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If you’re on the fence about whether or not you have the bandwidth to toss one more platform into what we suspect is already a pretty crazy content creation/distribution/marketing flow, you’re not alone. What value can Instagram Reels bring to your next campaign? Well, we’ve jumped into the Reels rabbit hole and spotted a few trends, grabbed some insights, analyzed a bit of data and stuck it in this multimedia deck all for you.

There are some real benefits to looping Instagram Reels into your marketing campaign right now, while most brands and marketers are still trying to decide what they want to do. This deck will outline those advantages for you and provide you with a map for how to use Reels to 2X your video views on Instagram.

We explain what’s going on with Instagram Reels and highlight some of the benefits of hopping on the bandwagon… before it’s actually a bandwagon. Plus, we know creating content is both a joy and a pain, so we offer some tips on how to streamline your content-creation process. ANNNND you’ll definitely want to click on that third video to hear our breakdown of how two sports organizations are using Instagram Reels. Pretty interesting stuff.