Marketing  Via  Influencers

The Shelf is a turn key solution for brands and marketers to harness the power of UGC (User Generated Content).

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A Complete Suite of Tools

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Discover Influencers

We provide 8 filters to find exact demographic matches and access to 130,000 influencers.

Discover Relevant Content

Discover all organic mentions about your brand. Engage with all of these users from one place.

Run Campaigns

Setup and post campaigns & receive applicants using our CRM-functionality to manage all outreach.


Analyze ROI of all organic mentions. Track and attribute purchases (coming soon).

Monitor all platforms from one place.
Relevance is Key

Filter by location, gender, comments, engagement, endorsed brands, category, product price-range, and more.
Currently our focus is on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers.

The Shelf : Search for Fashion Bloggers
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