Finding the right influencers for a campaign requires more than just looking at follower counts. As a brand, you need to find individuals who share the same values, aesthetic, and target demographic. The Shelf streamlines the blogger outreach process with our highly advanced toolset, ensuring your company is in touch with the perfect bloggers for your brand and campaigns.
Sample Search Scenarios

Selling :

Artisan Handmade Nose Rings

Requirements : Bloggers with an edgy style; Blogging about items from: ASOS, Topshop, Nasty Gal; Live within the United States and Canada; Bloggers should have an engaged audience and a reasonable Instagram following.

US Canada ASOS Topshop Nasty Gal Nose ring Women Instagram:1K-10K Comments:10-30

Selling :

High-end Indian Clothing

Requirements : Bloggers don’t have to be Indian, but need to have mentioned items like: saris, kurtas, jootis; Mentions of Indian designers: Manish Malhotra, Rita Kumar; The items they endorse should be on the higher-end in terms of price; High-engagement on their blog.

Manish Malhotra Rita Kumar Sari Kurti Jooti Indian Women High-End Comments:40+

Selling :

Minimalistic Men’s Watches

Requirements : Bloggers need to discuss men’s items; Brand mentions of: Issey Miyake, Nadir; Men who would like our watches probably like brands like: Jack Spade and J. Crew; High-end price range; Very large Pinterest following so that product shots get passed around heavily.

Issey Miyake Nadir Jack Spade J. Crew Watch Husband Boyfriend Men Mid-High End Minimalistic Pinterest:40K+

A Big Data Solution

We've analyzed billions of data-points for more than 100,000 fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers. By connecting the dots between brands, influencers, consumers, purchases, and individual products our “global ecommerce-interest” graph was born! With this incredibly analytical, and dare we say, powerful tool in your brand’s toolbox, you will be able to plan for the most effective campaigns possible.

Brands / Agencies / Bloggers

For Brands

Influencer Marketing Platform

Our self-serve platform mimics the process of manually setting up campaigns, while streamlining all parts that are time-consuming and tedious. Using The Shelf, you’ll be able to find exactly who you need to work with in minutes rather than days. Kiss endless spreadsheets and labor intensive research goodbye!

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For Agencies

Most Extensive Database

Not to toot our own horn, but many agencies have told us that our product is more detailed and thorough than any other platform they’ve tried. We give you access to the largest selection of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers in one place, with ecommerce-relevant filters, outreach features, downloadable lists, and more.

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For Bloggers

Get in Front of Brands

We make it easy for bloggers to get exposure to tons of super-relevant brands. When you sign up, we’ll generate a profile for you that stays updated with your content and stats in real-time. Think of it as your online media kit. TONS of features are coming soon, so stay tuned.

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The Power of Bloggers

Branded content is becoming less and less effective. Consumers rely on non-biased opinions from people who they trust. Blogs influence more purchase decisions than any other form of social media. Why? Because bloggers are our friends. They are authentic and we believe in them.
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