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Traditional ads are becoming less and less effective. 200M people have installed ad-blockers!

Influencer Marketing is Extremely Powerful
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Here’s How It Works
We provide an end-to-end solution. Each step is fueled by deep relevance data that powers The Shelf.

We have extensive influencer coverage with quality data
across all major platforms.

The Shelf : Vertical Coverage

Use our powerful filters to find the right influencer.

Use deep relevance data to get in front of the right audience

We have filters that go deeper than any other solution out there. It’s not enough to find popular influencers. You need exact demographic matches.

Never get fooled by fake followers or social media stardom

It’s way too easy for influencers to buy followers these days. Instead, base your influencer selection off of the metrics that matter - engagement and growth rates. We've got you covered.

Get access to ROI prediction reports based on results of past posts

After narrowing down your choices, our ROI prediction helps you set up campaigns that will yield the best returns. Like magic.