets – 24 hours on Instagram for a post that will only reach about 2% of your followers. You can throw Facebook and Twitter into the mix, but your content actually won’t get much more coverage. You’ll get an additional 5 hours in front of 5.5% of your audience if you post to Facebook, and just 18 more minutes of feed time in front of just 3.6% of your audience on Twitter.

That’s the [sad] state of organic reach on social media. The lifespan of your content on social media maxes out at 1 day, and reaches 5.5% of your audience, at most.

For brands, the micro-lifespan of content alone is often a compelling enough reason to partner with influencers. But at the end of your influencer campaign, you’ll once again be staring down the barrel of that 5% reach.

Finding ways to extend the life of your content can deliver exponentially more value for each piece of content your in-house team and your influencer partners create. This is the cure for poor organic reach.

The Shelf Strategy Team produced a guide for our internal use. But I’ll tell ya, we rely on this sucker to walk us through the what, the why, the how, the when, and the where of repurposing influencer-generated content and other previously published content across social media. This thing is the Beowulf of content repurposing guides.👇Snag it here.👇